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By Joseph Wallace, M. A.
of the Springfield Bar
The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, IL

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MILTON E. JONES. - Milton E. Jones, who has extensive farming and stock raising interests in Sangamon county and makes his home in Williamsville, was born on a farm about one mile from the town on the 11th of June, 1869. His parents are John R. and Mary (Talbott) Jones. His literary education, acquired in the public schools of Williamsville, was supplemented by a course in the Springfield Business College, and when his school life was ended he began work on his father's farm, where he had already received training in the duties of the field and meadow through the periods of vacation. He remained at home for a few years and then began the management of a farm of five hundred acres, which he still operates. At the same time he began raising stock and in this branch of business yet continues. In 1900 he formed a partnership with his brother-in-law, C. R. Taylor, to import draft and coach horses. In 1900 he went to Europe where he remained for four months, visiting all of the principal cities and viewing many scenes of modern and historic interest. At the same time he conducted his business affairs there, purchasing horses and cattle in France, Belgium, Germany, England and Scotland. Mr. Jones has been familiar with stock-raising interests throughout his entire life. His father established the Cherry Grove herd of shorthorn cattle and the Jones farm has been the home of some of the most famous cattle of the breed. Several importations of cows, heifers and bulls from the best Cruickshank herds in Scotland were made and also from the leading English herds. Among the noted sires included in the herd is Scotch Cup, Imp. Scottish King, Imp. Cup Bearer, Exported Harmony, Imp. Spartan Hero, and all have been great champion prize winners and breeders of prize winners, having produced more champion bullocks than any other shorthorn herd in America, including Banner Bearer, the grand champion of the World's Columbian Exposition at Chicago, besides several sweepstakes and first prize bullocks at the World's Fair and many other leading shows and grand champions at the fat stock shows. The breeding herd was for two years the champion show herd of the United States against all breeds and has more than any other herd of the blood of such sires as cup Bearer, the champion in Great Britain, Canada and the United States. The present herd bull, the famous imported Lord Banff 150718, was shown in 1901 from the leading fairs of New York to the Illinois state fair and won first prize everywhere shown, including the Pan-American at Buffalo, and was bought that fall for fifty-one hundred dollars, the highest cash price ever paid in an auction ring for a Scotch shorthorn bull. The firm of Taylor & Jones also owns some of the best stallions of the entire country. They are importers and breeders of Percheron, Shire, Belgian, hackney, French and Yorkshire coach horses. Mr. Jones gives his attention largely to the shorthorn business and importing and breeding and raising of horses. The Taylor & Jones firm has in a comparatively short time become an important factor in the business of importing and dealing in Percheron and Shire horses in America. They have, by selecting good horses, by careful attention to business and fair dealing, built up a large and extensive trade. Their sales have covered a large territory and both Mr. Taylor and Mr. Jones have made trips to Europe in order to personally superintend their importations. Mr. Jones is also connected with the Williamsville and Elkhart banks, in both of which he is a director.

In 1897 Mr. Jones removed from the farm and in 1899 took up his abode in his present beautiful home in Williamsville. This is a modern residence, surrounded by a fine lawn, the grounds being well kept and adorned with beautiful flowers and shade trees. In the rear of the lot stand good out-buildings and the dwelling is fully equipped with all modern improvements and conveniences. It is a visible evidence of his life of thrift and enterprise and indicates the success which has attended his efforts.

On the 12th of November, 1889, in Williamsville, Mr. Jones was united in marriage to Miss May Price, who was born in Williamsville and is a daughter of J. R. And Ellen (Flagg) Price. There are two children of this marriage; John Ryan Jones, who was born September 27, 1891; and Thornton Price Jones, born March 10, 1901. The parents receive the highest social recognition of the citizens of Williamsville and their own home, with its hospitality, is a favorite resort with their many friends. In politics. Mr. Jones is a stanch Republican where national issues are involved, but at local elections votes independently of party ties. Mr. Jones is regarded as a man of integrity and undoubted honor in all business transactions and social life. He and his wife are identified with the Methodist church and Mr. Jones is a member of the Masonic fraternity.

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