WWII U.S. Army Deaths

NARA Records



I received the following note from Mitzi Calbreath - I was at the National Archives to research WWII Deaths and extracted these lists which I thought you might like to share with other researchers. The list includes only members of the U.S. Army. When asked about the other service organizations, Mitzi indicated that the lists for the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard contained the names of individuals from all over the state rather than being broken down by county as these were. To find additional Illinois WWII Casualties (Navy, Marine Corps, & Coast Guard, go to the following link:


The list includes the serviceman's name, serial number, his rank and a code. Translation of the codes is as follows: DNB - Died in Line of Duty, non-battle
DOI - Died of Injuries
DOW - Died of Wounds
FOD - Finding Of Death
KIA - Killed In Action during battle
M - Missing

Our thanks so much to Mitzi Calbreath for obtaining and sharing these lists with our researchers.
Name Serial Number Rank Code
ABBOTT, Raymond A. 36778529 PVT KIA
ADAMS, George S. O-538469 1LT DNB
AIELLO, Michael 16055052 SSG FOD
ALEXANDER, Charles H. 36478421 PFC KIA
ALEXANDER, Clarence W. 36028499 PVT KIA
ALLEY, Orthello C. 36230374 SGT KIA
ALLISON, Robert A. 01015776 1LT KIA
AMERMAN, David R. O-767061 2LT KIA
ANDERSON, Donald E. O-429509 1LT DNB
ANDREWS, Merle J. 16019039 SGT KIA
AUTEN, Denzil F. 36013429 PFC DNB
BARKER, Robert A. O-021298 CAPT DNB
BARRON, William C. O-500999 1LT DNB
BAUMANN, Noble T. 36774792 PFC DOW
BELFORD, Donald E. 36064886 PVT KIA
BERGER, Myron H. 36071690 CPL KIA
BERRY, Kenneth W. O-842643 2LT DNB
BILLS, Darell M. 36909722 PVT KIA
BILYEU, Carl H. 36479226 CPL DNB
BLUSH, Alexander 36901054 PVT FOD
BOEHMER, Karl E. 16052870 SSG KIA
BOOKER, Robert W. O-429596 2LT DNB
BOWEN, Elmer O. 36909285 PVT KIA
BOYNTON, Alfred S. 36762800 PFC KIA
BROWN, Kenneth 36780442 PVT KIA
BUCKHOLD, John F. 36947328 PVT DNB
BUCKUS, Steven E. 36427218 PFC KIA
BUEDEL, Fred J. 16074530 PFC KIA
BUNN, Henry 01699122 2LT DNB
BYERS, Irvin W. 691817? PVT KIA
CAMPO, Peter S. 36481680 TEC5 KIA
CAPES, George R. 36785071 SGT DNB
CARDONI, Charles J. 36432949 SSG KIA
CARLILE, William R. 36067725 PFC DOW
CARY, Freddie C. 36058334 SGT DOW
CENTER, Elbert 36434581 CPL KIA
CHELF, Robert 6713258 TSG KIA
CHIMENTO, Sam 36963291 PFC KIA
CLEAVER, James W. 36482151 CPL DNB
CLENDENIN, Richard H. O-746301 2LT DNB
CLINE, Newton C. T-126052 FLO DNB
CLOYD, Wayne 36033185 PVT KIA
CODY, Jesse J. 36432912 SSG KIA
COHN, Bruce 36445051 PVT DOW
COLBY, Ralph A. O-023247 CAPT DNB
CONNELLY, Samuel S. 16090408 TEC3 DNB
CONNOLLY, Cletus J. 36433009 PFC KIA
CONOVER, William R. 36443715 SSG DNB
CORMENY, Robert W. 36784940 PVT KIA
COWELL, Leonard C. 6911208 PVT KIA
COX, Arthur E. O-746988 1LT KIA
CRABTREE, Lenvil 36778474 PVT KIA
CRAWLEY, James B. O-887231 2LT KIA
CRITSER, Byrl E. 36773182 PVT KIA
CULLY, John C. 36905765 PVT KIA
CUNNINGHAM, Robert 01030750 2LT DOW
CURBY, John C. 16019172 SSG KIA
DABNY, Paul L. 36071640 TEC5 KIA
DAVIS, Arthur Jr. 36961126 PFC KIA
DAVIS, Harold A. 36982502 PFC KIA
DAVIS, James A. 36961112 PVT KIA
DEROSA, Frank W. 20620816 PFC DNB
DECASTRO, Robert 36049872 PFC KIA
DENNISON, Hershel Jr. 36949621 SGT DNB
DENTON, William A. 36067986 PFC FOD
DICKERMAN, James H. 36430123 TEC5 DNB
DICKINSON, Jerald H. 16018473 PVT DOI
DODD, Albert J. 36982076 PFC DNB
DOUGHERTY, Rezin J. 36778559 PVT DOW
DRENNAN, James F. Jr. 01103609 1LT DOW
DRONE, David D. T-140358 FLO DNB
DUDLEY, Wilson E. 36751921 PFC KIA
DUFFEY, Edward L. 369924313 PVT KIA
EAGAN, James P. 16051317 PVT DNB
EDDINGTON, Charles F. 36780498 PFC KIA
EDWARDS, Edward H. O-577446 MAJ DNB
EDWARDS, Gilbert E. 36437328 PFC DNB
EDWARDS, Walter O. Jr. 36784968 PVT KIA
EGGLESTON, John C. O-679614 1LT KIA
EMMETT, Jerald M. 36043994 PFC KIA
ENRIETTO, Richard V. 36480978 PFC KIA
EWING, Leslie E. 36449581 TSG KIA
FAVRE, Louis H. 36479236 PFC KIA
FISHER, Arthur E. O-343029 MAJ DNB
FLEDMAN, Leonard M. O-659533 2LT KIA
FLOYD, Joseph I. 36699080 PVT KIA
FOGARTY, John C. O-733424 1LT KIA
FORSYTH, Lawrenc e C. 36003125 PFC KIA
FOX, Edward A. O-808980 2LT KIA
FRASER, Harold W. O-427435 2LT DNB
FRENCH, Philo 16019392 SSG DNB
GALASSI, Angelo 36055747 PFC KIA
GARDNER, John 36013610 TEC5 DNB
GENTA, John 36684488 PVT KIA
GLAZE, Richard J. 20620764 CPL DNB
GOVEIA, Herbert A. 36778425 PVT KIA
GRAF, Phillipp L. 36477250 TEC5 DNB
GRAVES, Robert L. 36968281 PFC KIA
GRESHAM, Joseph W. 01032084 2LT KIA
GRIFFIN, James A. O-498669 2LT DOW
GRIFFIN, Kirby E. 16017596 SSG KIA
GROESCH, Edgar F. O-753655 2LT KIA
GUNN, Charles W. 36482176 TEC5 KIA
HALTER, Ralph L. O-689312 1LT KIA
HAMMOND, Harold F. 16052869 TSG FOD
HAMRICK, Emmerson W. 36968975 PVT KIA
HAMRICK, Milton L. 36778411 SSG KIA
HAMRICK, Paul E. 36767349 SGT DOW
HANAHAN, Thomas A. 36067980 PVT DNB
HART, Mathew P. Jr. 36678054 PFC KIA
HAYES, Charles H. 16074711 PFC KIA
HAYS, Albert P. 36428807 TEC5 KIA
HEDRICK, Robert E. 36053549 PFC KIA
HENDERSON, Ernest M. 36056978 PVT DNB
HENSEY, Leonard L. 36313090 SGT KIA
HICKMAN, Wilson J. 36021166 PVT DNB
HOFFACKER, Harold  O-181295 CAPT DNB
HOOVER, Paul E. 33240240 PVT FOD
HORN, Otto F. 36033192 PFC KIA
HORNBACK, James H. 16103916 AVC DNB
HUCKABY, Murty J. 16051023 PVT DNB
JACKAWAY, Emery E. 16054655 SGT KIA
JACKSON, Alva C. 36962486 PVT DOW
JAPONE, Ivar J. 36039795 PFC KIA
JOCELYN, Theoff F. Jr. 36752082 PFC KIA
JOHNSON, Carl H. Jr. O-810668 1LT DNB
KEATING, Charles G. 16018865 SGT DOW
KELLEY, Thomas D. 16122128 SSG KIA
KEMP, Raymond E. 16018303 SSG DNB
KERN, Merle 36053511 PFC KIA
KETCHUM, Loren H. 36482433 PVT DOI
KEYS, George J. 36673996 PVT KIA
KICKNER, Oramel L. 36480020 PVT DOW
KIEHNE, Herman H. 01012614 1LT KIA
KINKADE, Berkley  O-890033 2LT KIA
KNECHT, Henry A. 36780387 PVT KIA
KNIGHT, David L. 36044049 PVT DNB
KNOX, George H. 36971993 PFC KIA
KOBIALKA, Walter E. 20620571 TEC4 KIA
KRAATZ, Herbert A. O-467601 CAPT DNB
KUNZ, Louis R. 36782657 PFC KIA
KUSCH, Frederick W. 16153427 PVT KIA
LAFLIN, Clarence W. 36430144 PVT KIA
LAWSON, Fred K. 01115944 1LT KIA
LAZAR, John 36449562 CPL KIA
LEAR, Robert H. 36449974 PFC DNB
LEONARD, Charles J. O-661504 1LT FOD
LINDSAY, John H. 36071660 TEC5 KIA
LONGEST, Alvin 36302458 TEC5 KIA
LOWRY, Arthur T. 6915845 PFC KIA
LUKER, Jack R. 16103915 CPL KIA
MARADA, Frank 36480310 TEC5 KIA
MARTIN, Harold L. 36480324 PVT KIA
MARTIN, James H. E. 36780430 PVT FOD
MASSIE, Bernard J. 36767348 PVT KIA
MATHEIS, Albert C. 36475776 PVT KIA
MATHEIS, George L. 36972010 PVT KIA
MAY, John J. 36067896 CPL DNB
MAYFIELD, Robert E. 16018003 SSG KIA
MAYNE, Clark W. O-021950 MAJ DNB
MCCLOY, Earl L. 16019876 SSG KIA
MCGHIEY, Daniel J. 36446322 TSG KIA
MCGREW, John W. 01174376 1LT DOW
MCGUIRE, Robert E. O-823660 2LT KIA
MELKUSH, Frank O. O-668483 1LT DNB
MELTON, Glen E. 36779516 TEC5 DNB
MENDENHALL, Clinton V. O-697571 2LT KIA
MEYERHOFF, Kenneth E. 6911226 SGT KIA
MIGLIN, Anthony 36692894 PVT KIA
MILLER, John F. 15340691 CPL DNB
MITCHELL, Joseph J. O-854084 1LT KIA
MOON, Charles 36955329 PVT KIA
MORRIS, Dewey B. 36759362 PVT KIA
MURPHY, Donald T. 36754890 PVT DNB
MURRAY, William E. 36033209 PVT DNB
MROSKO, Fred 36441237 SGT DNB
MYERS, Joseph A. 36302554 SGT KIA
NATION, Stanley V. 36302475 SGT KIA
NAVE, Charles O. 36313115 SGT KIA
NEIGER, John O-019926 MAJ KIA
NELSON, Alexander F. 16074837 PVT DOW
NEWELL, James R. 36071703 SGT KIA
NOBLE, Wilbur M. 36055760 PVT KIA
NOONAN, Earnest J. 36434674 PFC KIA
O'BRIEN, Patrick J. 16015462 PFC DNB
O'DONNELL, James 36767687 SGT KIA
OETTLE, Robert L. 36445096 PFC KIA
ORGAN, Roger F. 6831846 SGT DNB
PADGET, Glen I. 36981735 PVT KIA
PARKES, James B. 16072856 PVT KIA
PARRIS, John D. 36720033 TEC5 DNB
PELL, Arnold 36767343 PFC KIA
PENNY, Edward J. 16016811 PVT KIA
PERLMUTTER, Herbert 16153452 PFC KIA
PETERS, Fred A. 01168410 CAPT DOW
PIPER, Henry E. 20604899 PFC KIA
POOR, Chalmer D. 16072351 CPL DNB
POPE, Roland F. 36302450 SGT DOW
PRICE, Thomas J. O-824717 2LT KIA
PYLE, Clayton E. 01303026 2LT KIA
RANNEY, Richard W. 36444057 PFC KIA
RATH, William T. 36764061 PFC DOW
REED, James W. 36056953 PFC DOW
REGAN, Joe C. 36961102 PVT FOD
REICHERT, Charles E. O-828528 2LT KIA
REYNOLDS, Jack T. 36444088 SSG KIA
RICHARDS, Ray H. 36441290 CPL KIA
RICHARDSON, Emery E. 36912006 SSG KIA
RODGER, William A. 36444032 CPL DNB
ROGERS, William J. 36673035 PFC KIA
ROSEBERRRY, Joseph E. O-557783 1LT KIA
RYAN, Harold F. 17000790 PFC KIA
SCHNEIDER, Charles W. 36313132 PFC KIA
SCHROLL, Leonard H. 36425270 SGT KIA
SEXTON, John M. 36676292 PVT DNB
SHULTZ, Marshall T. 6911181 SGT DNB
SIDENER, Richard A. 36479579 PFC KIA
SIKKING, Chester B. Jr. O-443054 1LT DNB
SIMMONS, Emanuel L. 36476471 PVT DNB
SIMMONS, Homer R. 6833445 SGT KIA
SMITH, Allan R. 36910024 PVT KIA
SMITH, Joseph F. O-419027 2LT KIA
SNECKUS, George 36425156 SSG FOD
SOLOMON, Peter C. 16075638 SSG M
SPENCER, Albert L. 36784645 PVT KIA
SPOONAMORE, Robert H. 36445071 TSG FOD
STEPHENS, James R. 36968273 PVT KIA
STONE, Alton R. 02070174 2LT FOD
STRATTON, Elbert R. 16122509 PVT DNB
STRUM, Edward 36013415 SSG KIA
STURGEON, Wiswell E. 20622575 TEC5 KIA
STURGIS, Gerald S. 16019954 SSG FOD
TAFT, Paul F. O-117743 MAJ DNB
THOMPSON, Clyde W. 16015554 SGT DNB
TIMINSKY, William E. 36910187 PVT KIA
TODD, Arthur W. 36060631 TEC4 FOD
TOMAZIC, John J. 36073507 TEC5 KIA
TONILA, John P. 16016414 TEC5 DNB
TREAT, Donald V. O-418148 CAPT DNB
TRELLO, Michael C. 36774657 PFC DOW
TRUTTER, Edward H. 36901045 SGT KIA
TUDOR, Kenneth M. 16104054 CPL DNB
TURNER, Floyd E. 36686714 SGT KIA
TURNER, Ora B. 36676170 PVT DNB
URBIS, John Z. 16051109 TSG KIA
VAN FOSSAN, Howard F. 20620753 TEC5 KIA
VETTER, Fred G. 36774656 PVT DOW
VICTOR, Albert I. O-689414 2LT KIA
VORHES, John W. Jr. 01016226 2LT DNB
WALCHER, William E. 36478402 PFC KIA
WALKER, John T. O-376911 LTC DNB
WALKER, Joseph W. 36479176 PVT KIA
WALTERS, Don C. 36965380 PFC KIA
WARD, Billie C. 6834949 PFC DNB
WATKINS, Harold L. 6918184 CPL KIA
WEEDMAN, Joseph M. 20622583 CPL DNB
WENNECORG, Otto P. Jr. 16102659 PFC KIA
WENZEL, Frederick W. 6914852 PFC KIA
WESTOVER, Robert G. 20620627 MSG DNB
WHEELWRIGHT, Arthur K. 36968982 PVT DNB
WHITE, John D. O-006325 MAJ DNB
WOOD, William 36313143 PVT DNB
ZAKE, Henry W. 16052865 SSG FOD