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Abbreviations used:
J'Ville SH=
Jacksonville State Hospital    

Columns: S/R/MS = Sex, Race, Marital Status; IL=Years in IL; Bk/Pg=Book/page#

Weagley, Amanda C. 1Mar1830 Georgetown, Ky. F W Wid 20Sep1911 J'ville, IL Antioch Cem. Bk6pg320 80Y          Layton/
Weakley, Ausuris? 18Apr1842 Page Co., Va. M W Mar 25Mar1922 Morgan Co., IL Yatesville, IL Bk11pg166 James Weakley(Va)/Emma Jane Bailey(Va)
Weakley, Byron C. 30Mar1892 Morgan Co., IL M W Mar 27Oct1918 Morgan Co., IL Yatesville, IL Bk10pg142 James Weakley(Va)/Amanda Lewis(IL)
Weatherford, Nancy IL F W Wid 25Dec1911 J'ville, IL Franklin, IL 60Y Bk6pg371
Weaver, Charles Stephen 1864 IL M W Div 28Jul1918 J'ville SH New Holland, IL Bk9pg602
Weaver, Joseph Ohio M W Sin 20Jul1906 J'ville SH Virden, IL 57Y Bk4pg361
Webb, John M W Mar 23Dec1879 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 61Y Bk1pg59
Webb, Julia IL F B Mar 12Jan1887 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 57Y Bk1pg199
Webb, Mary F W 7Apr1918 J'ville SH Waverly, IL Bk9pg559
Webb, Mattie F W Sin 8Aug1901 Co. Poor Farm Arcadia, IL 35Y Bk3pg64
Webb, William England M W 11Oct1882 J'ville SH Sent to Hawood, IL 71Y Bk1pg109 40Y
Weber, Andrew B. Burkes Co., Penn. M W Mar 5Jul1893 J'ville, IL Peoria, IL 63Y5M11D Bk2pg93 30Y
Weber, Conrad 1840 Germany M W Wid 7Feb1913 J'ville SH Beardstown, IL Bk7pg58 50Y
Weber, Emil 1863 IL M W Mar 2Apr1913 J'ville SH Highland, IL Bk7pg96
Weber, Leonard 1840 Germany M W Mar 16Apr1912 J'ville SH Quincy, IL Bk6pg478 32Y
Weber, Mary Arenzville, IL F W Mar 21Jul1882 J'ville, IL J'ville, IL 24Y Bk1pg104
Webster, Bertha Scott Co., IL F W Sin 25Apr1905 J'ville, IL Merritt, IL 22Y2M Bk4pg172
Webster, Charles R. 8Sep1879 IL M W Mar 18Apr1917 Maplewood San. Peoria, IL Bk9pg389 Abel Webster(IL)/Maggie Lawson(IL)
Webster, Jno. K. M W Mar 30Sep1882 J'ville SH Quincy, IL 66Y10M1D Bk1pg109
Weeks, Arthur C. 2Dec1880 Cass Co., IL M W Mar 31Dec1913 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. Bk7pg268 George W. Weeks(IL)/Hattie A. Colskey(IL)
Weeks, Mabel L. 1859 IL F W Mar 17Mar1913 J'ville, IL Meredosia, IL Bk7pg76 George Waldo(France)/
Wegehoft, Hannah 12Aug1864 Nr. Meredosia, IL F W Mar 26Aug1917 Meredosia, IL Oakland Cem. Bk9pg389 John Detmer(Ger)/
Wegehoft, Henry Germany M W Mar 17May1906 Meredosia, IL Concord Cem. 72Y1M15D Bk4pg324 50Y
Wegehoft, Henry C. 15Aug1846 Hanover, Ger. M W Wid Hanna Detmar 2May1921 Meredosia, IL Oakland Cem. Bk10pg639
Wegehoft, Louise 15Feb1824 Germany F W Wid 4Aug1911 Morgan Co., IL Concord, IL Bk6pg302 63Y
Weggenjost, Mary D. Aldenburg, Ger. F W Mar 4May1909 Morgan Co., IL Calvary Cem., J'ville 62Y2M4D Bk5pg196 43Y
Weidman, P. S. 1826 M W 2Jan1917 J'ville SH 91Y Bk9pg390
Weier, Louis 1872 IL M W Sin 12Jan1917 J'ville SH Coatsburg, IL Bk9pg340
Weigand, Leopold Germany M W Mar 19Jul1882 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 43Y11M3D Bk1pg104 22Y
Weigand, Pauline 12Feb1882 J'ville, IL F W Mar 17Dec1921 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville Bk10pg552 Thedore Toussaint(Ger)/Pauline Stemple(Ger)
Weimer, Sue A. F W Wid 11Dec1907 J'ville, IL Carrollton, IL 43Y11M3D Bk4pg591
Weir, Harriet R. 16Mar1822 Hopkins, Ky. F W Wid 16Feb1913 J'ville, IL Greenville, Ky. Bk7pg57 Samuel A. Miller(Ky)/Harriet Rumsey(Ky)
Weirich, Elsie Apr1889 McLeansboro, IL F W Mar 6May1911 J'ville, IL McLeansboro, IL Bk6pg234 Judge Stelle(IL)/         Blades(IL)
Weisz, Sophia 1836 Germany F W Wid 9Jul1911 J'ville, IL Springfield, IL Bk6pg282 50Y Gotfried Wachetanz(Ger)/
Welch, David J'ville, IL M     Sin 10Jan1883 J'ville, IL Catholic Cem., J'ville 26Y Bk1pg113
Welch, David Ireland M W Mar 19Jul1901 J'ville SH El Paso, IL 66Y Bk3pg61
Welch, Eugene Greene Co., IL M W Sin 8Jul1878 J'ville, IL Catholic Cem., J'ville 26Y Bk1pg11
Welch, Henry 1846 M W 25Jan1917 J'ville SH Chicago, IL Bk9pg391
Welch, J. L. 1848 USA M W Sin 1Feb1917 J'ville SH Chicago, IL Bk9pg391
Welch, Louisa Ester Menard Co., IL F W Mar 3Jul1905 Meredosia, IL Oakland Cem. 63Y8M23D Bk4pg208
Welch, Minnie Girard, IL F W Mar 21Nov1907 J'ville, IL Island Grove, IL 39Y1M11D Bk4pg590
Welch, Solomon Tennessee M W Wid 14Feb1909 Meredosia, IL Oakland Cem. 71Y6M28D Bk5pg176 68Y
Welch, Thomas Ireland M W Mar 17Sep1893 J'ville, IL Catholic Cem., J'ville 68Y Bk2pg98 7Y
Weles, Annie Currier Scott Co., IL F W Mar 1Jan1907 Woodson, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 31Y7M25D Bk4pg432
Welk, George IL M W Sin 15Sep1914 J'ville SH Morton, Il 27Y Bk7pg477
Welker, Caroline Louisa Germany F W Wid 26Sep1920 Nr. Meredosia, IL Oakland Cem. 74Y3M22D Bk10pg533       Talkameyer(Ger)/
Weller, Jesse England M W Mar 20May1878 Morgan Co., IL Diamond Grove Cem. 62Y11M Bk1pg10 14Y
Weller, Jesse Sussex, Eng. M 20May1878 Morgan Co., IL Diamond Grove Cem. 62Y11M Bk1pg8
Wells, Etta 1874 IL F W Sin 6Feb1914 J'ville SH White Hall, IL Bk7pg322
Wells, Joseph H. 16Mar1833 England M W Mar 9Feb1917 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville Bk9pg390 John Wells(Eng)/
Wells, Margaret IL F W Sin 21Aug1906 J'ville SH Havanna, IL 41Y Bk4pg362
Wells, Martin NC M W Mar 10Aug1893 J'ville SH Waverly, IL 64Y4M20D Bk2pg97
Wells, Mary F W Mar 13Nov1910 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 70Y Bk5pg362
Wells, Mary E. Delaware F W Mar 17Aug1878 J'ville SH Pittsfield, IL 50Y Bk1pg15
Wells, Oscar M     Sin 15Jul1893 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 31Y7M25D Bk2pg94
Wells, William H., Mrs. Saratoga, NY F W Mar 30Jun1878 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 77Y9M Bk1pg10 10Y
Wells, William Herman Cambridge, NY M W Wid 26aug1889 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 89Y4M5D Bk2pg17 22Y
Welsh, Mary 1873 IL F W Mar 12May1911 J'ville, IL Winchester, IL Bk6pg233 Patrick Winters(Ire)/Mary Tekan?(Ire)
Welte, Switzerland F W Sin 26Sep1888 J'ville SH J'ville Cem. 35Y Bk2pg1 12Y
Wemhoner, John W. IL M W Sin 24Dec1879 J'ville SH Quincy, IL 20Y3M Bk1pg24
Wendling, Annie M. F W Mar 5Aug1907 J'ville SH Maroa, IL 39Y Bk4pg539
Wenger, Hattie L. IL F W Mar 31Aug1889 Concord, IL Concord, IL 40Y10M19D Bk2pg20
Weniger, Joseph 1838 Germany M W Sin 19Mar1918 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. Bk9pg560
Wenty, James M W Mar 18Jun1911 J'ville, IL Meredosia, IL Abt. 53Y Bk6pg254
Wepstead, Kate Germany F W Mar 8Aug1914 J'ville, IL Havana, IL 67Y Bk7pg455
Werklie, George W. IL M W Sin 28Jul1914 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 44Y Bk7pg436
Werner, William Henry Co., IL M W Sin 29Oct1888 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 20Y3M Bk2pg2
Wertz, Joseph D. 1846 M W Sin 17Aug1917 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. Bk9pg391
Wessell, Mary 1829 Ohio F W Wid 10Apr1917 J'ville, IL Calvary Cem., J'ville Bk9pg392 John Coffee/
West, Annie H. IL F W Sin 10May1911 J'ville SH Virden, IL 46Y Bk6pg233
West, Edward W. Connecticut M W Wid 15May1889 J'ville SH Canton, IL Bk2pg12 35Y
West, Elizabeth Penn. F W Mar 17Apr1887 J'ville SH Gilson, IL 36Y Bk1pg204 33Y
West, Nancy C. IL F W Mar 14Mar1890 J'ville SH Bath, IL 42Y Bk2pg27
West, Ruth 2May1913 J'ville, IL F W 17Nov1918 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. Bk10pg146 John West(Iowa)/Fannie Bryant(IL)
West, Sally Mo. F B Mar 18Aug1908 J'ville, IL Stevenstone, Mo. 22Y2M Bk5pg99 3Y
West, Sarah Wayne Co., Ohio F W Wid 9May1910 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 72Y1M15D Bk5pg333 66Y
Westbrook, Malissa 1854 IL F W Mar J. L. Westbrook 10Mar1922 J'ville SH Walshville, IL Bk11pg166
Wester, Daniel Pleasant 4Aug1902 Tenn. M W 12Jan1919 Morgan Co., IL Concord, IL Bk10pg147 Joseph M. Wester(Tenn)/Redie Noe(Tenn)
Westerfeld, Albert IL M W Sin 17Aug1907 J'ville SH Quincy, IL 24Y Bk4pg539
Westnedge, Hollen 8Jul1899 Scottville, IL M W 12Feb1911 Waverly, IL Pulliam Cem. Bk6pg175 Edward Westnedge(IL)/Reamalia Lynn(IL)
Westrope, Elizabeth Morgan Co., IL F W Wid 14Nov1908 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 66Y Bk5pg101
Whalen, Anna Ireland F W Mar 25Oct1906 Morgan Co., IL J'ville Cem. 63Y Bk4pg389 40Y
Whalen, James Abt 1852 Wicklow Co., Ire. M W Mar 25Apr1911 Franklin, IL Catholic Cem., Franklin Abt. 79Y Bk6pg232 54Y
Whalen, James Edward Morgan Co., IL M W Mar 22Mar1901 J'ville, IL Catholic Cem., J'ville 23Y Bk3pg50
Wharton, Alfred 11May1863 England M W Mar 13May1914 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. Bk7pg389 Harry Wharton(Eng)/Elizabeth     (Eng)
Wharton, Heneratta 1Mar1886 Morgan Co., IL F W Mar 9Jan1917 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville Bk9pg392 Dempsey Anglo(IL)/Ollie Lawson(IL)
Wharton, Martha E. Jersey Co., IL F     Sin 2Aug1878 J'ville, IL Jerseyville, IL 28Y Bk1pg16
Wheeler, Artimessa 29Nov1843 Indiana F W Wid 7Jul1917 Prentice, IL Yatesville, IL Bk9pg392
Wheeler, Carl W. 22Sep1920 J'ville, IL M B Sin 26Jan1921 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. Bk10pg569 Chester Paxton(IL)/Irene Wheeler(Mo)
Wheeler, Cedrie Cary 2May1918 J'ville, IL F B Sin 2Feb1919 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville Bk10pg148 Cary Wheeler(Mo)/Pearl Neves(IL)
Wheeler, Charles S. 1Mar1850 IL M W Mar Mollie Wheeler 7Dec1921 J'ville SH Carlinville, IL Bk11pg101
Wheeler, Dorothy Helen 2Jul1913 IL F W Sin 2Feb1914 Sinclair, IL Yatesville, IL Bk7pg321 Walter John Wheeler(IL)/Marie Z. Looker(IL)
Wheeler, Edith A. 23Nov1882 Winchester, IL F W Mar George Wheeler 28Mar1921 J'ville, IL Yatesville, IL Bk10pg605 Albert S. Peak(IL)/Charity A. Shell(IL)
Wheeler, Ellen North Carolina F W Wid 8Nov1907 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 67Y Bk4pg590 60Y
Wheeler, Fielding Pope Macoupin Co., IL M W Sin 30Nov1880 Franklin, IL Hart's Prairie Cem. 18Y2M25D Bk1pg74
Wheeler, Henry 29Jul1831 Sangamon Co., IL M W Wid 17Jan1917 Franklin, IL Hartland Cem. Bk9pg393 Joshua Wheeler(Ky)/Sarah        (Tenn)
Wheeler, Joel B. 5May1837 IL M W Mar 10Jul1911 Murrayville, IL Youngblood Cem. Bk6pg281 Thomas Wheeler(Tenn)/
Wheeler, Robert Nelson Nashville, Tenn. M W Mar 8Oct1906 Prentice, IL Yatesville, IL 77Y6M21D Bk4pg373 76Y
Wheeler, Sam M B Wid 19Oct1905 J'ville SH Quincy, IL 21Y Bk4pg256
Whipp, Kate F W Wid 29Oct1882 J'ville, IL 38Y5M Bk1pg109
Whisman, Mary Ellen 31Mar1844 IL F W Mar 22Mar1914 Morgan Co., IL Meredosia, IL Bk7pg348 Wm. Hamilton(Ky)/
Whitaker, Luiza Jane 9Apr1865 Morgan Co., IL F W Wid 21Oct1911 Woodson, IL Hartland Cem. Bk6pg343 Wm. C. Hart(Tenn)/Mary Rich
Whitcomb, Anna Wisconsin F W Mar 31Mar1888 J'ville SH 34Y Bk1pg228 2Y
White, Adam Pike Co., IL M W Mar 4Apr1908 Chapin, IL Jordan Cem. 51Y Bk5pg144
White, Addie 9Sep1879 Morgan Co., IL F W Mar 27Dec1913 J'ville, IL Franklin, IL Bk7pg268 Harman White(IL)/Earline Wooster(IL)
White, D. Ireland M W Mar 28Dec1892 J'ville, IL Catholic Cem., J'ville 75Y Bk2pg64 26Y
White, Daisy Vernetti 17May1894 IL F W Sin 5Feb1913 Nr. Arenzville, IL Arenzville, IL Bk7pg56 John White(Mo)/Martha Snyder(Ind)
White, Edwin 16Jun1831 M W Wid 25Jun1918 Old Peop. Home Diamond Grove Cem. Bk9pg596
White, Elizabeth Beatty England F 9Feb1882 Morgan Co., IL 59Y Bk1pg96
White, Emma 1855 Ohio F W Wid 19Jul1918 J'ville SH Litchfield, IL Bk9pg601
White, Francis M. American M W Mar 15Jun1880 J'ville SH Galesburg, IL 44Y Bk1pg58
White, Francis William 1904 J'ville, IL M W Sin 23Mar1913 J'ville, IL Calvary Cem., J'ville Bk7pg77 Michael White(IL)/Gertrude Buhoe(IL)
White, Frank J'ville, IL M W Sin 29May1906 J'ville, IL Catholic Cem., J'ville 19Y8M14D Bk4pg361
White, George W. 1861 IL M W Mar 12Jul1914 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. Bk7pg436
White, Gerald Osmond 22Mar1918 IL M W 24Mar1918 Morgan Co., IL Jordan Cem. Bk9pg642 Charles Earl White(IL)/Ada C. Drake(IL)
White, Herold 28Dec1853 Conn. M W Wid Sarah C. Swan 9Aug1938 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. Francis White(Mass)/Belinda Shaw(Mass)
White, James H. Vermont M W Mar 13Aug1909 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 60Y Bk5pg219
White, John C. Maryland M W Mar 21May1892 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 75Y Bk2pg71 39Y
White, Lee M W Mar 11Jan1894 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 60Y Bk2pg107
White, Margaret Ireland F W Wid 15Nov1909 J'ville, IL Calvary Cem., J'ville 74Y8M11D Bk5pg276 50Y
White, Maria 4Aug1850 IL F W Mar Harvey White 14Jan1922 Old Peop. Home Diamond Grove Cem. Bk11pg120 Greenburg Collins(Ky)/Mary Shoopman(Ky)
White, Martha Ellen IL F W Mar 17Jun1906 Arcadia, IL Arcadia, IL 65Y11M20D Bk4pg347
White, Mary Ky. F W Wid 19Sep1906 Old Peop. Home Diamond Grove Cem. 76Y7M Bk4pg408 50Y
White, Mary J. IL F W Mar 29Mar1879 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 48Y Bk1pg32
White, Michael Ireland M W Wid 9Jul1900 J'ville, IL Catholic Cem., J'ville 75Y Bk3pg36 45Y
White, Michael 1871 IL M W Wid 24Oct1918 J'ville, IL Calvary Cem., J'ville Bk10pg137 Michael White(IL)/Mary Delaney(Ire)
White, Perry Ireland M W Mar 22Oct1892 J'ville, IL Catholic Cem., J'ville 42Y Bk2pg80 30Y
White, Samuel Ohio M W Mar 16May1882 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 46Y Bk1pg101
White, Sarah C. 18May1857 Montville, Conn. F W Mar H. O. White 20Feb1921 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. Bk10pg583 Carlington Swan(Conn)/Susan Williams(Conn)
White, William 1845 M W Sin 3Nov1918 J'ville SH Assumption, IL Bk10pg140
White, William Thomas 28Jan1896 IL M W Sin 9Apr1922 J'ville SH Mt. Marier, Coffeen, IL Stephen H. White(IL)/Harriet Thacker(IL)
Whitehead, Hannah Yorkshire, Eng. F W Mar 4Jun1880 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 65Y4M8D Bk1pg61 31Y
Whitehead, Silas Indiana M    Mar 25Jul1888 J'ville, IL J'ville, IL 30Y Bk1pg223
Whithorn, Francis M. IL M W Mar 6Jun1880 J'ville SH Remains sent to friends 42Y Bk1pg58
Whitlock, Eloise Smith 28Nov1879 J'ville, IL F W Mar 3Dec1913 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. Bk7pg267 Robert Smith(Scot)/Alice Nelms(IL)
Whitlock, Esther Morgan 3Jun1827 Tenn. F W Wid 29Apr1914 Waverly, IL Rogers Cem., Waverly Bk7pg368 66Y
Whitlock, Fanny W. New York F W Mar 3Dec1878 J'ville, IL Dwight, IL 66Y Bk1pg23
Whitlock, Jno. W. 4Jul1844 Green Co., Tenn. M W Wid Martha Whitlock 9Feb1922 Franklin, IL Franklin, IL Bk11pg142 Johnson Whitlock(Tenn)/Rebecca Wheeler(Tenn)
Whitlock, Johnson J. Tenn. M W Mar 4Sep1888 Franklin, IL Appalonia Cem. 68Y4M28D Bk2pg5 38Y
Whitlock, William 5May1849 Tenn. M W Mar 13Jun1914 Waverly, IL East Cem., Waverly Bk7pg478 55Y James A. Whitlock(Tenn)/
Whitmore, Cynthia Jane 26Jun1877 Fulton Co., IL F W Mar Ed Whitmore 10Apr1922 J'ville, IL Canton, IL Bk11pg188 Jno. Frank Crawford(IL)/Evaline Galbraith(Oh)
Whitney, Alma Scipio, N.Y. F W Wid 28Jun1894 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 77Y1M22D Bk2pg116 22Y
Whittaker, Harold Wilber J'ville, IL M W 23Feb1912 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 4Y4M19D Bk6pg432 Joseph Whittaker/Maud Cassell(IL)
Whittaker, S. R. New York M W Mar 10Apr1906 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 79Y Bk4pg312
Whorten, Martha Fox Morgan Co., IL F W Mar 2Nov1879 Nr. Concord, IL Concord, IL 30Y Bk1pg42
Whorton, George IL M W Mar 28May1888 Concord, IL Concord, IL 51Y Bk1pg230

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