Sharpe, Anne McFarland

Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers, 1906.

SHARPE, ANNE MCFARLAND, M.D. - Of the women of Illinois who labor unceasingly to maintain the highest tenets of medical science, who apply intelligence, progression and experience to the alleviation of human ills, and seek to arouse an interest in sanitation and healthful methods of living, none have drawn nearer to the popular conception of professional dignity and usefulness than Dr. Anne McFarland Sharpe, Medical Superintendent of the Oak Lawn Sanitarium, at Jacksonville, Ill. Dr. Sharpe, who is a daughter of the late Dr. George McFarland, and granddaughter of Dr. Andrew McFarland, for many years Superintendent of the Illinois Central Hospital for the Insane, was born in Lexington, Ky., October 10, 1868. Her mother, formerly Mary Elizabeth Bush, also was a native of the Bourbon State. Both the McFarland and Bush families were represented in the Revolutionary war.

Dr. George McFarland, after a service in the Civil War, practiced medicine in Kentucky from 1866 until 1880. He then brought his family to the home of his father, Dr. Andrew McFarland, in Jacksonville, and in time became Assistant Physician of the Oak Lawn Sanitarium. Anne McFarland, who was twelve years old when the family located in jacksonville, was graduated from the Jacksonville Academy after a four years' course in 1887, and later took a course in bookkeeping and stenography at the University of Kentucky. In 1888 she entered the Woman's medical College, connected with the Northwestern University, at Evanston, Ill., from which she was graduated with honors March 30, 1891, and at once was installed as Medical Superintendent of the Oak Lawn Sanitarium, thereby fulfilling the earnest desire of her grandfather, that she make a special study fo the care of the insane.

In June, 1896, Dr. Anne McFarland, married Vincent C. Cromwell, of Lexington, Ky., and thereafter made her home in her native city until the death of Mr. Cromwell in 1899. At Jacksonville, Ill., January 2, 1901, occurred the marriage of Mrs. Cromwell and J. Thompson Sharpe, the latter born at Port Elizabeth, N.J., in November, 1864, whose father and grandfather were both physicians. Since his marriage Mr. Sharpe has become the capable business manager of the Oak Lawn Sanitarium. Two children have been added to the Sharpe household: Vincent Carroll Cromwell, born August 25, 1897; and a son, Maskell McFarland Sharpe, born January 6, 1902. Dr. Anne Sharpe is a member of the Morgan County Medical Society, the American Medical Society, the Rector's Aid Society, the Home Economics Club, and the Country Club. She is also a Colonial Dame and a Daughter of the American Revolution. For a number of years Dr. Sharpe was associate editor of the "Woman's Medical Journal," the only periodical of the kind published by women in the world. She finds a religious home in the Trinity Episcopal Church.

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