Membership: 1840 - 1866

1840 Mr. D. Rockwell & family Removed
Major Simms & family Major withdrew
Mr. Charles Ogle & family Mr. Ogle deceased, family removed to Indiana
Mr. E. T. Miller & family
Mrs. C. Heslep & family Removed
Dr. B. Gillett & family
Mr. Inc. Galbraith & family Absented
Mr. I. Gledhill & family Mr. Gledhill deceased, and family removed from town
Dr. Samuel Prosser & family Dr. Prosser withdrawn
Mr. I.M. Lucas & family Removed 1849 to Washington City
Mr. H. B. McClure, Esq. & family Removed
Mr. I. T. Sigler & family Mr. Sigler left the parish
Mr. G. A. Dunlap & family Withdrawn
Mr. Samuel R. Smith & family Removed to Galena
Mrs. M. McConnell & family
Mr. B. B. Chamberlain & family Removed to St. Louis
Mr. Adolphus Cherrill & family Removed to Augusta, IL
Mr. Inc. E. Tolpree & family Removed to State of New York
Mr. Jona. Tucker & family Mr. Tucker deceased, merged in I.L. Morrison's
Dr. Augustus M. Heslep & family Removed to St. Louis
Mr. E.M.M. Clarke & family Removed to Rushville, IL
Mr. A. Brother & family Removed to St. Louis
Mr. Edward Lambert & family Absented
Mr. Craven & family Absented
1842 Dr. C. B. Zabriskie & family Removed to New York 1848
Mr. Wm. Braidwood & family Died and removed
Mr. Joseph Heslep & family Removed
Mr. Samuel W. Lucas Removed to Peoria 1846
Mr. David Robb & family
1848 Mrs. Sarah E. Hardin & family Removed
Mr. Henry Stryker & family
Mr. Samuel Markoe & family Removed
Mrs. Sprowetts family Absented
Mr. Dresser & family Removed to Naples
Mr. Newell & family Go to Springfield
Mr. Inc. Iabina & Family Revmoed to Waverly 1848
Mr. Samuel Bacon & family Went to St. Louis
Mr. James Berdan & wife
Mr. H. T. Collins & wife Removed
Mr. Thos. A. Colt Returned to New York
1849 Mr. A. Rockwell & family Mistake
Mr. John Lindsey & family
Mr. Hannant & family Absented, returned, removed
Miss Eliza Conn Removed
Sept 1850 Mathew Blackburn, wife & daughters & sons Removed in the country
Mrs. Swearengen & family Removed
Mrs. Marill McDougal (Miss McConnell) To California
Mr. Stewart Absented
Mr. & Mrs. Willis Removed
1851 Mr. John Bashfortts & wife Removed
Mr. Joseph Sheppard & family Removed
Miss Egbert
Miss Vanderhoeff (Mrs. Wash. Hook)
Mr. James Simpson - Sept. 1852 Removed
Mr. J. W. Hook & family
Mr. John Booth & wife Aug. 1852 - Moved to Pittsfield, IL
Mrs. Warren & family
Mr. Wm. K. Ducy & family
Mr. Warfield & family Removed
Jun 1, 1853 Mr. McEvers & family Withdrawn
Mr. Robert Roe & famil Removed
Mrs. Tunney & family Removed
Mr. Edward Lax & wife & family Wife deceased
Mr. Daniel Robb Removed
Dr. Rhodes & family
Mr. Charles Smith & family Removed
Mr. Higgins & family
Mrs. Dr. Cassell & family
Mr. Epler, wife & family
Mr. Jas. English & wife Removed
Mr. Wilson & wife Removed
1855 Mr. Cane & family Removed
Dr. Wakely & family
Dr. Long & family Removed
Mrs. Lightfoot & family Withdrawn
Mr. Clement Removed
Mr. Hubbel Removed
1856 Mr. H. Talmage Collins & family
Mr. Clarke & wife Removed
Mr. Mapes & family
Mr. J. L. McConnel (died) Family merged in Murray McConnel's
1857 Mr. Peck & family
Mr. Marsh & family Removed
Mr. John Flack & family
Mrs. Sherwood & family Removed
Mrs. Philpot & family Removed
Mr. George M. McConnel & family
1860 Mr. Edmund Fox & family Removed
Mr. Neuruch & family Removed
Mr. G. W. Richard & family Removed
Mrs. Elisha Brown & family (1 daughter here) Removed
Mr. Charles Birnham & family Removed
Mr. Lynn & wife Ceased to attend
Mrs. Roberts
Mrs. Hargrave & family Removed
1861 Mr. Rudolph Removed
Mr. Baher & wife Removed
Charles Gillett & family Removed
1862-1863 Peter Tilton & family
William Masby & family Removed
Mr. Strong & family Removed
1864-1865 Mr. Parker & family
Mr. Palmer & family
Mr. Essminger & family
Mr. Caldwell & family
Mrs. Gore Removed
Mr. Wilson & wife Removed
Col. Morton & family Removed
Mrs. Bennett Removed
Mr. Phillips & family
Mr. Warfield, wife & family Removed
Mr. C. Miller & family
1853 ? Mr. I. L. Morrison & family
Mrs. Matingly Dead
Mrs. Mary McCracken Removed
1865-1866 Mrs. Tomlin & family
Mrs. Kelley
Mr. William B. Mosbey & family
Mr. Waller & family
Mr. Wm. Brown & family
Joseph Grassey & family
Henry Stryker, Jr. & family
William Rockwell & family
Moreen & family
1865-1866 Dr. Wakely & family
Mrs. Webster
Mrs. Henry
Mrs. Donaldson & family
Dr. Milligan & family
Mrs. McElhinney & family
Mrs. Wm. H. Corcoran & family
Mrs. Stella Poe
Mrs. Matthew Blackburn
Mrs. Daniel Howe
Mrs. Harwood
No regular list of Communicants was kept until
Aug. 16, 1840; the following names & dates are,
however, to be found in the records made by
Mr. Batchelder, viz:
Aug. 1834 The number of communicants has never
exceeded five; that is the present number.
During the first year of the present Rector's
labours, the sacrament was administered but
once: July 3, 1836. Miss Margaretta & Miss
Della Saunders, together with Miss Mary Mauro
were admitted to the communion.
Feb. 4, 1838 Mr. Henry Robb was received to the communion


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