Adreas, Lyter, & Co.
Davenport, Iowa

The following index is to the Biographical sketches contained in this book.

If the biography is online you can click on the page number (it will be a different color if the bio is online) to view the sketch. If the biography is not online please email Shirley Aleguas to request it be put online.

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Name Page Name Page
Abbott, John 30 Moore, Nathaniel 36
Argust, George W. 36 Morrison, James 34
Armitage, Elisha Jr. 27 Moses, John 25
Berkenmayer, Frederick 36 New, William F. 36
Coultas, Isaac 36 Peak, William A. 31
Coultas, John 37 Puffer, Samuel W. 37
Ebey, George 31 Riggs, James M. 37
Ellis, James 37 Rowen, Ira 26
Ellis, James M. 36 Skilling, D. 27
Frost, Robert 23 Smith, Marshal 34
Green, Benjamin 34 Starrett, Washington (Dr.) 37
Green, John 26 Stewart, H. M. (Dr.) 31
Green, John W. 37 Stewart, John H. (Dr.) 37
Hardwick, George 37 Terry, George G. 23
Hollowbush, Thomas 37 Todd, Henry 26
Humble, Thomas 36 Wheelock, Alonzo A. 30
Hurd, Jeremiah 37 White, John K. 34
Martin, George W. 23 Woodall, Robert 34
McCracken, Robert 27 Woodman, Mary O. (Mrs.) 27
Merrill, Joseph 37

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