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Menard County Death Records
December 1877 - April 1910

These records were extracted from microfilmed copies of the original county records. You will need to scroll right to read all of the information for each record. As with all records, be creative when looking for your ancestor names. I've spelled the entries as they were on the register, even when I felt sure the spelling was not correct.

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Lic # Name Sex Age Occupation Death Date MS Where Born Lived in Co Died Where Cause of Death Buried Where
1454 WADE, Bryan M 1y6m 14 Mar 1903 Menard Co. 1y Tuberculosis Athens
4501 WADE, Infant of Lee M 10min 12 Feb 1905 S IL Athens Malformation Athens
5092 WADE, Walter Henry M 19y7m Farming 2 Aug 1908 S Menard Co. life Athens Suicide by shooting with a 32 caliber revlvr South Cem., Athens
5 WAGONER, Cora Belle F 6y5m11d 16 Dec 1877 S Petersburg Petersburg Diphtheria Rose Hill Cem.
3 WAGONER, Emma Ann F 12y5m9d 12 Dec 1877 S Menard Co. Petersburg Diphtheria Rose Hill Cem.
74 WAGONER, Jennie Lee F 8y4m2d 7 Sep 1878 S Mason Co., IL 8y Petersburg Diphtheria Petersburg Cem.
765 WAINWRIGHT, Ella F 29d 1 Dec 1887 S IL Life Sweetwater Sarofula Sugar Grove Cem.
126 WALKER, Angeline F 57y8m13d 16 Jan 1879 W Fleming Co., KY 25y Petersburg Typhoid Pneumonia Petersburg
1354 WALKER, Carl M 1m19d 10 Jun 1902 S Greenview life Greenview Cerebra spinal meningitis Sugar Grove Cem.
5303 WALKER, Caroline Porter F 84y3m15d Housewife 12 Mar 1910 W Mercinberg, PA 54y Athens Paralysis West Cem., Athens
1268 WALKER, Dora Anna F 4m20d None 18 Jan 1902 S Athens life Athens Gastro intestinal enteritis Hall Cem.
1220 WALKER, Joseph M. M 80y9m29d Farmer 6 Aug 1899 W Adair Co., KY 71y Greenview Precinct Mitral insufficiency & appoplexia Irish Grove Cem.
52 WALKER, Ruth Adel F 1m14d 20 Jul 1878 S Rock Creek Precinct Rock Creek Precinct Cholera Infantum Rose Hill Cem.
5052 WALKER, William H. M 48y7m24d Miner 8 Apr 1908 Barry Co., Ark. 30y Athens Acute gastro enteritis Hall Cem.
926 WALKER, William Henry M 28y7m11d Stationary Engineer 17 Nov 1889 M Brown Co., IN 22y Athens Typo Malarial Fever Athens
4542 WALTERS, Emily B. F 31y Housewife 3 May 1905 M IL 31y Athens Precinct Pulmonary Tuberculosis Walnut Grove Cem.
5059 WALTHAN, Joseph M 69y9m12d Hotel Manager 1 May 1908 M IL 69y Tallula Artereo Sclerosis
230 WARING, Elizabeth F 64y Farmer 31 Jan 1880 M OH 22y Sandridge Congestion of the lungs Rose Hill Cem.
5299 WARING, George Addison M 53y3m21d Farmer 2 Feb 1910 M Menard Co. Petersburg Precinct Apoplexy, fell dead Oakland Cem.
4861 WARING, George Gregory M 91y5m20d Retired Farmer 5 Jan 1907 Duchess Co., NY Nr. Atterberry Septic infection Rose Hill Cem.
5188 WARMOTH, Harold D. M 3y9m22d 28 Mar 1909 S Tallula 3y Tallula Exhaustion from gangrene of mouth White Cem.
5129 WARMOUTH, Nancy F 73y2m20d Housewife 15 Dec 1908 W KY 40y Tallula Hypostatic pneumonia Greenwood Cem.
14243 WARNER, Jacob W. M 29y Engineer 17 Sep 1903 S Bridge No. 667 Nr. Old Salem Crushed under Engine Springfield, IL
574 WARREN, James Robert M 4y4m 14 Dec 1883 S Greenview Life Greenview Measles Smoots Cem.
1008 WARRICK, Stephen M 11y11m25d Farmer boy 16 Aug 1891 S Greenview Precinct Greenview Precinct Tetanus - foot wound by rusty nail Irish Grove Cem.
1451 WATKINS, Alta F 34y5m23d Housewife 12 Mar 1903 M Oakford 34y Oakford Puerperal Septicemia Oakford
14275 WATKINS, Amos F. M 59y4m Farmer 19 Dec 1903 M IL 59y Sandridge Precinct Heart failure Oakford Cem.
947 WATKINS, Bessie F 2y9m10d 10 Feb 1890 S Petersburg Sandridge Precinct Influenza Oakford
1399 WATKINS, Beverly S. M 34y Farmer 18 Oct 1902 M Menard Co. Tallula Natural causes - heart failure
5111 WATKINS, Cecelia F 12y12d School girl 29 Oct 1908 Petersburg Petersburg Tuberculosis Calvary Cem.
1280 WATKINS, Curtis S. M 54y2m20d Farmer 11 Feb 1902 M Cass Co., IL life Nr. Newmansville, Cass Co. Phthisis Pulmonalis Oakland Cem.
4782 WATKINS, Donald Francis M 1y7m9d 6 Jul 1906 S Menard Co. Petersburg Acute Enteritis Salisbury Cem.
1277 WATKINS, Edward M 31y9m20d Clerk 23 Jan 1902 M Menard Co. 31y Petersburg Pneumonia Oakland Cem.
5168 WATKINS, Elizabeth F 77y1m6d Housekeeper 27 Apr 1909 W England 40y Petersburg Influenza & broncho pneumonia Petersburg
14384 WATKINS, Everett M 1y11m27d 20 Jul 1904 Chandlerville, IL Oakford Tubercular Meningitis Pontiac Cem., Cass Co., IL
5283 WATKINS, George Kirby M 73y2d Farmer & Stock Raiser 13 Feb 1910 W Menard Co. life Sandridge Precinct Sufocation, winter bronchitis Oakford Cem.
551 WATKINS, Greenberry M 13y3m14d Farmer 1 Sep 1883 S Menard Co. Since birth Rock Creek Precinct Acute Rheumatism Oakland Cem.
856 WATKINS, Harriet F 3d 31 Oct 1888 S Petersburg Petersburg Precinct Premature labor Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
5097 WATKINS, Infant M 13d 15 Aug 1908 S Menard Co. Menard Co. Malnutrition - premature birth Salisbury Cem.
158 WATKINS, Jennie F 9y6m9d 19 Jun 1879 S Menard Co. 9y Sweetwater Precinct Cerebra Spinal Meningitis Murray's Cemetery
4735 WATKINS, Jesse K. M 65y7m26d Farmer 18 Jan 1906 M Menard Co. 65y Atterberry Precinct Bright's disease Oakland Cem.
454 WATKINS, Joseph Elija M 19y1m18d Farmer 1 Jun 1882 S Menard Co. Since birth Rock Creek Precinct Scarlatina Oakland Cem.
952 WATKINS, Lewis M 5y9m 3 Mar 1890 Sandridge Sandridge Diphtheria Oakford
264 WATKINS, Louisa F 24y Farmer's Wife 15 May 1880 M Morgan Co., IL 24y Petersburg Precinct Intestinal Occlusion Little Grove
1323 WATKINS, Mary Eton F 70y9m17d Farmer's wife 9 Jun 1902 W TN 68y Petersburg Heart failure Oakland Cem.
1324 WATKINS, McClane M 75y4m8d Farmer 6 Jun 1902 M 73y Nr. Petersburg Acute intestinal Indigestion Oakland Cem.
1334 WATKINS, Pearl F 2m2d Infant 8 Jul 1902 S life Athens Malnutrition Athens
856 WATKINS, Phillip M 1d 28 Oct 1888 S Petersburg Petersburg Precinct Premature labor Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
681 WATKINS, Richard M 31y Laborer 7 Oct 1885 IL Life Petersburg Typhoid Fever Oakland Cem.
1027 WATKINS, Samuel M 79y11m24d Farmer 17 Feb 1892 M KY Sandridge Bronchitis Oakford
1191 WATKINS, Samuel K. M 15y5m11d 15 Feb 1898 S Oakford Precinct life Oakford Wound from gun shot Oakford
1209 WATKINS, Thomas M 74y3m13d Farmer 1 Mar 1899 M Menard Co. Nr. Petersburg Cerebral appoplexy Oakland Cem.
999 WATLING, George M 7m8d 26 Jun 1891 S Greenview Greenview Inanition Sugar Grove
968 WATSON, Edna Florence F 9m 15 Aug 1890 S Oakford Oakford Cholera Infantum Oakford
4529 WATT, Infant of Wm. K. & Clara F 4d 16 Feb 1905 Petersburg Petersburg Acute Enteritis Oakland Cem.
145 WEATHERBY, Clarissa F 72y19d 24 Mar 1879 NJ 35y Rock Creek Precinct typhoid Pneumonia Farmer's Point Cem.
173 WEATHERBY, Emma F 1y6m10d 6 Aug 1879 Menard Co. always Rock Creek Congestion of Brain Old Grave Yard, Petersburg
1309 WEBB, Arthur M 58y Laborer 20 May 1902 S NJ Menard County Poor House Asthma Rose Hill Cem.
4913 WEBB, Elizabeth F 62y6m10d Housewife 20 May 1907 M OH 40y Athens Apoplexy Athens
361 WEBB, Harry M 10m20d 24 May 1881 M Menard Co. Life Athens Precinct Cholera Infantum Indian Point Cem.
558 WEBB, Howard M 1y1m23d 11 Sep 1883 S Sandridge Precinct Sandridge Precinct Cholera Infantum Concord Cem.
647 WEBB, Walker M 4y 22 Dec 1884 S Menard Co. 4y Athens Precinct Pseudo Membranous Croup Indian Point Cem.
4802 WEBBES, Stella F 1m 2 Sep 1906 S IL Athens Malnutrition Calvary Cem.
1416 WEBER, Barbara Ellen F 2yy4m24d Housewife 21 Dec 1902 S IL 26y Athens Pulmonary Tuberculosis Petersburg
4674 WEBER, Margaret F 11d 9 Jul 1905 IL Athens Entera colitis Petersburg
94 WEIL, Fannie F 21y House Servant 25 Sep 1878 S Otterstudt, Germany 1y Athens Metritis caused by cold while menstruating Oak Ridge Cem.
4915 WEISE, Paterson M 63y Laborer 6 Jun 1907 M KY 43y Athens Prostatitis cystitis Athens
954 WELCH, James E. M 47y6m20d Mill Right 2 May 1890 M Petersburg Septicemia Gangrene of the foot Jacksonville, Illinois
4842 WELSH, George B. M 68y7m12d Farmer 29 Nov 1906 M Scotland 40y Tallula Precinct Diffuse Nephristis Oak Lawn, Petersburg
4783 WELSH, John C. M 46y5m20d Farmer 16 Jul 1906 M Canada 40y Tallula Precinct Hemorrhage from stomach Oak Ridge
141 WENDELL, H. E., Mrs. F 34y7m9d Farmer's Wife 11 Mar 1879 M Menard Co. Athens Precinct Relapse from confinement Warren's Cem.
1311 WERNER, Nellie M. F 24y11m3d 29 May 1902 219 Lagonda, Spfld., OH Septic Fever
10 WEST, Amos C. M 64y8m22d Farmer 19 Jan 1878 M Rhode Island 39y Greenview Pluro Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
1136 WHALEN, Maggie F 3y5m20d 25 Dec 1895 S Menard Co. life Menard Co. Scarlet Fever Sweetwater
812 WHARTON, George M 55y Coal Miner 22 May 1888 S England 25y Greenview Suicide - hanging in a stock car Sweetwater Cemetery
607 WHEELER, Charlie M 1y1m17d 14 Apr 1884 S Rock Creek Precinct 1y1m Petersburg Catarrhal Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
664 WHEELER, Zuller F 32y9d Housewife 9 Jul 1885 M IL Petersburg Phthisis Pulmonalis Rose Hill Cem.
400 WHIPP, John W. M 34y Merchant 7 Sep 1881 M Menard Co. Life Petersburg Typhoid Fever Rose Hill Cem.
334 WHITE,Birdie F 8m20d 23 Mar 1881 S Oakford Oakford Measles Oakford
218 WHITE, Ambrose Jackson M 16y10d Farmer 7 Dec 1879 S Sangamon Co., IL 9y Rock Creek Precinct Typhoid Fever Richland Precinct
187 WHITE, Annie May F 9y4m3d 29 Sep 1879 S Petersburg Petersburg Typhoid Fever Oakland Cem.
1314 WHITE, Benjamin F. M 1y11m 23 Jun 1902 Fancy Prairie life Fancy Prairie Acute Indigestion Fancy Creek Cem.
4511 WHITE, Benjamin H. M 38y10m14d Laborer 7 Mar 1905 S IL 38y Atterberry Consumption Rose Hill Cem.
707 WHITE, Ettie F 11y25d 27 Jun 1886 S Petersburg 11y25d Petersburg Phthisis Oakland Cem.
1074 WHITE, Francis Charles M 1m25d 9 Apr 1894 S Petersburg lifetime Petersburg Bronco Pneumonia Oakland Cem.
5163 WHITE, Goldie F 3y3m16d 19 Apr 1909 S KY 2y Nr. Athens in Sangamon Co. Heart failure Hall Cem.
99 WHITE, Harmon M 64y11m12d Farmer 12 Dec 1878 M NY 46y Sandridge Precinct Typhoid Pneumonia Oakford Cem.
119 WHITE, Harry M 2y5m6d 12 Aug 1878 Petersburg Petersburg Diphtheria Rose Hill Cem.
4977 WHITE, Henry M. M 46y4m13d Laborer 18 Nov 1907 M Menard Co. 46y Petersburg Concussion of brain Rose Hill Cem.
263 WHITE, James G. M 29y6m20d Farmer 22 May 1880 M Tallula 25y Tallula Precinct Suffucation - phthisis pulmonalis White Cemetery
1158 WHITE, James, Rev. M 81y11m19d Minister 19 Dec 1896 M Greene Co., KY 76y Greenview Old age & general debility Lincoln, IL
830 WHITE, Litta E. F 2y6m 25 Aug 1888 S Menard Co. 2y Athens Gastro Intestinal Catarrh Lebanon Cem.
1388 WHITE, Mary E. F 49y9m11d Housewife 30 Aug 1902 M IL 45y Atterberry Brights disease Oakford Cem.
1414 WHITE, Matilda A. F 87y3m29d Housekeeper 19 Dec 1902 W Poughkeepsie, NY 65y Petersburg Valvular Disease of Heart Rose Hill Cem.
1073 WHITE, Rachael E. F 69y11m22d Housekeeper 19 Feb 1894 W TN 62y Athens Precinct Abdominal tumor - probably cancer Lebanon Cem.
5226 WHITE, Rebecca F 81y4m22d Housekeeper 2 Aug 1909 W Menard Co. 81y Petersburg Exhaustion gastritis Oakland Cem.
1075 WHITE, Robert F. M 74y10m22d Farmer 7 Dec 1893 M IL lifetime Athens Precinct LaGrippe - Temperature 106 Lebanon Cem.
120 WHITE, William A. M 4y2m1d 14 Aug 1878 Petersburg Petersburg Diphtheria Rose Hill Cem.
5067 WHITEHURST, John H. M 31y11m18d Livery Stable 18 May 1908 M Pleasant Plains, IL life Athens Valvular lesion of heart Hall Cem.
14180 WHITENACK, Joseph R. M 67y3m28d Farmer 23 Apr 1903 M NJ 46y Nr. Tice Station uremic Poisoning - Bright's Disease Rose Hill Cem.
783 WHITLEY, Albert George M 12y3m6d 21 Jan 1888 S Oakford 12y Petersburg 3rd Attack of Acute Rhumatism Rose Hill Cem.
14443 WHITLEY, Archie Eli M 15y6m29d 8 Nov 1904 S Oakford 15y nr. Oakford Gunshot wound by accident Oakford Cem.
953 WHITLEY, Emma C. F 3 Apr 1890 M Menard Co. Petersburg Degenerative changes of auterior columns Rose Hill Cem.
732 WHITLEY, Ida Agnes F 13y2m2d 21 Apr 1887 S Oakford always Petersburg Emphysema Rose Hill Cem.
4752 WHITLEY, John M 64y3m12d Laborer 21 Mar 1906 M Halifax, England since infant Oakford Exhaustion from chronic brights disease Oakford Cem.
5282 WHITLOW, Eliza F 81y Housewife 2 Feb 1910 W NC 60y Tallula Pneumonia Rock Creek Cem.
1006 WHITNEY, Jesse B. M 80y17d Farmer 27 Oct 1891 W CT Petersburg Precinct Organic heart disease Rose Hill Cem.
4981 WHITNEY, Mary Ann F 66y10m Housewife 2 Oct 1907 W Menard Co. life Menard Co. General dropsy Rose Hill Cem.
835 WHITNEY, Pearl F 6y 3 Sep 1888 S Menard Co. Typho Malarial Fever Murrys Cem.
4707 WIDEHUMER, Arnold Henry M 3y3m20d 6 Oct 1905 Sweetwater Irish Grove Precinct Gastero enters colitis Sugar Grove Cem.
887 WIETJES, Jan Jansen M 47y6m25d Farmer 19 Apr 1889 M Stockholt, Germany Indian Creek Precinct Pneumonia Indian Creek Cem.
888 WIETJES, M. Ettie F 2y7m 24 Apr 1889 S Menard Co. Indian Creek Precinct Diphtheria Indian Creek Cem.
5233 WILCOX, Elizabeth Holland F 64y2m27d Seamstress 23 Aug 1909 W MD 42y Petersburg Carcinoma of liver Rose Hill Cem.
705 WILCOX, Henry M 51y4m Constable 17 May 1886 M Menard Co. always Petersburg General Tuberculosis Rose Hill Cem.
477 WILCOX, William M 71y9m10d Farmer 26 Sep 1882 W 55y Petersburg Precinct Old age Rose Hill Cem.
919 WILDE, Hettie F 8y9m Child 2 Oct 1889 S Petersburg Greenview Diphtheria Petersburg
5040 WILKINS, Maria M. F 71y9m6d Housewife 3 Mar 1908 W LaPorte, IN 53y Petersburg Acute Congestion of lungs Mount Rose, Bond Co., IL
5264 WILKINS, Martha Edna F 1m 18 Dec 1909 S Athens Athens Gastritis Hall Cem.
14254 WILKINSON, Maria Breese F 83y4m 22 Oct 1903 W NJ 20y Tallula General debility East Jacksonville, IL
995 WILKINSON, Nellie F 1y10m19d Child 7 Apr 1891 S Greenview Greenview Capilary Bronchitis Petersburg
153 WILLARD, Sarah F 66y8m26d 11 May 1879 M Woodstock, VT 10y Irish Grove Cerebral Apoplexy Irish Grove Cem.
1157 WILLCOCKSON, Stephen E. M 80y3m11d Farmer 27 Feb 1896 W Bath Co., KY since youth Indian Creek Precinct Old age Nr. Williamsville, Sangamon Co.
14209 WILLCOX, Eliza F 88y7m22d Farmer's wife 26 May 1903 W Menard Co. 30y Menard Co. Senility
1469 WILLET, James M 76y8m26d Farmer 19 May 1903 W OH 30y nr. Athens Senile Pneumonia Lebanon Cem.
744 WILLIAMS, Arthur M 7y3m27d 24 Jul 1887 S Menard Co. Life Indian Point Tetanus Indian Point Cem.
14383 WILLIAMS, Baby M 8m 17 Jul 1904 Petersburg Petersburg Ileo Colitis Colchester, IL
5138 WILLIAMS, Child of John H. F 6d 22 Jan 1909 Athens Athens Broncho pneumonia West Cem., Athens
4796 WILLIAMS, Edward S. M 32y Brakeman 16 Aug 1906 S Milar, TN 2y Petersburg Accidentally falling off cars, train run over Oakland Cem.
211 WILLIAMS, Elizabeth J. F 30y3m5d 26 Dec 1879 M WI 15y Nr. Athens Typhoid Pneumonia Athens Cem.
4911 WILLIAMS, Florence Genettie F 19y27d Housewife 19 May 1907 M Menard Co. 19y Nr. Oakford Pelvic abscess Oakford Cem.
4777 WILLIAMS, Iona May F 26y3m15d Housewife 3 Jun 1906 M Menard Co. 26y Greenview Phthisis Pulmonalis Rose Hill Cem.
445 WILLIAMS, James E. M 43y8m Lumber Merchant 8 Mar 1882 M Decatur, IL 34y Athens Phthisis Pulmonalis Indian Point Cem.
1069 WILLIAMS, Lizzie M. F 2y2m29d Child 4 Nov 1893 S Sandridge Since birth Sandridge Precinct Burn Rose Hill Cem.
451 WILLIAMS, Mary F. F 29y4d Domestic 23 May 1882 M Menard Co. Life Petersburg Precinct Thphoid Fever Newmansville
746 WILLIAMS, Paul M 1m7d 29 Jul 1887 S Menard Co. Life Indian Point Cholera Infantum Hornback Cem.
4958 WILLIAMS, Ralphie M 2y6m13d Infant 25 Sep 1907 S IL life Fancy Prairie Traumatic injury to brain Renwald
4727 WILLIAMS, William B. M 62y6m Farmer 1 Dec 1905 M Menard Co. Indian Point Apoplexy Indian Point Cem.
14348 WILLIAMSON, Joseph M 34y11m15d Undertaker 13 Apr 1904 M Petersburg Petersburg Endocarditis Rose Hill Cem.
5128 WILLIAMSON, Robert M few minutes Infant 6 Dec 1908 S Menard Co. 4 mi NE of Petersburg Delayed birth in breach position Farmer's Point Cem.
419 WILLSON, Milley F 79y3m22d Housewife 26 Nov 1881 W KY about 60y Tallula Precinct Prostration from her advanced age Family Cemetery
14232 WILMS, Anton R. M 39y1m3d Merchant 27 Aug 1903 M Germany 37y Tallula Bells Mania Rose Hill Cem.
103 WILSON, Benjamin M 2y9m7d 14 Sep 1878 5 mi west of Petersburg 5 mi west of Petersburg Membranous Croup Athens
14445 WILSON, Henry C. M 69y Farmer 11 Nov 1904 S OH 30y Greenview Brights disease & valvular heart disease Camden, OH
14306 WILSON, J. H. Raymond M 5m21d 19 Feb 1904 Petersburg Petersburg Rose Hill Cem.
727 WINSTON, Bick M 30y27d Laborer 15 Feb 1887 M Green Co., KY 12y Petersburg Tuburcular Phthisis Pulmonalis Spears Burying Ground
499 WINSTON, Melissa F 21y Housekeeper 21 Jan 1883 M MO 6y Petersburg Phthisis Pulmonalis Spears Cem.
14298 WINTERBAUER, Lawrence M 3m20d 11 Feb 1904 Fancy Prairie Fancy Prairie LaGrippe Oak Ridge
193 WINTERBAUER, Lee M 4m13d 16 Oct 1879 S Menard Co. Athens Precinct Cholera Infantum Athens Cem.
1345 WINTERBAUER, Philip M 1m21d IL 7wk Nr. Fancy Prairie Pneumonia
170 WINTERS, Homer M 36y9m8d Farmer 22 Jul 1879 M Lawrenceburg, IN 13y 6 mi se of Petersburg Albuminana Rose Hill Cem.
5105 WINTERS, Louisa Ann F 91y6m4d Housewife 26 Sep 1908 W Old age Rose Hill Cem.
1386 WINTERS, Reuben Kelsey M 83y6m14d Farmer 25 Aug 1902 M Tice, IL Uraemia following attack of dysentery Athens
250 WINTERS, Seneca M 62y11m16d Farmer 20 Mar 1880 M NY 26y Oak Ridge Congestion of lungs Rose Hill Cem.
14441 WISE, Myrtle Gladus F 11m28d 28 Oct 1904 S Atterberry Atterberry Diarrhea Mt. Olive, Cass Co., IL
1412 WISEMAN, Annie May F 33y Housewife 17 Dec 1902 M IL 33y Rock Creek Precinct Miscarriage Hickory Grove Cem.
5141 WISEMAN, Infant F 1 1/2d 19 Jan 1909 Menard Co. Menard Co. Acute indigestion Walnut Ridge
5206 WISEMAN, Maggie F 35y Housekeeper 5 May 1909 M Menard Co. Menard Co. Tuberculosis Hickory Grove Cem.
5289 WISEMAN, Murl M 1m2d 6 Mar 1910 Menard Co. Menard Co. Pneumonia Walnut Ridge
505 WITHROW, Mary Belle F 3y9m16d 5 Feb 1883 Since birth Petersburg Congestion of the brain - measles Oakland Cem.
349 WITT, Richard M 57y4m17d Farmer 9 May 1881 M TN 47y Sandridge Precinct Colloid Cancer Concord
696 WITTY, Adrin Ira M 6y3m22d 24 Feb 1886 S Cass Co., IL Life Little Grove Precinct Catarrhal Pneumonia Newmansville
708 WITTY, Wirty F 4y8m5d 6 Jul 1886 S IL Life Little Grove Precinct Typho malaria Newmansville
1269 WOLF, Infant M 3d Infant 10 Jan 1902 Athens life Athens Prematurely born
738 WOLF, Peter Jr. M 19y Coal Miner 17 May 1887 S Nussau, Germany Not Known Salt Creek, Menard Co. Accidental drowning Greenview
324 WOOD, Charley M 1y2d 12 Jan 1881 S Athens Life Athens Cerebro spinal menigitis Athens
508 WOOD, Harriet F 72y Housekeeper 13 Feb 1883 W OH 50y Athens Pneumonia Athens Cem.
4965 WOOD, James M 50y3m24d Laborer 11 Oct 1907 M Athens 50y Nr. Athens Inanition West Cem., Athens
396 WOODROOF, Hannah F 85y10m19d Farmer's Wife 27 Aug 1881 W KY 52y Athens Precinct Melarial Fever & Infirmities of Old Age Indian Point Cem.
5035 WOODRUFF, Ma____ F 81y5m4d Housewife 5 Feb 1908 W Menard Co. Greenview Pneumonia Elmwood
4879 WOODRUFF, Samuel M 82y5m19d Farmer 15 Feb 1907 M NJ 72y Greenview LaGrippe Indian Point Cem.
4565 WOODRUM, Gladys F 1y22d 21 Jun 1905 S IL 3 miles SW of Tallula Malarial Fever Oak Hill Cem.
1166 WOODRUM, Lulu Belle F 2m6d 17 Feb 1897 S Fancy Prairie Precinct all its life Petersburg Natural causes - supposed heart failure Oakland Cem.
5244 WOODRUM, Nelson M 5y6m26d 17 Oct 1909 Tallula 5 1/2y Tallula Exhaustion - catarrhal rheumatism Greenwood Cem.
1128 WORKMAN, William M. M 28y Laborer 11 Sep 1895 S America Nr. Petersburg had his neck broken by fall back in well Rose Hill Cem.
713 WORTHINGTON, Harriett A. F 33y2m22d 13 Nov 1886 S Menard Co. always Petersburg Tuberculo Phthisis Pulmonalis Oakland Cem.
5110 WRIGHT, George Frederick M 19hr 23 Oct 1908 Petersburg Petersburg Oakland Cem.
1417 WRIGHT, William Walter M 33y 25 Dec 1902 M Hamilton Co. 33y Petersburg Injury sustained due to rear end collision Springfield, IL
4760 WROBEL, Caroline F 25y6m6d Housewife 1 Apr 1906 M Prussia, Germany Nov 5, 1905 Greenview Natural causes - heart disease Elmwood
818 WYLUN, Latin ? M 17y Laborer 16 Jun 1888 S Sweden 1y Greenview Inflamatory Rhumatism Blane Burial Ground

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