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     These church records were copied in late 1969, by Eileen Lynch Gochanour, and are only the earlier records of the church. She published these records in November 1984 and has graciously given written permission for them to be included here on this web site.

Eileen wrote the following when she first published this record:
"This church was organized in 1822/1823 by a traveling circuit rider, Reverend Price. Island Grove church was a circuit appointment until about 1849. A circuit was made up of a number of preaching points guided by an itinerant circuit rider every two or three weks. Most of the points were located where a class met regularly for Bible study, prayer and admonition. The members first met in their homes.

Reverend James Sims was appointed as its first class leader. In 1849, Peter Cartwright was appointed Presiding Elder and Samuel Elliott was appointed the station preacher. James nicholas Brown and James Douglas Smith were selected as station stewards at this time, also. there were 38 members at this time, and 6 more on probation. A station was a congregation large enough to support a minister full time. Mr. Brown and Mr. Smith contributed heavily toward this support.   Other early stewards were: Samuel Westfall, Alvin McCormick, Barton Wherritt, with Hiram Sears and a Mr. Charles as early class leaders.

The earliest financial records show: (1849)

Had at beginning:
Presiding Elder; $ 36.00
Missionary Society; $ 20.00
American Bible Society; $ 11.00
McKendree College; $ 4.00
5th College; $ 9.00
Sunday School; $ 46.50
Expenses: ___________$181.85

To the sides and the rear of the church is the Woodwreath cemetery. The land for this cemetery was donated by James Brown. There are a lot of Brown's buried in this cemetery.

In 1965, the church marked its 103rd year in its present building. The 10 years between 1955 and 1965, a lot of improvements were made in the building.

The original church building was a brock chapel 48' x 32'."

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