Cantrall, Illinois

The First Church of Sangamon County, Illinois

Organized May 15 1820
Stephen England

This book was published by Eileen Gochanhour in 1984 and is copied and put online with her permission. These pages are copied as published in the original with errors in spelling, etc. In some instances certain pages or pictures were left out as the dates could not be determined if some of these people were still living. Also the Financial/Accounts/Disbursements books were omitted as they did not contain a large amount of family information. There are Menard County residents that were members of this Church, as it is located close to the Sangamon/Menard line.

As with any transcribed material, errors could have been made and one should check the original publication for accuracy.

Table of Contents
Forward p.i
Picture of the Record books p.ii
The Antioch Christian Church is born p.iii
Book I--Membershp plus additional notes p.1
Book II--Memberhship plus notes p.15
Book III--Membership plus remarks p.22
Book IV--Account book-Receipts & disburse' p.49
Book V--Contributions p.68
Book VI--Contributions p.73
Book VII--Contributions & Collections p.78
Book VIII--Financial Records p.90
Book IX--Membership, Baptisms, Etc. p.95
Book X--Ladies Aid Society Records - Pages 107-118 p.107
Book X--Ladies Aid Society Records - Pages 119-131 p.119
Book XI--Account book - Receipts & disburse' p.132
Assorted letters, receipts, etc. p.143
Oyster supper & A Height Sociable p.147
A Noted County Church in Illinois p.148
Article about Elders of Cantrall Church of Christ p.151
Bulletin for 100th Anniversay of Church p.153
Reception Invitation for New Members p.158
Quilt--With membership list embroidered 1906 p.159
Some of the known ministers of the church p.163
Obituaries of some of the members p.176
"Some Reminiscences" (of Sangamon County) by Mrs. Fannie Graham p.179
The Council Family p.181
The Langston Family p.186
The Brittin Family p.189
The Cantrall Family p.196
The Grant Family p.204
The Zeller(s) Family p.219
The Canterbury Family p.221
The Dunlap Family p.228
The Lake-Glascock-Brown-Vasconcelles Families p.231
The Primm-Hibbs Families p.238
The Cline-Primm Families p.240
The Cline Family p.242
The Power-Kincaid-Brown-Black-Mellinger Families p.244
The Hall-Johnson-Brittin-Miller-Mellinger-Black-Cantrall Families p.245
The Antioch Christian Church p.246
The England-Higgins Bible p.250
"History of the England Family" - an unpublished manuscript p.254
The England Family p.258
The David England Family p.262
The Henry Harrison England Family p.264
The William Price England Family p.272
The John England Family & His ministry p.275
The Andrew Clarno-Anna England Family p.280
Acknowledgements p.284
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