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By Joseph Wallace, M. A.
of the Springfield Bar
The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, IL

Page 258

GEORGE B. BENGEL who departed this life in 1874, came to Springfield from the fatherland and, taking advantage of the opportunities afforded in the new world, he acquired a comfortable competence and gained for himself a creditable position in business circles and in the regard of the community. He was born in Baden, Germany, in 1812 and come to America in 1853. In his early life he learned the shoemaker's trade, which he followed for about twelve years and then on account of ill health he turned his attention to market gardening. He arrived in this county without capital, but he labored earnestly and energetically and at the time of his death was the possessor of a good property. He carried on market gardening on the ground where the Bunn school now stands and as his efforts were carefully directed by practical common sense and as he place upon the market a high grade of vegetables he always received a liberal patronage and found a good sale for his products.

Ere leaving his native country Mr. Bengel was united in marriage to Miss Elizabeth Scharf and before they crossed the Atlantic to the new world two children, Fred J. and John G., were born unto them. Another son, Adam J., was born in Springfield and is now a resident of Bloomington. He has been in the office of the supreme court reporter for twenty-two years, fifteen years of this time being spent in Springfield, while during the past seven years he has been a resident of Bloomington. The other sons are engaged in business in Springfield and are well known in trade circles here.

In his religious faith Mr. Bengel was a Lutheran and was one of the founders of the St. John's church and one of its first elders. In his political views he was an earnest Democrat, yet he took no active part in political work, but was, however, very active in church work. Upright principles permeated his entire life and made him one of the valued citizens of the community. He passed away in 1874 and was survived for three years by his wife, who died in 1877.

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