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1 Jan 1976 thru 31 Dec 1996

Warren Haley reviewed all of the obituaries which appeared in the Jacksonville papers during the 21 year period of 1 Jan 1976 thru the end of Dec. 1996. His note: "I could have missed some or lost some over the years.... but not many. I have an alphabetical listing (contained in two 3-inch notebook binders) by year. I made the notebooks up at the end of each year before I filed the extracted information in my file cabinet." Thanks Warren for all of the work you put into collecting the information given here and again now for making the extracted information availabe to MAGA researchers. I'll continue to add and link files for other surnames as Warren and Dan finish typing them.

Our thanks to Warren Haley for collecting the data and to Warren and Dan Tholen for typing the extracted information for inclusion here.

If you find errors which need correcting or have information to be added to one of the extracts, you may forward same to my email address.


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