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Abbreviations used:
J'Ville SH=
Jacksonville State Hospital    

Columns: S/R/MS = Sex, Race, Marital Status; IL=Years in IL; Bk/Pg=Book/page#

Roach, Catharine Virginia F W Wid 12Jul1880 Morgan Co., IL Jordan Cem. 52Y Bk1pg63 50Y
Roach, Charles A. Waverly, IL M W Sin 26Mar1905 Waverly, IL East Cem., Waverly 34Y6M Bk4pg170
Roach, Ellie Ireland F W Wid 22Mar1901 J'ville, IL Catholic Cem., J'ville 63Y Bk3pg49 44Y
Roach, Ida Ethlyn 27Sep1900 IL F W Sin 18Jan1919 Waverly, IL Waverly, IL Bk10pg109 Ben Roach(IL)/Emma Cook(IL)
Roach, James Mrs. 21Oct1841 Ohio F W Mar 22Jan1918 J'ville, IL Concord, IL Bk10pg111 W. P. Stewart(Ky)/Mary Moore(Ky)
Roark, John 1845 IL M W Mar 29Jul1917 J'ville SH Winchester, IL Bk9pg352
Robards, Jesse IL M W Wid 6Jul1907 J'ville SH 86Y Bk4pg504
Robb, Frank 1859 Ohio M W Mar 19Feb1922 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. Bk11pg138
Robbins, Ralph Ohio M W Mar 9May1910 J'ville SH Saybrook, IL 70Y Bk5pg323
Roberson, Daniel Ohio M W Mar 19May1882 Co. Poor House Concord, IL 40Y Bk1pg102
Roberts, Charles Frankin, IL M W Mar 11Feb1910 Franklin, IL Providence Cem. 43Y8M4D Bk5pg284
Roberts, Clinton Leroy 1Jun1917 IL M W 14Jul1917 Waverly, IL Rhodes Cem. Bk9pg353 Maurice L. Roberts(IL)/Eva Little(IL)
Roberts, Delin Iola Waverly, IL F W 17Feb1881 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 4Y6M11D Bk1pg74
Roberts, Elizabeth 1863 Ala F W Mar 28Apr1918 J'ville, IL Waverly, IL Bk9pg549 William Thrasher(Ala)/Lucinda Lambert(Ala)
Roberts, Ellen E. IL F W Wid 8Spr1878 Wrights, IL Family Cem., Woodson 44Y2M Bk1pg6
Roberts, Frank Virginia M W Mar 12Aug1878 Concord, IL Concord, IL 35Y3M14D Bk1pg15 14Y
Roberts, Harriette Jan1838 Mo. F B Mar 24Apr1917 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville Bk9pg353 Robert Blue/
Roberts, Infant County Farm M W 4Sep1893 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 3M Bk2pg98
Roberts, Infant of Lizzie J'ville, IL M W 1Oct1893 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 1D Bk2pg100
Roberts, Jessie E. 21Jan1877 IL F W Mar 22Apr1917 Franklin, IL Franklin, IL Bk9pg352 Thomas Bateman(IL)/Sarah Penrose(Eng)
Roberts, John D. USA M W Mar 28Nov1908 J'ville SH Farmington, IL 73Y Bk5pg90
Roberts, Julia A. 1857 IL F W Mar 12Mar1917 J'ville SH Nauvoo, IL Bk9pg353
Roberts, Julia E. Maine F W Wid 1Apr1909 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 67Y3M13D Bk5pg168 46Y
Roberts, Mary Elizabeth 7Dec1875 IL F W Sin 5Apr1915 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville Bk8pg2 Joseph J. Roberts(Eng)/M. Robinson(N.J.)
Roberts, Milton IL M W Sin 7Jul1907 J'ville SH Barnett, IL 36Y Bk4pg505
Roberts, Nancy C. 30Oct1843 Tenn. F W Wid 23Mar1914 Morgan Co., IL East Cem., J'ville Bk7pg341 W. M. Leigh/
Roberts, Nancy E. IL F W Sin 3Feb1888 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 28Y Bk1pg223
Roberts, Ralph E. IL M W Sin 18Feb1901 Franklin, IL Franklin, IL 26Y Bk3pg61
Roberts, William Alfred 11Oct1918 Morgan Co., IL M W 17Jan1919 Morgan Co., IL Bk10pg107 Jesse L. Roberts(Ky)/Vula Dowell(Ky)
Robertson, Alamanda Eliza 13Sep1905 Alexander, IL F W 18Aug1911 Prentice, IL Beerup Cem. Bk6pg297 Walter Robertson(IL)/Ella Robinson(IL)
Robertson, Delamant 1911 IL M W 18Mar1918 J'ville, IL Manchester, IL Bk9pg551 John Robertson(IL)/Littie Renner(IL)
Robertson, Frank IL M W Sin 15Sep1905 J'ville SH Augusta, IL 31Y Bk4pg236
Robertson, Frederick 22Jul1905 DuQuoin, IL M W Sin 13Mar1922 J'ville, IL Centralia, IL Bk11pg162 Rev. R. Robertson(IL)/Eva Harrell(IL)
Robertson, Jeremiah W. 1838 New York M W Mar 8Jun1911 J'ville SH Rovena, New York Bk6pg248 12Y
Robertson, Lena F W 10Jul1888 Oak Lawn Ret. Oak Lawn Ret., J'ville 50Y Bk1pg222 3Y
Robertson, S. T. 1876 IL M W Mar 9Mar1918 J'ville SH Taylorville, IL Bk9pg551
Robey, George W. Ohio M W Wid 3Apr1910 Old Peop. Home Diamond Grove Cem. 80Y B5pg323
Robins, Irwin 19Oct1867 Ky. M W Mar 13Apr1918 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. Bk9pg549 Micajah Robins(Ky)/Mary Robins(Ky)
Robinson, A. Mrs. 1886 Ky. F W Mar 1Apr1911 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville Bk6pg226 Dalton(Ky)/
Robinson, Baby 31Mar1911 Morgan Co., IL M W 31Mar1911 Morgan Co., IL East Cem., J'ville 6Hrs Bk6pg197 Al Robinson(Ky)/Lola Dalton(Ky)
Robinson, Charles Livingston, Co., Ky M B Mar 18Dec1908 J'ville, IL J'ville, IL 77Y Bk5pg112 38Y
Robinson, Charles Morgan Co., IL M W Sin 20Mar1887 Co. Poor House Co. Poor Farm 23Y Bk1pg202
Robinson, Darwin D. IL M W Mar 17Oct1914 J'ville, IL Berea Cem. 51Y Bk7pg496 Wm. Robinson(IL)/C. Walban(Ger)
Robinson, Elizabeth 5Apr1829 Ireland F W Wid 24Mar1918 Prentice, IL Bk9pg550 Geo. Thompson(Ire)/Jane Calbraith(Scot)
Robinson, Ellen Diedrich Morgan Co., IL F W Mar 24Nov1888 Concord, IL Concord, IL 46Y7M Bk2pg3
Robinson, Emeline Ohio F W Wid 5Apr1883 J'ville SH Eureka, IL 57Y Bk1pg120
Robinson, George Ireland M W Wid 23Sep1892 Morgan Co., IL J'ville Cem. 78Y8M18D Bk2pg78 41Y
Robinson, George Morgan Co., IL M W Sin 20May1934 County Home County Farm Cem. 69Y3M18D
Robinson, Jennie E. IL F W Mar 7Aug1905 J'ville, IL McLean, IL 69Y3M18D Bk4pg237
Robinson, John W. 1828 IL M W Wid 18Nov1911 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. Bk6pg360 Isaac Robinson/Nancy Tobert
Robinson, Louisa IL F W Mar 16Sep1907 J'ville SH Donnellson, IL 58Y Bk4pg559
Robinson, Newton M W Mar 7May1908 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 70Y Bk5pg26
Robinson, Ollie M. 9Jul1874 Shelbyville, MO M W Sin 24Mar1918 J'ville, IL Shelbyville, MO Bk9pg552 O.P. Robinson(Ohio)/Sarah Collies(Mo)
Robinson, Rebecca Morgan Co., IL F W Mar 26Jul1880 J'ville, IL 36Y Bk1pg62
Robinson, Ruth New York F W Mar 26Sep1893 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 73Y4M10D Bk2pg98 37Y
Robinson, Susan New Jersey F W Mar 2Sep1890 Arcadia, IL East Cem., J'ville 76Y7M Bk2pg38 36Y
Robinson, William Frankin, IL M W 17Jan1880 Hartland, IL Hartland Cem. 6Y12D Bk1pg51
Robinson, William 7Jul1858 M W Sin 22Jan1936 Morgan Co. Home Morgan Co. Home Cem.
Robinson, William E. 1833 Penn. M W Mar 15Feb1913 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. Bk7pg52
Roby, Frank C. Jr. IL M W Mar 24Jun1914 J'ville SH Decatur, IL 49Y Bk7pg406
Roby, Martha Columbia Co., OH F W Mar 14Jul1907 Old Peop. Home Diamond Grove Cem. 76Y Bk4pg522
Rockenfield, George W. M W Mar 26Aug1888 J'ville SH Moquan, IL 53Y9M28D Bk1pg236
Rockwell, Charles 1869 M W 15Jan1919 J'ville SH Cremated 49Y Bk10pg111
Rockwell, Charles J'ville, IL M W Mar 25Mar1890 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 65Y2M15D Bk2pg29
Rockwell, Margaret Wilkinson Hopkinsville, Ky. F W Wid 24Sep1906 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 77Y7M Bk4pg381 75Y
Rodenbaur, Peter 1844 Germany M W Sin 2Aug1917 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. Bk9pg354
Roderick, Anna Rogers USA F W Mar 19Apr1908 J'ville SH Springfield, IL 60Y10M28D Bk4pg629
Rodgers, Frank IL M W Mar 19Feb1914 J'ville SH Springfield, IL 52Y Bk7pg314
Rodgers, Henry J. Mrs. 1862 IL F W Mar 14May1913 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. Bk7pg111 John Holtzclaw(Va)/Julia Williams(Mo)
Rodgers, Margaret W. 1Jan1835 New York F W Wid 11Apr1918 Morgan Co., IL East Cem., J'ville Bk9pg550 Thomas W. Common(Scot)/Beby Wadell(NY)
Rodgers, Mary J. Ohio F W Wid 9Dec1906 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 72Y bk7pg413
Rodgers, May Lowder, IL F W 21Sep1907 Waverly, IL East Cem., Waverly 15Y11M24D Bk4pg541
Rodriques, Antonia Madeira F W Wid 14Sep1889 J'ville, IL J'ville, IL 75Y Bk2pg19 36Y
Rodriques, Francis 24Mar1904 J'ville, IL F W 28Oct1918 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. Bk10pg105 Joseph Rodriques(Mad)/Mary DeFraties(Mad)
Rodriques, Francis F. Madeira F W Mar 20Feb1894 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 40Y Bk2pg110 1Y
Rodriques, Rita Madeira Island F W Wid 30Aug1888 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 57Y Bk1pg235 44Y
Rodriques, Rose Morgan Co., IL F W 30Mar1904 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 30Y Bk3pg530
Roegge, George 9Jul1878 Morgan Co., IL M W Mar 28Dec1920 J'ville, IL Neelyville, IL Bk10pg550 Wm. Roegge(Ger)/Caroline Fricke(Cass Co., IL)
Roegge, Lydia Arenzville, IL F W Mar 3Apr1909 Nr. Meredosia, IL 27Y8M28D Bk5pg169
Roers, Joseph Vieira Morgan Co., IL M     Sin 20Nov1881 Morgan Co., IL 21Y7M Bk1pg92
Rogers, Augusta Madeira Island F     Mar 5Jan1880 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 35Y3M14D Bk1pg49 30Y
Rogers, Emerson V. Tenn. M W Mar 2Jul1894 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 64Y Bk2pg117
Rogers, Florence 18Aug1857 Indiana M W Wid 26Jan1921 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. Bk10pg567 James Ashley(Ind)/
Rogers, Frank 1869 IL M W Mar 4May1913 J'ville, IL McVey, IL Bk7pg112
Rogers, George J'ville, IL M W 29Jun1879 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 8D Bk1pg86
Rogers, James Myron 22Oct IL M W Mar 10Jun1918 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 57Y Bk6pg590 James Rogers(NY)/Hannah Paige(NY)
Rogers, John M W Sin 18Dec1871 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. Abt 26Y Bk1pg94
Rogers, Mary Elizabeth 4Apr1846 J'ville, IL F W Wid 25Apr1914 J'ville, IL Waverly, IL Bk7pg363 John J. Goldsmith(Penn)/Susan Rose Hamilton
Rogers, Mary Virginia IL F W 20Dec1905 Alexander, IL Antioch, IL 5M3D Bk4pg266
Rogers, May 1882 IL F W Mar 18Jul1916 J'ville, IL Calvary Cem., J'ville 29Y11M16D Bk6pg276 Green Newely(IL)/Beck Monday(IL)
Rogers, Walter 1863 IL M W Sin 8Dec1912 J'ville SH Quincy, IL Bk7pg2
Rogers, William M W Sin 12Nov1889 Co. Poor Farm Poor Farm 45Y Bk2pg21
Rogers, William P. 24Feb1845 Germany M W Mar 9Apr1917 Waverly, IL East Cem., Waverly Bk9pg354 George F. Rogers(Ger)/
Rohn, Delta 6Mar1856 IL F W Wid 29Oct1918 Home San. East Cem., J'ville Bk10pg104 Wm. Dunn(Tenn)/L. Garden Lier (Tenn)
Rohrer, Lucy IL F W Mar 8Feb1912 Morgan Co., IL East Cem., Waverly Bk6pg427 George Allyn/
Role, Anna S. Liverpool, Eng. F W Mar 14Nov1880 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 48Y8M14D Bk1pg70 17Y
Rolinger, Peter 1854 Luxemburg, Ger. M W Sin 31Oct1918 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. Bk10pg108
Romang, Eva Elizabeth 28May1912 IL F W 8Apr1913 Nr. Waverly, IL Waverly, IL Bk7pg90 Godfrey Romang(IL)/Hanna Cushin(IL)
Romerman, William H. Germany M W Mar 22Apr1878 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 29Y11M16D Bk1pg19 11Y
Roney, James IL M W Mar 21Mar1910 J'ville, IL Moss Cem. 43Y2M5D Bk5pg324
Roninger, Nina A. 3May1863 Ohio F W Mar 4Mar1922 Maplecrest San. Columbia, Ohio Augustus Babrock(Ohio)/Alneda Fowler(Ohio)
Roodhouse, Ella M. Sep1840 IL F W Mar Harry W. Roodhouse 21Feb1922 J'ville, IL White Hall, IL Bk11pg138 Joseph Rickart/Mary
Roof, Claude 1892 Ashley, IL M W Sin 10Apr1913 J'ville, IL Ashley, IL Bk7pg91 Robert Roof(IL)/Ada Schultz(IL)
Rook, Elijah England F W Mar 15Jan1893 County Diamond Grove Cem. 62Y Bk2pg87 38Y
Root, Edward Ky. M W Mar 24Sep1887 Waverly, IL Waverly, IL 72Y Bk1pg220 28Y
Rosa, Anna J'ville, IL F 2Sep1879 J'ville, IL Catholic Cem., J'ville 6Y9M Bk1pg44
Rosa, Emanuel Madeira M W Mar 28Aug1899 J'ville, IL Catholic Cem., J'ville 70Y Bk3pg3 35Y
Rose, Emanuel Mrs. Ireland F W Wid 27Mar1905 Morgan Co. Farm Calvary Cem., J'ville 68Y Bk4pg157 40Y
Rose, George Louis 16Jul1871 Iowa M W Mar Bertha B. Rose 21Nov1920 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. Bk10pg530 Andrew Rose(NY)/Mary E. Hall(Rushville, IL)
Rose, Lucy C. New Jersey F W Wid 13May1907 J'ville, IL Milton, IL 74Y Bk4pg513 50Y
Rose, Matilda 1859 Mo. F B Mar 2Sep1918 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville Bk10pg104
Rose, Sarah 12Dec1865 Mo. F B Mar 24Mar1911 J'ville, IL Paynesville, Mo. Bk6pg197 6Y
Rosenbush, Mary F W Wid 21Nov1918 J'ville SH Quincy, IL 69Y3M18D Bk10pg108
Ross, Catherine W. Adams Co., IL F W Mar 30Mar1880 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 37Y7M28D Bk1pg56
Ross, Charles J'ville, IL M W 28Apr1900 2 mi e J'ville Catholic Cem., J'ville 13Y Bk3pg23
Ross, Ethel Pearl MO F W Sin 1Sep1918 J'ville SH Eldred, IL 23Y Bk10pg104
Ross, Frederick J. Ireland M W Mar 14Jul1901 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 49Y Bk3pg63 30Y
Ross, Harriet E. M. Ohio F W Mar 22Jan1892 J'ville SH Virdin, IL 65Y Bk2pg66 35Y
Ross, Lee Norman 20Aug1914 IL M B Sin 30Aug1914 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville Bk7pg450 Clarence Ross(Pike Co., Mo)/Jennie Scott(Mo)
Ross, Milan S. 17Apr1844 White Hall, IL M W Mar 26May1921 J'ville, IL White Hall, IL Bk10pg636 Simeon Ross(NJ)/Evaline Brandt(NJ)
Ross, William Scotland M W Wid 11Mar1879 J'ville SH Oneida, IL 35Y3M14D Bk1pg27
Ross, William N. M W Mar 30Jul1887 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 70Y11M13D Bk1pg211 47Y
Rossiter, Elizabeth Co. Wexford, Ire. F W Mar 20Jan1904 J'ville, IL Calvary Cem., J'ville 90Y Bk3pg495 47Y
Roth, Henry C. 1852 Indiana M W Mar 6Jul1918 J'ville SH Nebo, IL Bk9pg606
Roth, Samuel L. 1859 Blaine, Pa. M W Mar Seline B. Roth 6Feb1922 J'ville SH Decatur, IL Bk11pg139
Rothhaus, Bernard Germany M W Sin 27Jun1914 J'ville SH Quincy, IL 83Y Bk7pg406
Rotter, John Galena, IL M W 11Feb1880 J'ville, IL Galena, IL 15Y1M8D Bk1pg52
Rottger, Jess Carlile 11Nov1888 IL F W Sin 30Sep1918 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. Bk10pg105 John Rottger(Ger)/Anna Carlile(IL)
Rottger, Wilhelmina Prussia F W Wid 29Mar1890 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 97Y Bk2pg28 49Y
Rouland, Tom Ireland M W Sin 25Aug1908 Co. Poor Farm County Farm Cem. 78Y8M18D Bk5pg89 40Y
Rountree, Mary M. Ky. F B Wid 9Sep1905 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 67Y10M Bk4pg233 52Y
Rourke, Charles 1870 IL M W Sin 20Jul1911 J'ville SH Petersburg, IL Bk6pg277 Michael Rourke(Ire)/
Rousey, Paul Francis 4Jan1917 Morgan Co., IL M W 20Jan1917 Morgan Co., IL Roberts Cem., M'ville Bk9pg550 Wm. Rousey(Mo)/Ada Simpson(IL)
Route, Ann Taylor Co., Ky. F     Mar 6apr1880 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 70Y Bk1pg56 46Y
Rowe, E. B. 1835 Maine M W Wid 7Jun1917 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. Bk9pg354
Rowe, Harvey May1831 Vermont M    Wid 7Dec1911 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. Bk6pg381 25Y
Rowe, Laura IL F W Mar 23Jul1911 Chapin, IL Chapin, IL 53Y9M28D Bk6pg339
Rowe, Nancy E. 1Nov1844 Indiana F     Mar 23Jan1911 Morgan Co., IL Diamond Grove Cem. Bk6pg142 45Y Reuben C. Jackson(Ind)/Isabelle Lansdale(Eng)
Rowe, Sarah A. Adams, Mass. F W Mar 23Apr1909 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 77Y11M2D Bk5pg168 43Y
Rowland, Samuel 1858 Arkansas M W Sin 10Mar1921 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. Bk10pg599
Rowley, Mary E. New York F W Sin 5Feb1881 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. Bk1pg74
Royse, Ira 13Nov1888 IL M W Sin 5Dec1913 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. Bk7pg261 Geo. Royse(Ind)/Mary E. McKee(Ind)
Rubinsky, Rachel 1846 Germany F W Mar 10Jan1917 J'ville SH Springfield, IL Bk9pg355
Ruby, George, Dr. IL M W Mar 28Sep1888 J'ville SH Lovington, IL 38Y Bk2pg1
Rucker, Herbert Morgan Co., IL M 16Jul1879 Morgan Co., IL Rucker Cem. 2M20D Bk1pg38
Rucker, Narcisa Jane Fayette Co., IL F W Mar 28Mar1884 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 58Y6M5D Bk2pg111
Rude, Martin Norway M W Sin 26Feb1904 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 30Y Bk3pg476 2Y
Rudhman, Charles Sweden M W Mar 15Aug1890 J'ville SH Galesburg, IL 36Y Bk2pg37
Rudisill, C. W. 21Mar1857 Morgan Co., IL M W Mar 5Feb1914 Day's Hosp, J'ville Arcadia, IL Bk7pg315 R. B. Rudisill(Ohio)/Nancy Hanston(Ohio)
Rudisill, Daniel W. Penn. M W Mar 22Feb1882 Arcadia, IL Arcadia, IL 82Y6M27D Bk1pg97 50Y
Rudisill, Harriet L. Madison Co., IL F W Wid 16Oct1893 J'ville, IL Arcadia, IL 79Y9M6D Bk2pg101 72Y
Rudkin, Henry England M W Mar 1Mar1912 Gravel Springs, IL Jordan Cem. 71Y6M26D Bk6pg458
Rudolph, David M 12Nov1889 Morgan Co., IL Bk2pg41
Ruegg, Francis Katherine F W 8Jul1899 J'ville, IL Catholic Cem., J'ville 1Y28D Bk3pg1
Rufus, Christ 16Jun Germany M W 25Dec1913 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 78Y8M18D Bk7pg260 Frank Rufus(Ger)/Mary K___lin(Ger)
Rule, Charles Morgan Co., IL M W Sin 24Nov1887 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 22Y Bk1pg218
Rule, Howard E. J'ville, IL M W 29Jan1883 J'ville, IL 2M14D Bk1pg114
Ruman, Anna M. Hanover, Germany F W Wid 1Sep1906 J'ville, IL Meredosia, IL Bk4pg420 64Y
Rumble, Nancy F W Wid 10Apr1905 J'ville, IL Arcadia, IL Abt 80Y Bk4pg191 70Y
Runkel, Edward J. J'ville, IL M W Wid 2Dec1893 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 36Y10D Bk2pg105
Runkle, Mary E. 1886 IL F W Div 8Feb1912 Oak Lawn, J'ville Calvary Cem., J'ville Bk6pg427 William Morkena(Ire)/Johana Sullivan(Ire)
Runkle, Mary Jane Feb1831 Ky. F W Sin 22Feb1913 J'ville, IL Mexico, Mo. Bk7pg51
Runyon, Samuel C. New Jersey M W Wid 8Apr1883 J'ville SH Springfield, IL 64Y Bk1pg119 40Y
Ruppe, William Germany M W Mar 10Feb1914 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 76Y Bk7pg315
Rush, Anna IL F W Mar 21Dec1906 J'ville SH Colchester, IL 37Y Bk4pg412
Rush, Charles Henry IL M W Mar 13Jul1910 Alexander, IL Sulphur Spgs., IL 52Y4M24D Bk5pg341
Rusk, Frank Ohio M W Mar 9Oct1914 J'ville SH Troy, Ohio 64Y Bk7pg497
Russel, Agnes J'ville, IL F     Sin 4Nov1887 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 27Y1M23D Bk1pg217
Russel, Andrew Scotland M     Mar 26Mar1888 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 70Y Bk1pg228 53Y
Russel, Elizabeth Scotland F W Sin 5Feb1907 Murrayville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 87Y Bk4pg440 73Y
Russel, Emily Gallaher Sangamon Co., IL F W Wid 20Feb1905 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 70Y11M18D Bk4pg144
Russel, George Scott 11Jan1828 Scotland M W Mar 27Jul1914 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. Bk7pg432 Andrew Russel(Scot)/
Russel, Harriet F Aug1896 Derby, Iowa Chapin, IL
Russell, Francis May 8Sep1910 J'ville, IL F B 9Feb1911 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville Bk6pg171 William Russell(Mo)/Rhodie Sallee(Mo)
Russell, John IL M W 14Mar1905 J'ville SH J'ville, IL 56Y Bk4pg160
Russel, John Robert Eng/Can M W 17May1878 J'ville, IL 1Y4D Bk1pg86 6M
Russell, Lizzie 3Feb1845 England F W Mar 7Aug1918 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. Bk9pg638        (Eng)/Eliz Arnit(Eng)
Russel, Martha IL F W Mar 8Jul1881 Bethel, IL Morgan City, IL 73Y Bk1pg71
Russel, William Nr. Glasgow, Scot M W Mar 19Feb1904 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 80Y17D Bk3pg477 70Y
Russell, Alec M B 30Jun1937 Morgan Co., IL Diamond Grove Cem. 66Y
Russell, Anna St. Louis, Mo. F W Sin 24Jan1888 Sch. For Blind Diamond Grove Cem. 26Y Bk1pg47 20Y
Russell, Archie J. 1853 Indiana M W 1Mar1917 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. Bk9pg356
Russell, Clarence 25Dec1891 Frankford, Mo. M B Sin 29Jan1912 J'ville, IL Frankford, Mo. Bk6pg402 5Y Andy Russell/
Russell, Garvin Bell J'ville, IL M W 8Mar1890 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 22D Bk2pg28
Russell, Gertrude J'ville, IL F W 5Jul1880 J'ville, IL J'ville, IL 2M26D Bk1pg61
Russell, Laura C. IL F W Sin 17Feb1890 J'ville SH Hamilton, IL 35Y3M14D Bk2pg26
Russell, Louisa Taylor Abt 1845 Philadelphia, Pa. F W Wid 17Jan1913 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 68Y Bk7pg27 39Y James Taylor/Kate Mackin
Russell, Mollie IL F B Mar 22Aug1901 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 38Y Bk3pg65
Russell, William 1854 Mississippi M B Wid 20Feb1922 J'ville, IL Chicago, IL Bk11pg139
Rust, Susie 22Apr1879 Mo. F W Mar 22Apr1879 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville Bk9pg355 John Ross(Tenn)/Emma Ross(Tenn)
Rustemeyer, Eugenia 1895 IL F W Sin 3Dec1918 J'ville, IL Calvary Cem., J'ville Bk10pg105 Fred Rustemeyer/Kathrine O'Brien
Rustmyer, Frederick R. 1905 J'ville, IL M W 20Dec1913 J'ville, IL Calvary Cem., J'ville Bk7pg262 Fred Rustmyer(Ger)/Mary Husse(IL)
Rustemeyer, Josie J'ville, IL M W 19Sep1893 J'ville, IL Catholic Cem., J'ville 11D Bk2pg100
Ruswinkle, John Herman 6Nov1837 Germany M W Mar 1May1917 Morgan Co., IL Trinity Lutheran Cem. Bk9pg355 Henry Ruswinkle(Ger)/
Ruth, Mildred Louise 7Sep1910 St. Louis, Mo. F W 7Apr1915 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville Bk8pg1 John E. Ruth(Mo)/Mollie J. Phipps(IL)
Rutherford, Andrew J. 1856 Tenn. M W Wid 18Mar1921 J'ville SH Morrisonville, IL Bk10pg599
Rutherford, Ann 19Dec1845 England F W Mar 16Apr1911 J'ville SH Virden, IL Bk6pg225
Rutherford, James L. 22May1847 Winchester, IL M W Mar Olive Coultas 7Dec1918 J'ville SH Gillham Cem. Bk10pg107 Joseph Rutherford/
Rutherford, Mary C. America F B 9Feb1889 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 19Y Bk2pg7
Rutherford, Charles Greenwood J'ville, IL M W 17Mar1887 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 6M10D Bk1pg203
Rutledge, Mary A. Ireland F W Wid 1Dec1882 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem. 63Y2M16D Bk1pg111 50Y
Rutz, Adelia J. 1899 Bellville, IL F W Sin 17Apr1917 Sch. For Blind Bellville, IL Bk9pg356 Adam Rutz(Bellville)/Mary Ott(Bellville)
Ruyle, Bird Greene Co., IL M W 8May1906 J'ville, IL Greenwood Cem. 1Y5M Bk4pg328
Ryan, Awby J'ville, IL M     Sin 3Feb1887 J'ville, IL Catholic Cem., J'ville 19Y10M26D Bk1pg201
Ryan, Bridget Ireland F W 15Apr1900 J'ville, IL Catholic Cem., J'ville 79Y9M6D Bk3pg24 50Y
Ryan, Daniel J., Rev. Father IL M W Sin 14Jul1900 J'ville, IL Catholic Cem., J'ville 48Y Bk3pg36
Ryan, Cornelius M W Mar 8Sep1908 J'ville, IL Ivesdale 47Y Bk5pg89
Ryan, John Ireland M W Mar 12Mar1904 J'ville SH Bloomington, IL 53Y9M28D Bk3pg523
Ryan, Katherine 1856 IL F W Sin 24Jul1921 J'ville, IL Calvary Cem., J'ville Bk11pg20 Wm. Ryan(Ire)/Bridget Hyde(Ire)
Ryan, Michael 1833 Ireland M W Wid 10May1913 J'ville, IL Calvary Cem., J'ville Bk7pg112 Daniel Ryan(Ire)/Mary M. Kehoe(Ire)
Ryan, Michael America M W Mar 29Dec1913 J'ville, IL Springfield, IL 44Y Bk7pg262
Ryan, Patrick Franklin, IL M W Mar 21Dec1905 Franklin, IL Catholic Cem., Franklin 70Y Bk4pg270
Ryan, Patric 1886 Chicago, IL M W Sin 29Dec1911 J'ville, IL Calvary Cem., J'ville Bk6pg378
Ryan, William Mrs. Ireland F W Wid 30Oct1906 J'ville, IL Calvary Cem., J'ville 100Y Bk4pg391 60Y
Ryan, Winiford Ireland F W Mar 5Nov1903 Pisgah, IL Sacred Heart Cem. 53Y Bk3pg467 48Y
Ryman, Gertrude Dec1887 IL F W Mar 9Sep1918 J'ville, IL New Berlin, IL 31Y Bk10pg106 Joseph Hermes/Mary Aremye(Ger)
Rynders, Andrew New York M W Mar 20Dec1889 Waverly, IL Jones Cem. 91Y11M5D Bk1pg214
Rynders, William 12Jan1840 IL M W Wid 24Mar1911 Waverly, IL East Cem., Waverly Bk6pg198 Andrew Rynders(Penn)/Sarah Miner(Penn)
Rynders, Elizabeth Germany F W Mar 29Jan1911 Waverly, IL East Cem., Waverly 65Y4M9D Bk6pg143 Fredrick Mulch(Ger)/Catherine Mulch(Ger)

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