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Florence Hutchison made a card index on estate administrations. This is the beginning of that index.

Now we find that she photocopied the actual pages from the Index and some of these are not included in her card index. As a result these files have been updated to include this additional information..

When she published the beginning of this first index she wrote: " The foregoing pages of Estate Administrations in Morgan County [up to 1900] are only a few of thousands administered since the establishment of the County Court in 1823. The log Courthouse burned December 6, 1827; therefore the records start as of December 7th, 1827. Everything prior to that date burned except one deed book in the home of Recorder Dennis Rockwell who was making entries that night; therefore, Deed Book I starts in 1823.

Always carefully note the names of administrators and executors. This may be a clue to daughters' married surnames, or other relatives you can check out." She went on to talk about the fees that were in effect at that time (1974). Then continued "In our search through numerous filing boxes in Morgan County, we have found that most of them [not the early ones] contain a Petition for Letters Testamentary. This names the administrator or executor, plus the heirs, and gives decedent's death date. Genealogically speaking, this is the major information needed."

The "Case Number" listed in this index is the Filing Box where the original Will is located. The column added is the Will Record - the Book and page number where the will is recorded.

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