Inheritance Tax Records

DEATH DATES 1898 - 1940s
From Inheritance Tax Record Books 1, 2 & 3

Abstracted by Florence Hutchison who stated:
"Inheritance tax records started in 1898. At this point I do not know the history of these taxes on the heirships of the deceased's relataives, nor the year when they were abolished, much later, in the State of Illinois.
A long time ago I found the first three books in the attic of the courthouse. For lack of space it would take to publish all the information, this index will consist of name of decedent and date of death when given. A supplementary source of information for family historians would be to find the Probate Case File which contains the original papers. These are under the control fo the Circuit Court Clerk. Another source of information would be the death certificate available from the County Clerk's office or a an obituary."


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