Bean Cemetery

Bean Cemetery
Scott County, Illinois





The gentleman who owns the property where this cemetery is located gave me permission to visit it on September 24, 2005. It is unique in that it has a 4 to 4 and 1/2 foot cement wall around the entire cemetery with no doors, gates or steps on the wall to use for gaining access to the cemetery. I think the family may have built the wall prior to selling the property in an effort to ensure that the cemetery wouldn't be distroyed in future years. I'm not sure if that is the reason for the wall or when the wall was put up. The most recent burial I found in the cemetery, and there were a number of stones I didn't find because of the tall grass, weeds, briars and such, was made in 1902. I think the wall must have been built after that 1902 burial as I just can't see how anyone could have accessed the cemetery with a casket once the wall was erected. The cemetery is located on a hill behind a house on the property and above a pond situated at the bottom of the hill. I'm hoping the land owner will let me clean up the cemetery in the spring before the grass and weeds begin growing again. At that time I may be able to find the remainder of the stones which should be located within the cemetery walls. This cemetery is located about 3 miles NW of Winchester, in Section 12, Twp. 14N, Range 13W, Winchester Township.
Name Born Died Age Additional Info/Inscription
ADAMS, James F. 25 Jan 1858 27y6m9d
ADAMS, Minerva 25 Feb 1887 81y8m15d
LEWIS, Elmer E./F. 2 Aug 1864 3m Son of C. & A Lewis
BEAN, Barbara Ann 28 Feb 1820 20 Jul 1902 Dau of Wm. & Mary Bean
BEAN, Eliza Sanders-Reid 15 Jun 1889 70y7m22d Wife of Fred Bean
BEAN, Frederick 19 Mar 1886 79y3m2d Son of Wm. & Mary Bean
BEAN, John 30 Aug 1866 59y3m Son of Wm. & Mary Bean
BEAN, John Abner 17 Mar 1863 22y7m17d (Son of Fred & Marena Bean; Civil War Soldier)
BEAN, Maggie Bell 22 Dec 1859 1 Oct 1875 Dau of John & Eliza Bean
BEAN, Marena (Baxter) 21 May 1844 28y7m Wife of Fred Bean
BEAN, Mary (Mauck) 17 Apr 1785 30 Aug 1842 Wife of Wm. Bean; Born Frederick Co., Va.
BEAN, Mary H. (Bell) 26 Sep 1850 36y7m 2nd Wife of Fred Bean
BEAN, Mathilda Jane 7 Jul 1851 2y Dau of Fred & Mary Bean
BEAN, Sylvester 9 Oct 1842 4m5d Son of Fred & Marena Bean
BEAN, William 1785 1867 War of 1812; Born Frederick Co., Va.
CRUM, Eliza A. (McCullough-Bean) 19 Dec 1830 17 May 1904 1st Wife of John A. Bean
SAPPINGTON, Croshia Ann May 1847 9m
SAPPINGTON, Richard Sep 1846 14d
SAPPINGTON, Sylvester 20 Aug 1846 12y7d

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