1860 State Hosp. Patients

Listed in the 1860 Morgan County IL Census

Florence Hutchison abstracted this information (W. Warren Haley did the indexing) with the following comments:
This listing of the Illinois Central Hospital patients in Jacksonville is the first and only one available anywhere. While census datea gives place of birth, it does does not tell us what Illinois county they came from. Nor does it relate date of death, nor where they returned to, if released. But family researchers may find a relative in this extensive list. The microfilm was very difficult to read, so one has to use a lot of imagination to recognize a family name.
NAME AGE BORN Occupation
ADAMS Albert A 30 NY Merchant
ADCOCK Robert J 35 VA Teacher
ALLEN Theodore 20 unk Carpenter
AYUART (?) Raymond 42 France Teacher
BAIRD Charles W 36 Ohio Farmer
BARRY John 45 Ireland Tailor
BEAN Milly A 30 IN Housekeeper
BEARDSLEY Lyman J 30 IL Farmer
BEAVER Abraham 38 IL Farmer
BECK Caroline 23 Germany Domestic
BRADLEY Edward 36 Mass Farmer
BRAZILL Lawrence 42 Ireland Tinner
BRICKLER/BUCKLER John 39 France Farmer
BRIDGEMAN Emiily 49 Mass Housekeeper
BRISTOW Sarah 42 England Housekeeper
BROOKINS Jane 30 Ohio Housekeeper
BROOKS Margaret 33 England
BROWN Angeline 57 unk Housekeeper
BRUNNER Clous 33 Germany Farmer
BURNS Edward 23 Ireland Farmer
CADY Eliza 40 Ireland Housekeeper
CAISAR/CARSAR Henry 26 Germany Farmer
CAMPBELL David 47 VT Farmer
CANTRALL Rachel 41 NC Housekeeper
CHURCH Latetia 33 Ohio Housekeeper
CLARKE Betsy 56 Mass Housekeeper
CLINCH Susan 19 IL
CLOUSE Christopher 47 Germany Potter
COGGINS Thomas 33 Ireland Stone Mason
COLEMAN Nelson 35 IL Farmer
COLLINS Margaret M 46 ME Housekeeper
CONE Emily 46 KY Housekeeper
CONNELLY Frank 30 Ireland Laborer
COOPER Henry W 26 CT Farmer
CORD James 60 Scotland Farmer
COULSON Alice 18 Switzerland
CURRIE William 40 Scotland Laborer
CURRY John 48 England Farmer
DAILY Catharine 23 Ireland Domestic
DARPENWORTH Henry 30 IL Farmer
DAY Margetta 25 unk
DeLAP Elisha 14 IL
DENNIS Eleanor 23 Ohio
DOBSON Ellen 21 Ireland Domestic
DODD Cyrus C 24 uni Farmer
DOUGHTY Madison 17 IL
DOWNING Cornelius 27 Ireland Laborer
DRALLE Maria 36 Germany Housekeeper
DRINKLE Margaret 26 NJ Housekeeper
DURBINS Elizabeth 41 KY Housekeeper
DYER William H 40 VA Merchant
ELHINEY Sophronia 45 Ohio Housekeeper
EVANS Kesiah 39 IL Housekeeper
EWING Mary 47 TN Housekeeper
FARRELL Priscilla 36 unk
FIELD Martha B 26 Ohio Housekeeper
FIELDING Jeramiah 30 Ohio Farmer
FINLY William B 18 IL
FITZGERALD C 23 Ireland Laborer
FLAGG James C 30 PA Farmer
FLANGH(?) Nancy A 37 IL Housekeeper
FLANIGAN John 29 NY Farmer
FORD Mary 22 IL
FOSTER H T 39 KY Physician
GASSAWAY Jane 34 Ohio Housekeeper
GEER/GREER? Orvis 51 VT Comb maker
GERMANHART George 39 Germany Butcher
GLEASON Amelia F 33 NY Housekeeper
GOFF John L 33 IN Farmer
GREENLIEF Lyman 22 Canada Farmer
GREER Mary J 32 IL Housekeeper
GRETLY Elizabeth 52 Bavaria Housekeeper
GUILKEY Elizabeth 30 KY Housekeeper
HAINES Hannibal 49 NH Farmer
HAMILTON Jacob 38 Ohio Wagon Maker
HAMMER Isabella 24 Ohio Housekeeper
HANSMAKER Susanna 27 IL Housekeeper
HARD/HURD? Allen D 53 NY Farmer
HARDEN Joseph 51 IL Carpenter
HARLBUT Ann 39 PA Housekeeper
HARVEY Edward 26 Ireland Laborer
HATFIELD Hannah 27 IL Housekeeper
HAYS Elizabeth 39 KY Housekeeper
HAYWORTH Cordelia D 21 IN
HAZEL French H 57 KY Farmer
HEARTT Sarah M 44 Ohio Farmer
HENSON Elizabeth 27 IL Housekeeper
HESLOP Jane 25 Scotland
HIGGINS Henry D 26 DE Farmer
HILL John 27 KY Farmer
HINES Abbie 35 IL Housekeeper
HOBBS Alex C 31 IL Farmer
HOLINQUIST Caroline 30 Switzerland Housekeeper
HOLLAND Bridget 23 Ireland Domestic
HOWARD Caroline 37 NJ Housekeeper
HUDSON Eluiza 54 KY Housekeeper
HUFFAKER Elizabeth 57 NY Housekeeper
HUGGINS George W 37 IL Teacher
HULL Josiah 26 NY Farmer
HUNT Elizabeth 41 England Housekeeper
HYMAN Lena 24 Germany
JENNING Eliza 41 England Housekeeper
JOHNSON John 25 IL Farmer
JOHNSTON Jame 27 NY Farmer
JORDEN Ellen 39 Ohio
KAIRKER Essey 33 TN Housekeeper
KALBAUGH John W 19 IL Teacher
KASTOR Sophia 33 Germany Housekeeper
KENE Hannah 23 Ireland Domestic
KENNEDY Fanny 29 Ireland Domestic
KENNY Bridget 33 unk
KIRKMAN Edward 31 IL Laborer
KIRKMAN Thomas 52 KY Farmer
LAIRD Nicholas 39 NC Farmer
LARENZ Elizabeth 41 Germany Housekeeper
LAVERY Catharine 23 Ireland Domestic
LEWIS Crilla 30 Ohio Housekeeper
LIVERMORE Daniel 61 VT Civil Engineer
LOVELL Elizabeth 37 IL Housekeeper
LYMAN Charles P 40 NH Merchant
MAKEPEACE Frances 31 England Housekeeper
MAKEPEACE Gabrilla 35 England Domestic
MARCHAL Louis 32 France
MARVELL John W 21 IN Farmer
MASON Diantha 32 NY Housekeeper
MATHIAS Lewis 27 Germany Laborer
McCLAY Jane 29 VT Housekeeper
McCLAY Martha 36 MD Housekeeper
McCOLLUM Louisa A 22 NY Housekeeper
McKINNEY Andrew 29 IL Farmer
MICHAELS Margaret 40 England Housekeeper
MINARD Sarah 48 VT Housekeeper
MOORE William 50 KY Farmer
MOREHOUSE Edward 23 NY Farmer
MORRIS Sarah 39 TN Housekeeper
MULFINGER William 18 Germany Student
MYERS Ann 28 Ohio Housekeeper
NEIFMAKER Theodore 30 France Machinist
O'CONNOR Thomas 60 Ireland Laborer
O'NEIL Henry 41 Ireland Laborer
PAGE Catharine 37 NY Housekeeper
PALLADY Catharine 37 NY Housekeeper
PANTEM Jane A 45 NY Housekeeper
PARKER Gamaliel 37 IL Farmer
PARRET David 18 Ohio
PARSONS Richard 43 unk Farmer
PEACOCK Thomas 18 IL
PEMBERTON Clemantine 31 KY Housekeeper
PENDERGRAST Margaret 52 Ireland Housekeeper
PERRINGS Ann 38 Ireland Housekeeper
PETERSON Lena 30 Norway Domestic
PHILLIPS Paulina 35 IL
PIERCE Esther 32 IL Housekeeper
PIERCE Henry 23 MO Blacksmith
POWERS Norman 30 IL Laborer
PROCTOR Joseph H 26 TN Farmer
RABER Christiana 22 Germany Housekeeper
RAEIKER Essey 33 TN Housekeeper
RAGSDALE Dorcas A 39 MD Housekeeper
RANSCHENBACH Charles 31 Germany Farmer
REIDINGER William 24 Germany Farmer
REYNOLDS Kilborn W 34 Ohio Physician
RICE Eligah 33 NH Farmer
RODMUS France 44 Switzerland Housekeeper
ROGERS Elizabeth 20 Unk
RUSSELL James M 16 Ohio
RYAN Mary 32 Ireland Housekeeper
SAUTLE Anthony 36 Germany Laborer
SAYLE(S)/SAGLE Henry 30 VA Farmer
SCOTT Thomas J 21 IL Farmer
SHARPE Eliza 33 England Housekeeper
SHEEHAN John 22 Mass Student
SHIEL William 51 Germany Cabinet Maker
SMITH Electa A 39 IL Housekeeper
SMITH Susan 26 PA Housekeeper
SMITH Susan J 38 TN Housekeeper
SPRIGHT George 32 England Engineer
STEEL Thomas J 20 IL Farmer
STEERS Elizabeth 49 KY Housekeeper
STEVENS Elizabeth 34 Ohio Teacher
STICKNEY William W 40 unk Printer
STIFFENS Brent 35 Germany Farmer
STILLMAN Ransom 27 NY Farmer
STOUT John 28 NJ Farmer
THOMPSON William S 40 NJ Carpenter
TISDALE Hannah 42 unk
TRACY Sarah 36 unk Housekeeper
TRIPLET Sarah 65 KY Housekeeper
TUCKER Margaret 36 IL Housekeeper
TURNER Mary 43 NY Housekeeper
TURNER William V 27 KY Farmer
VALENTINE Elizabeth 29 PA Housekeeper
VERDEN Catharine 35 France Housekeeper
VINSON John 18 Ohio
WALLACE Hannah 41 Unk Housekeeper
WATTS Phoeba 34 Ohio Housekeeper
WETZ F. Joseph 31 Germany Cabinet Maker
WHITCOMB Joshua 25 NH Carpenter
WHITE Charles W 42 Germany Potter
WHITE Isaac 60 PA Farmer
WINTAWT/WINTAIVT Leoanrd 41 Ohio Farmer
WIONT/WIOUT Isaac L 38 Ohio Laborer
WONDERLEE Mary 34 Germany Housekeeper
WOOD Mary A 32 NY Housekeeper
WOODWARD A M 32 NY Housekeeper
YODER David 30 PA Farmer
YULE Elizabeth 23 Scotland Domestic

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