Portuguese Deaths
Sangamon County, Illinois

1886 - 1888 & 1916 - 1918

The information given here was extracted from a publication by Eileen Lynch Gochanour titled "The 1st Portuguese Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville, Illinois 1855 - 1860 and reprinted here with Eileen's permission. Eileen extracted the information from records at IRAD at Brookens Library which is located at the University of Illinois Springfield, Illinois campus. Note: the column heading "M/S" indicates Marital Status (M=Married, W=Widowed, S=Single).
Name Sex Born Died Age M/S Buried Where Address/Place of Death Additional Info
CORREA, Manuel M Isle of Madeira, Portugal 13 Feb 1887 66y1m16d M Oak Ridge Cem. 116 N. 13th, Springfield
CORREIA, Anna F S 27 Jun 1888 17y9m12d Oak Ridge Cem. 102 E. Carpenter, Springfield
CORREIA, Caladonia F Isle of Madeira, Portugal 27 Mar 1887 68y10m W Oak Ridge Cem. 116 S. 13th, Springfield
DE CASTO, John M Madeira 13 Mar 1888 65y W Oak Ridge Cem. 11th & Reservoir, Springfield
DE FRAITES, Manuel A. M 13 Nov 1887 24y7m S Oak Ridge Cem. 208 N. 13th, Springfield
DE FRATES, Child of Phil F 27 Apr 1888 Stillborn Oak Ridge Cem. Miller St. bet. 10th & 11th
DE FRATES, Ella F Sangamon Co., IL 25 Dec 1886 2y2m18d Oak Ridge Cem. Woodside Twp.
DE FRATES, John Z. M Springfield, IL 17 Dec 1887 24y24d S Oak Ridge Cem. 1021 E. Miller, Springfield
DE FRATES, Lucinda Reis F 15 Jul 1831 @ Madeira 10 Jun 1917 85y11m19d Oak Ridge Cem. 1111 N. 9th, Springfield Father - Emanuel Vieira
DE FRATES, Mary J. F 23 Jul 1896 @ Ill. 4 Mar 1916 M Oak Ridge Cem. 600 N. 7th, Springfield Parents: Charles & Lou Pruitt Snell
DE FRATES, Pauline Irene F Galveston, Texas 26 Jul 1888 18y1m21d S Oak Ridge Cem. 1026 E. Jefferson, Springfield
DE FRATES, Stella F Springfield, IL 27 Jun 1886 2y5m Oak Ridge Cem.
DE MATTOS, Mary J. F Madeira 1 Jul 1888 63y M Oak Ridge Cem. 1115 E. Jefferson, Springfield
DE SANTOS, Francis F Island of Trinidad 19 Aug 1886 45y M Oak Ridge Cem. 105 N. 14th St., Springfield
DE SILVA, Emanuel M 11 May 1850 @ Madeira 15 Apr 1917
DE SOUZA, Mary F Springfield, IL 12 Aug 1888 18y1m21d S Oak Ridge Cem. 1020 E. Reynolds, Springfield
DE VARES, David Alvies M 1852 Atlantic Ocean 4 Apr 1917 65y W Oak Ridge Cem.
DE VARES, Mary A. F 16 Dec 1850 @ Madeira 23 Feb 1916 Oak Ridge Cem. 903 S. 6th, Springfield Parents: Manuel & Mary DeFrates Nunes
DE ZACHARIAS, Maria F 3 Jun 1828 @ Madeira 1 Jan 1918 89y6m27d W Oak Ridge Cem.
FERNANDES, John I. M Madeira Isle, Portugal 7 Oct 1886 65y M Oak Ridge Cem. 1109 E. Mason, Springfield
FERNANDES, Joseph M 20 Dec 1886 20 Dec 1886 Infant Oak Ridge Cem. 321 N. 14th, Springfield
FERNANDES, Lucy K. F 18 Sep 1837 @ Madeira 11 May 1916 78y7m29d W Oak Ridge Cem. 1201 E. Jefferson, Springfield Father - ? Keen
FERNANZ, Dina F Madeira 24 Apr 1888 86y W Oak Ridge Cem. Springfield
FERREIRA, James M 5 Jul 1836 @ Madeira 3 Nov 1917 81y3m29d W Oak Ridge Cem. Father: John & Effie Vasconcelles Ferreira
FIGUERIA, Elsie F 15 Dec 1904 @ Ill. 25 May 1918 13y6m10d Oak Ridge Cem. Parents: Louis & Elizabeth Heckler Figueria
FLOWER, John M Isle of Madeira, Portugal 11 Sep 1887 67y W Oak Ridge Cem. 13th, bet. Cook & Douglas
FORTADO, Adelaide F 18 Oct 1858 @ Ill. 1 Apr 1916 M Oak Ridge Cem. 903 N. 7th St., Springfield Parents: E. & Victoria Andrade Gonsalves
GOMES, Antonio M Madeira 23 Mar 1888 80y W Oak Ridge Cem. Crnr Klein & Calhoun, Springfield
GOMES, Josephine F Madeira 5 Jul 1918 75y W Oak Ridge Cem. 1205 E. Jefferson, Springfield Father: Joe Rodregues
GOMES, Manuel Sr. M Madeira 15 Jun 1887 93y W Oak Ridge Cem. 1115 E. Jefferson, Springfield
GONSALVES, Joaquin Isle of Madeira, Portugal 17 Apr 1886 73y M Oak Ridge Cem. 1110 E. Mason, Springfield
GONSALVES, Minnie Lomelino F 14 Jul 1876 @ Decatur, IL 7 Nov 1916 40y3m23d M Oak Ridge Cem. Parents: E.L. & Mary Nunes Lomelino
GONSOLVES, John M Madeira 17 Jul 1888 66y4m9d M Oak Ridge Cem. 716 N. 11th St., Springfield
LOMELINO, Emanuel Ferrearia M Portugal 7 May 1887 69y M Oak Ridge Cem. 1135 Lincoln St., Springfield
LOPEZ, Joseph M Madeira 2 Sep 1888 60y W Oak Ridge Cem. 1006 E. Jefferson, Springfield
MOISE, Frank M 16 Aug 1860 @ Madeira 19 Nov 1916 100y3m3d Oak Ridge Cem. Father: George Moise
NUNES, John M Isle of Madeira, Portugal 18 Jul 1888 83y M Oak Ridge Cem. 1125 N. 6th, Springfield
PERAIRA, Fernandez M 26 Aug 1834 @ Madeira 9 Mar 1916 81y6m14d Oak Ridge Cem. 507 W. Canedy, Springfield Parents: Fernandez Pereira
PERRIA, Juliannie De Frates F Isle of Madeira, Portugal 13 May 1887 25y7m S Oak Ridge Cem. 200 13th St., Springfield
RODERICK, Helen F 7 May 1911 @ Springfield 25 Nov 1917 6y6m18d Oak Ridge Cem. 900 N. 9th, Springfield Parents: John & Lula Moise Roderick
RODERICK, Louis F. M 5 Sep 1877 @ Springfield 20 Feb 1916 38y5m15d S Oak Ridge Cem. 1019 E. Mason, Springfield Parents: Manuel & Felmina DeSilva Roderick
SILVA, Frankie M 4 Apr 1888 2y8m Oak Ridge Cem. 1222 E. Capitol Ave., Springfield
SILVA, Peter M Springfield, IL 7 Sep 1886 24y7m S Oak Ridge Cem. Dodge City, KS
VASCONCELLOS, Manuel M Isle of Madeira, Portugal 12 Apr 1888 80y Oak Ridge Cem. Farmingdale, IL
VASCONCELLOS, Minnie M. F Springfield, IL 2 Sep 1887 Stillborn Oak Ridge Cem. 1120 E. Carpenter, Springfield
VASCONCELLOS, Verna E. F Ill. 25 Nov 1917 1m17d Oak Ridge Cem. 1010 N. 12th, Springfield
VASCONCELLOS, Virginia F 26 Oct 1917 @ Ill. 26 Dec 1917 2m Oak Ridge Cem. 1010 N. 12th, Springfield Parents: Oscar & Edith Burke Vasconcellos
VASCONCELLOS, Willie M Springfield, IL 17 Apr 1888 3d Oak Ridge Cem. 123 E. Carpenter, Springfield
VIEIRA, Emanuel M 1836 @ Madeira 6 Mar 1916 80y W Oak Ridge Cem. 1009 E. Miller, Springfield
VIEIRA, Frank M Madeira 29 Jul 1888 84y M Oak Ridge Cem. E. Lincoln St., Springfield
VIEIRA, Joseph B. M Madeira 17 Apr 1888 40y M Oak Ridge Cem. Lincoln St., bet. 11th & 12th
VIEIRA, Mary M. F Madeira 23 Dec 1916 23y M Oak Ridge Cem. Parents: Joseph & Rosa Martin Fortado

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