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Menard County Death Records
December 1877 - April 1910

These records were extracted from microfilmed copies of the original county records. You will need to scroll right to read all of the information for each record. As with all records, be creative when looking for your ancestor names. I've spelled the entries as they were on the register, even when I felt sure the spelling was not correct.

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Lic # Name Sex Age Occupation Death Date MS Where Born Lived in Co Died Where Cause of Death Buried Where
14400 RADEMACHER, Focke Harm M 77y13d Farmer 25 Apr 1904 W Germany 53y Nr. Petersburg Chronic Brights Disease Rose Hill Cem.
112 RAHENA, Johanne F 13y7m12d 22 Sep 1878 Bremen Germany 12y Petersburg Precinct Diphtheria Rose Hill Cem.
4919 RAHIN, Anna Ann F 88y8m10d Housewife 11 Jun 1907 W PA 70y Middletown, IL Acute bronchitis Irish Grove Cem.
840 RAHMANN, J Mary F 89y11m 15 Sep 1888 W Germany 30y Petersburg Old age Rose Hill Cem.
4692 RAIKES, Child of E. C. F 5hrs 19 Aug 1905 Tallula Precinct Tallula Precinct Mal-development Greenwood Cem.
817 RAIKES, John T. M 50y Farmer 16 Jun 1888 M KY 2y Tallula Precinct Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
535 RAINEY, John Spotsworth Boyd M 4y28d 25 Jun 1883 S Petersburg always Peersburg Burn from clothing catching fire Rose Hill Cem.
863 RAINEY, MarthaAnn F 26y4m10d Housewife 19 Dec 1888 M Greenview Precinct 26y Greenview Precinct Phthisis Pulmonalis Rose Hill Cem.
4962 RAINEY, Mary Ellen F 17y4m15d School girl 3 Oct 1907 S Petersburg 17y Petersburg Pulmonary tuberculosis Oakland Cem.
931 RAINING, Philip M 60y Miller 11 Dec 1889 M Mecklenberg Co., VA 22y Petersburg Angina pectoris Rose Hill Cem.
1192 RAKESTRAW, George M 22y Coal Miner 6 Mar 1898 Fulton Co., IL life Athens Gun shot wound through brain back to front
161 RANDAL, John Nelson M 1y1m6d 10 Jul 1879 S Tallula Tallula Cholera Infantum Greenwood Cem.
287 RANDALL, Elizabeth Estella F 9y7m22d 27 Jun 1880 S Petersburg Since birth 3 mi S of Athens Pertussis - Diphtheria Claypools Graveyard
5158 RANDALL, Nelson L. M 82y4m11d Woodworker 14 Apr 1909 M OH 45y Tallula Hypostatic pneumonia Greenwood Cem.
362 RANDELL, Nancy May F 5y8m23d 6 May 1881 Menard Co. Since birth Athens Precinct Tubercular Meningitis Lebanon Cem.
669 RANDOLPH, Davidson F. M 68y4m Marble Worker 5 Aug 1885 NJ 16y Progressive Muscular Atrophy Rose Hill Cem.
525 RANKIN, A. A. M 76y4m13d Retired Business Man 13 Apr 1883 M Cynthian, KY 35y Athens Precinct Rheumatism, chronic & dippapsia Indian Point Cem.
5209 RAPPS, Louise Bertha Amelia F 3y3m14d 9 Jun 1909 IL Petersburg Measles Rose Hill Cem.
5008 RATLIFF, Infant M 2d 20 Dec 1907 S Tallula Tallula Atelectasis Greenwood Cem.
443 RAUND, John M 52y Laborer 18 Feb 1882 M England 10y Athens Gangreen lungs Athens Cem.
14256 RAWLINGS, Polly F 98y7m9d None 27 Sep 1903 W KY 60y Rock Creek Cancer of face Farmer's Point Cem.
1381 RAY, Gladys May F 5m23d 9 Aug 1902 S Petersburg Petersburg Meningilis Simplex Rose Hill Cem.
1391 RAY, Goldie Caroline F 6y7m18d 10 Sep 1902 S Petersburg Petersburg Acute nephritis Rose Hill Cem.
490 RAY, Grace May F 16m 15 Dec 1882 Petersburg Life Petersburg Congestion of the lungs
4532 RAY, Infant of Edward & Ella M 2hrs 8 Jan 1905 S Oakford Oakford Premature birth between 7 & 8 months Oakford Cem.
5288 RAY, Mary F 71y Wife 4 Mar 1910 M Menard Co. Oakford Capillary bronchitis Oakford Cem.
215 RAY, Unknown F 3y 4 Nov 1879 S Menard Co. Menard Co. Enteritis Menard Co.
14370 RAY, Vance M 14y 23 Jun 1904 S Petersburg 14y Petersburg Accidental Rose Hill Cem.
260 RAYBURN, Joseph M 78y21d Farmer 1880 M 48y Menard Co. Old Age Irish Grove Cem.
836 READ, Pearl F 11y 4 Sep 1888 S KY Petersburg Typhoid Fever Oakland Cem.
14304 REAGIN, Patrick M 60y Railroad hand 17 Feb 1904 S Ireland Menard County Poor House Obstruction of bowels Calvary Cem., Springfield, IL
369 REAVELY, Hannah F 2m7d 10 Jun 1881 Tallula Tallula Whooping Cough White Cemetery
1402 REAVIS, Logan Isham M 2y5m8d 1 Nov 1902 S Petersburg Petersburg Scarlatina Oakland Cem.
14366 REAVIS, Virginia F 1y21d 7 Jun 1904 S Petersburg 1y Petersburg Enteritis Oakland Cem.
961 REBBE, John Philip M 77y8m4d Farmer 24 Mar 1890 M Germany Petersburg Phitis Pulmonalis Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
432 REDING, Isaac N. M 74y Farmer 23 Jan 1882 M KY about 50y Talluls Old and enfeebled condition with abcess Greenwood Cem.
442 REDINGTON, Patrick M Unknown Coal Miner 17 Feb 1882 S Ireland 3m Tallula Acute peritonitis Petersburg
392 REDSECKER, H. G. M 58y5m17d Harness Maker 18 Aug 1881 M PA 35y Athens Chronic Alcoholism Irish Grove Cem.
95 REDSUCKER, Alice F 9y11m24d 4 Nov 1878 S Middletown, Logan Co., IL Athens Diphtheria Irish Grove
5074 REED, Ella Lenora F 3m25d 11 Jun 1908 S Atterberry Atterberry Congenital heart disease Hickory Grove Cem.
5215 REED, Ephraim C. M 78y8m9d Farmer 7 Jul 1909 M KY 60y Sweetwater Organic heart trouble, rheumatism, LaGrippe Indian Point Cem.
14308 REED, G. B. F. M 78y8m5d Farmer 21 Feb 1904 M IN 55y Petersburg Septis Poisoning Rose Hill Cem.
14381 REED, John W. M 56y9m4d Farmer 14 Jul 1904 M OH 55y Tallula Cancer Greenwood Cem.
4723 REED, Mary F 37y7m21d Housewife 31 Oct 1905 M Menard Co. 37y Greenview Phthsis pulmonalis Calvary Cem.
5098 REED, Mary Elizabeth F 70y2m28d 15 Aug 1908 M MO 16y Sandridge Precinct Chronic Bronchitis German Cem.
14186 REEP, Anna Ruth F 5y8m21d 19 May 1903 S Petersburg 5y Petersburg Scarlet Fever Rose Hill Cem.
1411 REES, Horner Stewart M 17y4m2d Farmer 13 Dec 1902 S Little Grove Precinct 19y Petersburg Gun shot wound - while climbing over fence Oakland Cem.
297 REEVES, Lucinda F 2y7m7d 14 Sep 1880 Menard Co. Life Athens Precinct Malarial Fever
14250 REIMANN, Mary F 12hrs 3 Nov 1903 S Menard Co. Menard Co. Premature birth Duncheon Cem.
14288 REINDERS, Heye M 31y9m22d Farmer 24 Jan 1904 S Germany 14y Nr. Greenview Killed by RR Train on tracks of C. & A. RR Sweetwater
14350 RENNAKER, Infant of W. M 11m25d 24 Apr 1904 S Missouri Petersburg Pneumonia Tallula
1249 RENTFROW, Elsie Gertrude F 3y2m21d 28 May 1901 Williamsville, IL life Fancy Prairie Struck by engine on Chicago & Alton RR Irish Grove Cem.
5208 REVIS, Helen Marie F 1y6m9d 21 Jun 1909 Petersburg Petersburg Whooping cough Oakland Cem.
1141 REYBURN, Emma F 31y3m12d Housewife 3 Apr 1896 M Pekin, IL lifetime Tallula Suicide by drowning while temp. insane Pekin
138 REYER, Katharine E. F 24y10m4d 9 Mar 1879 S Breithenbach, Germany 8y Petersburg Consumption Oak Hill Cem.
178 RHOLFS, Frederick M Farmer 20 Jul 1879 S Hanover, Germany 3y Tallula Precinct Phthisis Acuta Rose Hill Cem.
14224 RIBBY, Mary F 60y Housewife 26 Jul 1903 M IL 60y Sandridge Precinct Chronic Malaria Oak Ridge, Springfield, IL
14222 RIBBY, Mary A. F 60y Housewife 26 Jul 1903 M IL 60y Sandridge Precinct Chronic Malaria Fever Oak Ridge, Springfield, IL
747 RICE, Laten M 74y5m9d Farmer 29 Jul 1887 M VA 50y Indian Creek Precinct Cystitis & Enlarged prostate Hornback Cem.
4854 RICE, Margaret F 79y8m26d None 23 Dec 1906 W Fleming Co., KY 50y Greenview Paralysis (embolism) Indian Point Cem.
1287 RICHARDS, Beulah E. F 3y7m4d None 6 Mar 1902 S Nr. Athens life Petersburg Diptheria Rose Hill Cem.
5213 RICHARDS, George J. E., Rev. M 59y8m25d 6 Jun 1909 M Hector, NY 17 1/2y Greenview Syncope heart clot & physicial weakness Greenview
1422 RICHARDS, Letta Opal F 7y1m8d 14 Jan 1903 S Petersburg 7y Petersburg Broncho Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
351 RICHARDSON, Arthur M 19y7m7d Teamster 25 May 1881 S Fayette Co., IL Life Mr. Aaron Hatfield's Mill Caught & wound around line shaft at mill Rose Hill Cem.
502A RICHARDSON, John M 50y 1 Feb 1883 M IL Life Rock Creek Pneumonia Rock Creek Cem.
359 RICHARDSON, Martin V. M 41y6m Millwright 9 Jun 1881 S Macoupin Co., IL always Petersburg Typhoid Fever Rose Hill Cem.
497 RICHARDSON, William Lee M 1y10m5d 26 Jan 1883 Petersburg Since birth Petersburg Measles Rose Hill Cem.
810 RICHTER, John F. M 52y4m21d Marble Cutter 6 May 1888 M Hanover, Germany 20y Petersburg Lincocythemia - cardiac failure Oakland Cem.
14352 RIDGE, Samuel A. M 76y6m22d Farmer 1 May 1904 W Scott Co., IN 35y Twp. 18 Chronic Bronchitis Indian Point Cem.
4680 RIETZ, Henry M 82y5m15d Farmer 19 Jul 1905 W Germany 59y Menard Co. Drowning (suicidal) Rose Hill Cem.
14226 RIGGIN, Augustus Kerr M 81y3m6d Farmer & Stock Raiser 27 Jul 1903 M Nr. Athens 81y Indian Creek Precinct Gastric Intestinal Paralysis Indian Point Cem.
528 RIGGIN, Mariann Lee F 88y5m Retired 25 Apr 1883 W NY 65y Athens Precinct Infirmities of great age & cold Indian Point Cem.
14477 RIGGIN, Mary C. F 54y8m28d Housewife 10 Jan 1905 W Bloomington, IL 54y Nr. Curtis, IL Cancer of liver Indian Point Cem.
166 RILEY, Maria F 60y 17 Jul 1879 M Washington Co., PA 20y Near Tice Station Remittent Fever Athens
596 RILEY, Martha Jane F 24y8m18d 16 Mar 1884 S Franklin Co., IN 24y Near Athens Tubarcle of the lung Athens
1248 RIORDAN, Bridget F 70y Housewife 10 Jan 1901 W Ireland 35y Athens Natural causes Springfield, IL
4907 RITTERBUSH, Annie L. F 79y4m Housewife 10 Apr 1907 W Germany 50y Athens Chronic intestinal nephritis Petersburg
133 ROBBINS, Mary E. F 36y4m25d 30 Jan 1879 M OH 25y Petersburg Acute Bronchitis Waynesville, IL
642 ROBBINS, Unknown F 40y8m8d Housewife 20 Nov 1884 M Berlin, MD 28y Petersburg Chronic Brights Disease Rose Hill Cem.
1016 ROBENSTEIN, Della May F 3m27d 19 Aug 1891 Petersburg Petersburg Congestion of brain Rose Hill Cem.
14457 ROBERTS, Alvira A. F 70y3m10d Housewife & mother 2 Nov 1904 M IN 60y Greenview probably carcinoma of bladder Sugar Grove Cem.
154 ROBERTS, Ann E. F 39y3m17d 16 May 1879 M Athens Precinct 39y Athens Childbirth Airland Cem.
17 ROBERTS, Carrie C. F 23y23d Farmer's Wife 3 Feb 1878 M Sandridge Precinct Sandridge Precinct Pneumonia - right lung Oakford
673 ROBERTS, Earl Primm M 1y27d Infant 17 Aug 1885 Greenview Greenview Cholera Infantum Athens Burial Ground
367 ROBERTS, Frank Venner M 6m 16 Jul 1881 S Oakford Oakford Cholera Infantum Oakford
169 ROBERTS, Laura F 1y11m16d 22 Jul 1879 Menard Co. Since birth Oakford Enteritis Oakford Cem.
672 ROBERTS, Pearl Primm F 1y24d Infant 13 Aug 1885 Greenview Greenview Cholera Infantum Athens Burial Ground
630 ROBERTS, Scott Emry M 9m3d 1 Oct 1884 S Oakford Oakford Infantile Convulsions Oakford Cem.
206 ROBERTS, Virginia F 21y5m1d Teacher 22 Nov 1879 S Athens 21y Athens Typhoid Fever Hall Cem.
1271 ROBERTS, William Francis M 67y6m17d Physician 17 Jan 1902 M Winchester, VA 55y Athens Angina pectoris Hall Cem.
1371 ROBERTSON, John T. M 3m2d 7 Jul 1902 S Petersburg life Petersburg Precinct Acute Intoxication Oakland Cem.
300 ROBERTSON, Mattie F 2y12d 16 Oct 1880 S Petersburg always Petersburg Gastro Enteritis Oak Ridge Cem.
1100 ROBERTSON, William L. M 46y Teacher 2 Dec 1894 M Menard Co. Since birth Petersburg Injuries from falling and exposure Greenwood Cem.
293 ROBINSON, Edward M 7y1m12d 30 Aug 1880 S Menard Co. Tallula Precinct Tubercular Meningitis Oakland Cem.
5133 ROBINSON, F. J. F 76y7m29d None 27 Dec 1908 Wayne Co., KY 40y Petersburg Cerebral softening Rose Hill Cem.
195 ROBINSON, Francis E. M 1y5m25d 21 Oct 1879 S Greenview Greenview Precinct Gastritis - Teething Sugar Grove Cem.
4805 ROBINSON, Isabell M. F 5m 16 Sep 1906 IL Athens Pneumonia - whooping cough Athens
5229 ROBINSON, Richard Lee M 1d 4 Aug 1909 S Tallula Tallula Heart failure - blue baby White Cem.
466 ROBINSON, Sidney Amanda F 1y11m21d 11 Aug 1882 S Greenview Precinct Life Sweetwater Precinct Dysentery Sweetwater Cemetery
14468 ROBINSON, William Taylor M 57y6m18d Farmer 21 Dec 1904 M IL 57y Sandridge Precinct Cancer of stomach Concord Cem.
414 ROCK, Michael M 55y4m9d Farmer 12 Nov 1881 M about 35y RR Bridge @ North 2nd St. Thrown off horse & bridge into branch Old Cem., Petersburg
5272 RODGERS, Eliza Jane F 50y11m10d Housewife 7 Jan 1910 M Marion Co., KY 6y nr. Athens Pneumonia West Cem., Athens
1437 ROE, Henry M 2m7d 7 Feb 1903 Athens Broncho Pneumonia Athens
1138 ROGERS, David M Unknown 18 Feb 1896 Sent to Kansas City, MO
144 ROGERS, Mary F 76y7m28d Domestic 21 Mar 1879 W Bath Co., KY Sweetwater Apoplexa Sweetwater Cemetery
4845 ROGERS, Nellie Hayden F 29y10m29d Housewife 4 Dec 1906 M Menard Co. 29y Athens Septic Peritonitis Hall Cem.
433 ROGERS, Sarah Hall F 70y10m18d Housekeeper 26 Jan 1882 M Greene Co., KY 50y Athens Catarrahl Fever Indian Point Cem.
5119 ROGGE, Clara E. F 23y6m29d School teacher 24 Nov 1908 Tallula 23y Tallula Tubercular meningitis Greenwood Cem.
543 ROGGE, John J. M 3m1d 4 Aug 1883 S Tallula Life Tallula Whooping Cough Greenwood Cem.
1250 ROHLFS, John M. M 47y12d Farmer 12 Jun 1901 S Hanover, Germany Little Grove Precinct Struck by lightning Rose Hill Cem.
200 ROONEY, Elizabeth Ann F 2y7m21d 6 Nov 1879 S Petersburg Petersburg Pertressis - Croup Petersburg, IL
202 ROONEY, Maria Virginia F 25y5m5d 9 Nov 1879 W Menard Co. 25y Petersburg Typhoid Pneumonia Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
1019 ROSE, Sidonia F 78y2m25d Housewife 3 Aug 1891 S Belmont, OH Indian Point Organic disease of heart Washington, PA
1024 ROSS, Infant F 3m17d Infant 23 Jan 1892 S Greenview Greenview Capilary Bronchitis Rose Hill Cem.
549 ROSS, Thomas C. M 44y Farmer 27 Aug 1883 M OH Not Known Sugar Grove Precinct Apoplexy Irish Grove Cem.
4564 ROST, Gothleib T. M 53y4m28d Butcher 19 Jun 1905 M Germany 39y Petersburg Exhaustion - cancer of liver & bowels Rose Hill Cem.
ROTHERT, Mary F 23y11m15d Housekeeper 1 Dec 1884 M Sangamon Co., IL Since birth Indian Creek Precinct Acute Panic Rose Hill Cem.
691 ROTHERT, Mary F 23y11m15d Housekeeper 1 Dec 1884 M Sangamon Co., IL Since birth Indian Creek Precinct Acute Ranie ? Rose Hill Cem.
4901 ROTHERT, Rudolph Wilbrand M 66y2m28d Farmer 12 May 1907 M Germany 36y Nr. Curtis, IL Chronic intestinal nephritis Rose Hill Cem.
589 ROTHERT, Rudolph William M 2m16d 26 Jul 1884 S Since birth Indian Creek Precinct Defective nutrition from improper diet Rose Hill Cem.
717 ROTHSCHILD, Henrietta F 61y2m15d Housekeeper 17 Jan 1887 W Germany 36y Petersburg Intestinal Obstruction Springfield, IL
4994 ROUNDS, Cecilla F 68y Household 11 Dec 1907 W Sweden 47y Fancy Prairie Consumption Indian Point Cem.
709 ROURKE, Cornelius M 64y4m8d Lumber Merchant 27 Aug 1886 M Queens Co., Ireland about 48y Petersburg malignant Growth of face Rose Hill Cem.
5201 ROWLEY, Child of John M 2 May 1909 S Athens, Apr. 30, 1909 Athens Inanition West Cem., Athens
562 RUBE, John Henry M 18y7m19d Farmer 29 Sep 1883 S Menard Co. 18y7m19d Greenview Precinct Typhoid Fever Irish Grove Cem.
384 RUCKER, Geneva C. F 1y8m20d 7 Aug 1881 S DeWitt Co., IL Since birth Petersburg Precinct Enteritis Rose Hill Cem.
1462 RUDRANSKI, Omafry/Rogers, John M 34y Coal Miner 23 Mar 1903 M Russia 18y Athens Injuries from explosion in coal mine Calvary Cem.
402 RUH, Alvin R. M 21y3m9d Brick Mason 25 Sep 1881 S NY Tallula Typhoid Fever White Cemetery
406 RUH, Jacob F. M 49y7m7d Brick Mason 5 Oct 1881 M New York City 16y Tallula Typhoid Fever Tallula
14380 RULE, Daniel M 11m24d 13 Jul 1904 Petersburg Petersburg Perforation of small intestine Rose Hill Cem.
14368 RULE, Mary J. F 63y21d Housekeeper 20 Jun 1904 M Menard Co. 63y Petersburg Progressive muscular atrophy Rose Hill Cem.
635 RULE, Samuel M 81y1d Farmer 7 Nov 1884 M Perry Co., PA since 1853 Nr. Curtis, Menard Co., IL Heart failure from old age Rose Hill Cem.
563 RULE, Samuel D. M 24y9m12d Farmer 13 Oct 1883 M Mason Co., IL always Sheep Ford on Sangamon Rvr Accidental Drowning Rose Hill Cem.
19 RULE, Selina Catherine F 25y2m8d 2 Jan 1878 M Petersburg Petersburg Puerperal Mania Rose Hill Cem.
5161 RUNKLES, Inez Irene F 1y8m13d 17 Apr 1909 S Athens Athens Broncho pneumonia West Cem., Athens
591 RUNNALS, Frankie M 1y9m 2 Mar 1884 S Sandridge Precinct Sandridge Precinct Rmittent Fever Concord Cem.
177 RUSH, John Thompson M 51y11m2d Retired Merchant 23 Aug 1879 M OH 30y Tallula Obscure - seen while dying only Greenwood Cem.
14273 RUTER, henry M 71y9m21d Farmer 27 Dec 1903 M Germany 22y Nr. Petersburg Acute heart failure Catholic Cem.
763 RUTLEDGE, Annetta F 29y22d Housewife 23 Nov 1887 M Menard Co. always Near Petersburg Intestinal Ulcer Oakland Cem.
1212 RUTLEDGE, James McGrady M 83y6m11d Retired Farmer 10 Apr 1899 M KY Petersburg Pneumonia Concord
4991 RUTLEDGE, Margaret C. F 87y15d None 3 Dec 1907 W TN 77y Petersburg Pneumonia Concord
554 RUTLEDGE, Susan F 90y9m 5 Sep 1883 W KY about 60y Petersburg Old age Concord Cem.
14236 RYAN, Bridget F 46y2m16d Housewife 30 Aug 1903 M Logan Co., IL Menard Co. General anisaia before & after pregnancy Petersburg
1078 RYAN, Patrick M about 33y Laborer 8 Mar 1894 Not Known Not Known Tallula Run over by cars on C. & A. R.R. Petersburg
640 RYNEHART, Guss M 27y Farmer 13 Nov 1884 S TN about 1y Capt. Robt. Hornback's Typhoid Fever Rose Hill Cem.

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