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Menard County Death Records
December 1877 - April 1910

These records were extracted from microfilmed copies of the original county records. You will need to scroll right to read all of the information for each record. As with all records, be creative when looking for your ancestor names. I've spelled the entries as they were on the register, even when I felt sure the spelling was not correct.

N - O

Lic # Name Sex Age Occupation Death Date MS Where Born Lived in Co Died Where Cause of Death Buried Where
4670 NANCE, Doctor Milton M 68y11m4d Farmer 6 May 1905 M Sangamon Co., IL 68y Oakford Physicial exhaustion & heart failure Oakford Cem.
653 NASH, Hiram M 66y Blacksmith 27 Feb 1885 M Petersburg Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
682 NATION, Anson M 3m 23 Oct 1885 S Petersburg Petersburg Pneumonia Old Cem., Petersburg
44 NATION, Charles M 11m 1 Jun 1878 S Petersburg Petersburg Scrofula & Pneumonia Petersburg
4675 NATION, Elizabeth Davis F 72y10m8d Housewife 9 Jul 1905 M IL 72y Petersburg Carcinoma of liver Rose Hill Cem.
5121 NAYLOR, Edith Fay F 4y3m28d Child 23 Jan 1908 S Menard Co. Menard Diptheria Lebanon Cem.
5243 NEELY, George M 78y8m9d 22 Aug 1909 M IL 78y Oakford Intestinal nephritis Walker's Grove
354 NEELY, Joseph M 66y Carpenter 24 Apr 1881 W Oakford Precinct Heart disease Oakford
1283 NEELY, L. S. M 35y Farmer 27 Feb 1902 M Mason Co., IL 35y Sandridge Precinct Double pneumonia Watkins Grove, Mason Co., IL
14444 NEELY, Mary Alice F 40y Housewife 15 Nov 1904 M IL 40y Petersburg Strangulated umbilical Hernia Oakland Cem.
1126 NEFF, Hannah J. F 48y5m15d Housekeeper 8 Aug 1895 S VA Petersburg Precinct Malignant tumor of abdomen Rose Hill Cem.
428 NEFF, Susan F 66y 13 Jan 1882 M Green Briar Co., VA 15y Petersburg Pluro Pneumonia Oak Ridge Cem.
4797 NEIHR, John M 37y Farmer 19 Aug 1906 M IL 37y Salisbury, IL Tetanus Athens
4875 NELSON, Bessie F 27y2m7d Housewife 27 Feb 1907 S Norway 24y Nr. Tallula Consumption Gardner & Braceville Cem.
5177 NELSON, Carl Raymond M 9m12d 10 Mar 1909 S Greenview life Greenview Pneumonia - whooping cough Elmwood
610 NELSON, Charles Pinkney M 1hr 5 May 1884 S IL Life Cantrall, IL Puerpal convulsions Cantrall Cem.
4516 NELSON, Sarah F 93y6m29d Housewife 11 Mar 1905 W Kalmar, Sweden 37y 3 mi north of Athens Senility Brittin Cem.
895 NEUMAN, Anna F 3y8m 23 May 1889 S Athens Precinct Diphtheria Indian Point Cem.
580 NEVIN, William M 18y7m10d Driver in Coal Mine 10 Jan 1884 S Menard Co. always N. Coal Shaft, Petersburg Accidentally run over by coal car Rose Hill Cem.
14456 NEWCOMER, Bertha F 22y10m5d Housekeeper 8 Dec 1904 S Petersburg 22y Petersburg Autointoxication Rose Hill Cem.
350 NEWCOMER, Eliza Jane F 35y2m8d 17 Apr 1881 M Cass Co., IL Life Petersburg Phthisis Rose Hill Cem.
14259 NEWCOMER, Mariah F 88y6m28d None 22 Nov 1903 W PA 16y Petersburg Brights disease Rose Hill Cem.
14336 NEWTON, Emma Luella F 27y2m10d Housewife 7 Mar 1904 M Woodson Co., KS 8y Nr. Greenview Exhaustion Irish Grove Cem.
5123 NEWTSON, Henry M 56y Retired Farmer 19 Jun 1908 M Norway 56y Menard Co. Cerebral hemorrhage Irish Grove Cem.
4999 NICHOLS, John M 48y11m3d Engineer 2 Aug 1907 W IL 48y Athens Chronic endocarditis Athens
186 NICOLAI, Earnest M 2y1m28d 28 Sep 1879 S Petersburg Petersburg Metastatic cerebral congestion Rose Hill Cem.
1002 NIES, Harry F 54y9m21d Housekeeper 1 Aug 1891 M Hanover, Germany Indian Creek Precinct Appoplexy Rose Hill Cem.
4668 NIES, William M 53y11m17d Farmer 24 Mar 1905 M Germany 30y Little Grove Precinct Organic heart disease Rose Hill Cem.
1084 NILES, L. B. M 23y Traveling Salesman 9 Aug 1894 S Elmira, NY 12y Greenview Accident - fell from 2nd story window Peoria, IL
501 NILSON, Mary F 20y27d 27 Jan 1883 S Sweden 12y Petersburg Organic Disease of heart Rose Hill Cem.
14354 NISSEN, Elizabeth Annis F 30y8m3d Housewife 2 May 1904 M Sandridge Precinct 30y Atterberry, IL Cerebral appoplexy Oakford Cem.
464 NIXON, Katie F 5m13d 6 Aug 1882 S Greenview Life Greenview Cholera Infantum Sugar Grove Cem.
4880 NOLAND, Thomas J. M 62y3m29d Farmer 16 Feb 1907 M IN Athens Carcinoma of liver Athens
1459 NOLL, August M 48y10m Coal Miner 23 Mar 1903 M Germany 20y Athens Injuries from explosion in coal mine Hall Cem.
1316 NOLLSCH, Caroline F 42y5m29d Housewife 29 Apr 1902 M Menard Co. life Tallula Precinct Pulmonary Hemorage Rose Hill Cem.
4840 NOLLSCH, Stella F 28y5m25d Housekeeper 23 Nov 1906 M IL 28y Petersburg Lukemia Chatham
4799 NOLTING, Hannah Rachael Elizabth F 77y10m14d 29 Aug 1906 W Germany 50y Petersburg Broncho Pneumonia Petersburg
411 NORTON, Robert Pointon M 2y2m27d Child 25 Oct 1881 S IL Since birth Tallula Cerebral Congestion Minier, IL
5000 NOVAC, Anthony M 1m14d 15 Oct 1907 S Athens Athens Malnutrition Petersburg
1153 NUSBAUM, Abraham M 69y6m11d Retired Merchant 16 Aug 1896 M Bavaria 43y Petersburg Cancer of the stomach Oak Ridge Cem., Springfield
5115 NUSBAUM, Sarah F 73y7m19d Housekeeper 19 Nov 1908 W Germany 59y Petersburg Pleuro pneumonia Springfield, IL
5261 OARVET, Harry M 8y8m20d 30 Nov 1909 S Tallula 8y Tallula Exhaustion, tuberculosis Newmansville
1305 O'BRYAN, Edrich Irving M 68y 16 Apr 1902 M VT Athens nephritis Athens
4887 OELSESKI, Anta F 8m9d 4 Mar 1907 S Athens Athens Catarrahl pneumonia Athens
14465 OGDEN, Evalena F 10y4m20d Child 26 Dec 1904 S Oakford 10y Oakford Pneumonia Oakford Cem.
1368 OGDEN, Fannie Armand F 27y17d Housewife 20 Nov 1902 M 27y Oakford Phthisis Pulmonalis Oakford Cem.
4973 OGDEN, Infant of Archie & Annie M 17hrs 4 Nov 1907 S Oakford Oakford Compression of head & brain during birth Oakford Cem.
584 OGDEN, Malinda F 60y 3 Feb 1884 M OH Sandridge Precinct Peritonitis Concord Cem.
1306 OLDS, Lovina Alkire F 37y6m15d Housewife 15 Apr 1902 M Sweetwater life Sweetwater LaGrippe Sugar Grove Cem.
621 OLESTON, Thomas Albert M 2y 19 Jul 1884 Petersburg 2y Petersburg Cholera Infantum Petersburg Cem.
338 OLIVER, Samuel Wesley M 47y6m11d Carpenter 11 Mar 1881 M DE 20y Petersburg Typhoid Pneumonia Oak Ridge Cem.
4733 O'NEAL, Mary Anna F 76y4m17d Housekeeper 8 Jan 1906 W NJ 67y Tallula Precinct Intestinal obstruction Bethel Cem., Sangamon Co.
243 O'NEIL, William R. M 27y7m19d Farmer 26 Feb 1880 M Springfield, IL 25y Near Athens Gun Shot Wound Near Athens
972 ONKEN, Francis M 3m2d 9 Sep 1890 Greenview Greenview Rose Hill Cem.
689 ONKEN, Hid Theodore M 5m27d 27 Dec 1884 Menard Co. Life Greenview Precinct Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
ONKEN, Theodore M 5m27d 27 Dec 1884 S Menard Co. Life Greenview Precinct Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
756 ONSTOTT, Elvis M 5y1m20d 13 Oct 1887 S IL Life Near Athens Malarial Fever Athens
948 ORTMAN, Vinia F 14y1m6d 11 Nov 1879 S Sandridge Heart failure Concord Cem.
899 OSBORNE, Barton S. M 56y Farmer 25 Jun 1889 M Jacksonville, IL 4 mi SW of Petersburg Chronic Sastritis Rose Hill Cem.
14361 OSBORNE, Eliza M. F 69y7m1d Housekeeper 23 Mar 1904 W IL 69y Petersburg Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
1299 OSTERBURG, Paul C. M 10m28d Infant 22 Mar 1902 S Greenview life Greenview Convulsions Sugar Grove Cem.
740 OVERSTREET, John M 35y Brock Layer & Plasterer 22 May 1887 W Sangamon Co., IL from birth Athens Hemorrhage from lungs Athens Cem.
14258 OWENS, Hardin Marion M 43y10m27d Laborer 6 Nov 1903 M Menard Co. 43y Petersburg Acute Alcoholism Rose Hill Cem.
14264 OWENS, Mary Jane F 69y1m10d Housewife 2 Dec 1903 W Green Co., KY 69y Petersburg Debility following shock & exposure Rose Hill Cem.

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