The Oldest Episcopal Church in Illinois
Records from 1834 - 1879


"May the Great Head of the Church prosper the erection of this house now commenced in his name, and fill it with His presence and glory through all generations; Amen."

At the time this parish was organized, and when the present Rector took charge of it, the number of families of which it was composed was about twelve. The year after the Rector commenced his labours among them, more than one half of this number was separated from the parish by death, or removals or some other means. Several families likewise, who previous to his coming among them had professed attachment to the church, never after that took the least interest in it, but united their influence with that of those who never wished its prosperity. It must likewise be recorded, that many who professed attachment to the Church have thus far evinced but little interest either in its worship, or its welfare; so that the difficulties under which we labour are truly discouraging; but the cause if of God, and it must succeed.

It should be remarked that within the last year we have had some additions to our numbers by removals into the place, and many, who were residents of the place and still stand aloof from us, would undoubtedly have joined us before this, had our members lived more holy, godly, and righteous lives.

The number of families now (August 1834), attached to the society is fourteen. In addition to this the English settlement at Lynnville is included within the Rector's charge.

The number of communicants has never exceeded five; that is the present number.

During the first year of the present Rector's labours the Sacrament of the Lords Supper was administered but once; two children were baptized by him; there were four burials and one marriage.

(Another record by the same individual).

"January 9th, 1836. The Church being completed, it was consecrated to the service and worship of Almighty God, by the Rt. Rev. Jackson Kemper, D.D. Missionary Bishop of the Prot. Epis. Church in the States of Indiana and Missouri and having in charge the Diocese of Illinois, during the absence of its Bishop the Rt. Rev. Philander Chase, D.D. The clergy present on the occasion were the Rev. Samuel R. Johnson, of Indiana, The Rev. Mr. Darrow of Illinois, and the Rector of the Church."

For further information with regard to the history of the Parish and the affairs of the Church, reference must be had to the minutes of the proceedings of the Wardens and Vestry and the Journals of the Diocese. It ought to be added to the foregoing statement of the Revd. John Batchelder, that the Church building was erected upon ground donated for the purpose by Dennis Rockwell, Esq. and further, that for several years the Parish was aided by the Board of Domestic Missions of the Prot. Episc. Church, and in 1848 it received aid to the amount of $100 from Diocesan Missionary funds.

Note: The old church burned March 14, 1918, and a new one built later. The Parish House was used as a church until a new church was built.


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