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Abbreviations used:
J'Ville SH=
Jacksonville State Hospital    

Columns: S/R/MS = Sex, Race, Marital Status; IL=Years in IL; Bk/Pg=Book/page#
Name Born Where S R MS Died Where Buried Age Bk/Pg In IL Parents
YARBORT, Henry Prussia M W mar 3 Jan 1882 J'ville IL J'ville Cem. 58y Bk1Pg94 4y
YATES, Catherine Lexington KY F W wid 6 Oct 1908 J'ville IL Diamond Grove Cem. 86y15d Bk5Pg103 78y
YATES, George MO M B sin 3 Oct 1882 J'ville SH Decatur IL 28y Bk1Pg109 14y
YEAGER, Sarah Jane Harrison Co. IN F W mar 19 Dec 1910 Franklin IL Asbury cem. 60y Bk6 30y
YECK, Charles W. IL M W mar 10 Jun 1909 Concord IL Concord IL 35y2m Bk5Pg197
YECK, John M. Wertemberg Ger. M W wid 15 Jan 1890 Meredosia IL Meredosia IL 58y9m1d Bk2Pg25 35y
YECK, Louis 28 Dec 1833 PA M W mar 29 Apr 1914 Concord IL Concord IL Bk7Pg368 78y Phillip Yeck (Ger.)/Jolean Miller (Ger.)
YEHLE, Conrad Baden Ger. M W sin 13 Aug 1907 Alexander IL St. Mary's Cem. 77y11m7d Bk4Pg540 40y
YEHLE, Michael Germany M W sin 7 Mar 1907 Alexander IL New Berlin IL 75y Bk4Pg470 50y
YOHE, Christopher Samuel PA M W mar 10 Feb 1907 Nr. Arcadia IL Walnut Ridge Cem. 61y Bk4Pg426 38y
YORK, James 14 Sep 1851 Waverly IL M W mar 26 Apr 1913 Day's Hosp. J'ville Diamond Grove Cem. Bk7Pg97 Alfred York (KY)/Jenette Edgeman (TN)
YOST, Herman Henry Meredosia IL M W sin 4 Mar 1888 Meredosia IL Indian Creek Church 23y16d Bk1Pg225
YOST, Mary IL F w sin 31 Jan 1879 J'ville IL Diamond Grove Cem. 22y Bk1Pg26
YOUNG, Aileen 26 Oct 1918 IL F W 26 Oct 1918 Morgan Co. IL J'ville Cem. Bk10Pg149 Ivan Young (IL)/thelma McDonald (KY)
YOUNG, Arthur Sr. IL M W wid 1 Mar 1911 J'ville SH Quincy IL 44y Bk6Pg202
YOUNG, C. C. IL M W div 13 Jun 1914 J'ville SH Morrisonville IL 67y Bk7Pg410
YOUNG, Charles Sweden M W mar 7 May 1879 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 37y Bk1Pg34
YOUNG, Elizabeth KY F W wid 22 Oct 1909 J'ville SH Virden IL 75y Bk5Pg257
YOUNG, George W. 22 Dec 1832 Taylorville IL M W wid 26 Jun 1911 J'ville IL Henry Cem. Bk6Pg256
YOUNG, Grace Reed 7 Jul 1860 Ashley MO F B mar 12 Dec 1921 J'ville IL J'ville Cem. Bk11Pg101 Gradison Reed (MO)/Sarah K. McFarland (MO)
YOUNG, Hiram US M W wid 6 Nov 1882 Co. Poor Farm Poor Farm Cem. 81y Bk1Pg111
YOUNG, James D. PA M W sin 19 Nov 1908 J'ville SH Bloomington IL 65y Bk5Pg102
YOUNG, Mary Ann 12 Mar 1840 OH F W mar 25 Dec 1911 Literberry IL Arcadia IL Bk6Pg367 40y John Divver (OH)/Claricy Henderson (OH)
YOUNG, Nancy F W wid 6 Apr 1918 J'ville SH Cerro Gorodo IL 69y Bk9Pg561
YOWELL, Lula Waverly IL F W mar 26 Sep 1889 Waverly IL Waverly IL 24y Bk2Pg19
YUNKER, Rhoda IL F W mar 15 Oct 1909 J'ville SH Windsor 23y16d Bk5Pg257
ZACHARY, Charles McHarland 2 Jul 1880 KY M W mar 26 Dec 1921 Morgan Co. IL Union Cem. Bk11Pg102 Wm. Zastrow (Ger.)/Minnie Hernukel (WI)
ZACHARY, Reatta Bell 14 Nov 1912 Morgan Co. IL F W sin 25 Apg 1914 J'ville IL Diamond Grove Cem. Bk7Pg457 Dillard Zachary (KY)/Elizabeth Story (TN)
ZARA, Dominick 1876 Italy M W mar 29 Jan 1922 J'ville SH Riverton IL Bk11Pg121 Marion Garfield Zachary (IL)/Reatta Mains (IL)
ZASTROW, Edwin Lake Nills WI M W sin 27 Mar 1914 J'ville IL J'ville Cem. 1y4m26d Bk7Pg348
ZASTROW, Hulda WI F W sin 28 May 1913 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 45y Bk7Pg116
ZIMMERMAN, Christian MD M W mar 19 Nov 1886 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 72y Bk1Pg195
ZOLL, Anastasia Tipperary Ireland F W wid 20 Feb 1922 Waverly IL Waverly Catholic Cem. 78y Bk11Pg143
ZOLL, John Springfield IL M W mar 25 Apr 1905 Waverly IL Waverly Catholic Cem. 64y28d Bk4Pg210
ZORPHEL, Almo O. Germany F W sin 14 Oct 1908 J'ville SH Grafton IL 31y Bk5Pg103
ZUMWALT, Earle V. Pike Co. IL M W sin 24 Jan 1912 J'ville IL Nebo IL 20y Bk6Pg407

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