Lunacy Inquisitions

Morgan County, Illinois - Book 1

These records, required by law, concern the paneling of a jury to hear testimony pertaining to insanity charges by 
relatives or friends of a given person.  This particular book, found on open shelving near Will Books, briefly gives 
the following information:  

1.  Name of person alleged to be Insane
2.  Date statement filled in county court
3.  Date Jury empanelled
4.  Verdict of insanity, or other ruling; V/I = “verdict of insanity”
5.  Commitment to hospital, as named: 
     CHI - Central Hospital for Insane
     OLR - Oak Lawn Retreat, Jacksonville
     KKK - Kankakee State Hospital.  

No other information is available, except as given:

Banta, Mary 21 Mar 1894 Dr. Anna H. McFarland Same
21 Mar 1894 Frank Griffith
Miss Hunt V/I CHI
Cannon, Margaret 8 Jan 1894 W. S. Cannon Dr. P.C. Thompson
Miss Cannon
8 Jan 1894 Mrs. Cannon V/I CHI
Cole, Walter 10 Aug 1894 Lu Cole F. P. Norbury
10 Aug 1894 John Foley V/I CHI
Crain, Lucy 23 Oct 1893 Frank Griffith Dr. Anna McFarland
25 Oct 1893 V/I CHI
DeSilva, Sophia 31 Jul 1893 Ben DeSilva Dr. R. L. Brown
31 Aug 1893 Ruled not insane
Dial, Isaac 18 Sep 1894 Dr. B. C. Toler? Dr. W. H. King V/I CHI
Costs charged to Fulton Co.
Fanning, Polly 16 Nov 1893 Joseph Fanning not given V/I CHI
Flinn, Hezekiah W. 6 Mar 1894 Eliza J. Flinn Dr. Baker
John Virgin
6 Mar 1894 James Hubbs V/I CHI
Frohwitter, Mary E. 19 Mar 1894 Chas. Frohwitter Dr. Mayfield
L. Huddleson
H. Knutzman
23 Mar 1894 M. Carroll V/I CHI
German, Louie 26 May 1894 Albert German none shown V/I CHI
Hess, Henry 30 May 1894 Mary Hess Dr. W. H. H. King
30 May 1894 Tony Kennedy V/I CHI
Johnson, William M. 24 Sep 1894 George M. Johnson Dr. P. Brown V/I CHI
Kaufman, Emma 23 Feb 1894 A. H. McFarland Dr. A. H. McFarland
23 Feb 1894 Sarah Rubeson V/I OLR
Ordered commitment to Oak Lawn Retreat at request
of relatives of patient.
Lockman, John 1 Feb 1894 Julia Lockman Dr. P. L. Brown
1 Jul 1894 James Harrigan V/I CHI
31 Mar 1904 Died at age 50, single, buried Asylum Cem., S. Bartonsville,
at Peoria, IL
Looker, John 11 Oct 1893 Randolph Looker not given V/I CHI
Markoe, Elizabeth H. 15 Jan 1894 Samuel Markoe Dr. L. A. Malone V/I CHI
McCormick, John 9 Apr 1894 Lee Burnett Dr. Malone
"suit dismissed by petition
McFarland, Albert 30 Jan 1894 Alonzo McFarland Dr. Wm. H. H. King
Dr. F. P. Norbury
30 Jan 1894 John Hoban V/I CHI
26 Jun 1909 Ordered that Albert McFarland be henceforth kept at said
Hospital (CHI) as a county patient chargeable to
Morgan County, IL
Nixon, George 9 Oct 1893 Thomas Nixon, father Dr. Anna McFarland V/I CHI
Oaks, Charles T. 3 Jul 1894 S. F. Oaks Dr. F. P. Norbury V/I CHI
Osborne, Rosa M. 10 Feb 1894 Charles C. Osborne Dr. T. J. Pitner
R. L. Wyatt
James Smith V/I CHI
Palmer, Mary A. 23 Feb 1894 Adele Palmer Dr. W. H. H. King
Dr. F. Winslow
23 Feb 1894 Sister Caroline V/I CHI
Smith, Hugh B. 25 Aug 1893 John A. Smith Dr. T. J. Pitner
E. L. McDonald
26 Aug 1893 Andrew Russel V/I CHI
Tuite, Margaret 5 Jan 1894 Arthur Harmon Dr. T. J. Pitner
Mrs. Kate Harmon
5 Jan 1894 James McGuin V/I CHI
Tyler, John 28 Mar 1894 W. B. Tyler ___Holt
___ Griffith
3 Apr 1894 P. C. Thompson V/I CHI
Woodward, Carrie 3 May 1894 Dexter Woodward no action shown

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