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Menard County Death Records
December 1877 - April 1910

These records were extracted from microfilmed copies of the original county records. You will need to scroll right to read all of the information for each record. As with all records, be creative when looking for your ancestor names. I've spelled the entries as they were on the register, even when I felt sure the spelling was not correct.

- M -

Lic # Name Sex Age Occupation Death Date MS Where Born Lived in Co Died Where Cause of Death Buried Where
181 MAGEE, Ruth Jane F 46y5m14d Housewife 15 Sep 1879 M Morgan Co., IL 43y Menard Co. Adominal Tumor Newmansville
14194 MAHONEY, Martin M 63y1m22d Farmer 2 Jan 1903 M Ireland 39y Twp. 17, R 7. Acute Indigestion causing heart failure Ashland Catholic Cem.
14415 MAJOR, Susan F 70y5m7d Widow 29 Sep 1904 W England 50y Petersburg Heart Failure Oakland Cem.
14435 MAJOR, Susan F 70y5m Housewife 20 Sep 1904 W England 50y Petersburg Acute heart failure dying suddenly Oakland Cem.
1436 MALIN, Emanuel Severn M 1m6d 4 Feb 1903 Athens Athens Larnyx Phayingitis West Cem., Athens
4883 MALLERGREN, Minnie Ellen F 21y5m23d Housekeeper 23 Feb 1907 S IL Petersburg Organic heart trouble Rose Hill Cem.
422 MALTBY, Sarah Ann F 25y11m11d Housewife 21 Dec 1881 M Menard Co. Since birth Petersburg Precinct Valvular disease of heart Rose Hill Cem.
4821 MANLEY, Viola F 1y6m Infant 19 Sep 1906 S Petersburg life Petersburg Inflamation of brain Rose Hill Cem.
731 MANNING, Patrick M 11y6m 3 Apr 1887 S Springfield, IL 11y Greenview Accident, killed by train trying to jump off Springfield, IL
1339 MARGER, Annie F 25d Infant 1 Aug 1902 S Athens Cholera Infantum Calvary Cem.
14476 MARQUARD, Henry Conrad M 41y Teamster 10 Jan 1905 M WI 20y Greenview Pneumonia Sugar Grove Cem.
131 MARTIN, Doretha Sophia F 76y9m12d Farmer's Wife 26 Sep 1878 W Hanover, Germany 10y Petersburg Gastro Enteritis Rose Hill Cem.
511 MARTIN, Edward M 18y3m27d Farm Hand 18 Feb 1883 Menard Co. Since birth Petersburg Precinct Petersburg Cem.
646 MARTIN, Elnora F 4y 19 Dec 1884 S Athens 4y Athens Precinct Diptheritic Croup Athens Cem.
586 MARTIN, Infant M 11hr 8 Feb 1884 S IL Life Athens Precinct Congenital weakness Indian Point Cem.
4720 MARTIN, Infant F 7d Infant 21 Oct 1905 S Oakford Oakford Rupture of umbilical Oakford Cem.
1247 MARTIN, John A. M 65y Farmer 27 Jan 1898 M KY Indian Creek Precinct Heart failure Baker's Point Church
152 MARTIN, Martha Ann F 61y17d None 9 May 1879 W IL 61y Tallula Cancer of Stomach Greenwood Cem.
5234 MARTIN, Martha B. F 86y25d Housewife 24 Aug 1909 W OH 60y Petersburg Cerebral hemorrhage Rose Hill Cem.
5055 MARTIN, Mortimer M 57y4m3d Farmer 9 Apr 1908 IN 2 1/2 Mmiles NE Tice Suicide by hanging Lebanon Cem.
259 MARTIN, Polly F 5y4m7d 13 Apr 1880 Menard Co. 5y Indian Creek Phthisis Pulmonalis Bakers Prairie Church
4858 MASON, Thomas M 20y1m13d Farmer 30 Dec 1906 S IL 20y Rock Creek Precinct Pulmonary Tuberculosis Hickory Grove Cem.
68 MASTERS, Alexander Dexter M 5y30d 8 Sep 1878 S At Father's, Petersburg Diphtheria
5280 MASTERS, Lucinda Young F 95y2m15d Housewife 26 Jan 1910 W Nashville, TN 93y Senile heart Oakland Cem.
14291 MASTERS, Squire Davis M 91y3m4d Farmer 2 Feb 1904 M Overton Co., TN 74y Sandridge Precinct Cystitis Exensive hernia Oakland Cem.
1170 MATHEI, Hugo M 73y Inmate of County House 8 May 1897 Germany 35 or 40y Petersburg By being struck by engine 14 on C.P. & S.L. Rose Hill Cem.
14213 MATHEWS, Charles Frederich M 83y7m3d Gunsmith 3 Jul 1903 M Spartanburg, SC 38y Petersburg General debility due to old age Rose Hill Cem.
5014 MATHEWS, Eli, Mrs. F 40y Housekeeper 19 Nov 1907 M Athens Consumption West Cem., Athens
223 MATHEWS, Mary Burr F 2y9m21d 13 Jan 1880 S Petersburg Petersburg Spinal Meningitis Rose Hill Cem.
345 MATTHEWS, Lula F 6y6m21d 3 May 1881 S Menard Co. Life Petersburg Diptheria Rose Hill Cem.
4522 MAURER, Lida Jane F 31y4m20d Housewife 23 Mar 1905 M Cass Co., IL life Ashland Precinct, Cass Co. Acute hemorrhage nephritis Greenwood Cem.
1219 MCAMINCH, Durham B. M 22y Brakeman on R.R. 6 Aug 1899 S KY 6m Nr. Greenview Accidental by falling from R.R. train KY
14425 MCATEE, Bessie P. F 19d 4 Oct 1904 S Greenview Greenview Convulsions Sugar Grove Cem.
4497 MCATEE, Edward M 44y12d Farm Laborer 31 Jan 1905 M IL life LaGrippe Smoot Cem.
1259 MCATEE, Elizabeth F 60y5m22d Housewife 4 Jan 1902 M Gibson Co., IN Greenview Uterine Cancer Sugar Grove Cem.
449 MCATEE, Melvina F 23y2m10d Housekeeper 18 Apr 1882 M Menard Co. Life Greenview Acute Tuberculosis Sugar Grove Cem.
1174 MCCAFFERY, Nancy Johnson F 11m18d 28 Aug 1897 IL all life Atterberry Cholera Infantum Concord, IL
1403 MCCAFFREY, Baby M 2 1/2d 7 Nov 1902 S Sandridge Sandridge Precinct Congenital Malformation Concord
565 MCCALE, Richard M Don't Know Coal Miner 21 Oct 1883 S Irish Unknown Tallula Precinct Run over by train on C.&A. R.R. while drunk Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
188 MCCARTY, Mary Ellen F 20y14d Housewife 1 Oct 1879 M Beardstown, IL 20y Oakford Typhoid Fever Chandlerville
1132 MCCASE, Mary ? F 68y5m13d Housewife 27 Dec 1895 W KY Greenview Septicemis Rose Hill Cem.
14351 MCCLARY, Ellen Nora F 55y20d Housewife 27 Apr 1904 M New Brunswick, Canada 23y Greenview Pneumonia with LaGrippe Greenview
667 MCCLARY, Florence C. F 2y2m15d 26 Jul 1885 S Greenview Life Greenview Malaria & Dysentery Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
14252 MCCLUNE, Robert M 56y Life Insurance Agent 18 Oct 1903 W IL 56y Commercial Hotel, Petersburg Alcoholism Bloomington, IL
14257 MCCLUNE, Robert M 56y 18 Oct 1903 W IL 56y Commercial Hotel, Petersburg Alcoholism Bloomington, IL
5070 MCCUE, Bridget F 74y Housekeeper 5 Jun 1908 M Ireland 45y Nr. Oakford Heart disease Oakford Cem.
441 MCDONALD, Jennie F 24y7m25d Dress Maker 13 Feb 1882 S VA 7y Athens Phthisis Pneumonia Athens
37 MCDOUGAL, Frank M 9y6m 22 May 1878 S Menard Co. Greenview Peritonitis - inflamation of spermatic cord Big Grove Cem., Mason Co., IL
4681 MCDOUGAL, John M 70y Farmer 25 Jul 1905 W IL 70y Athens Precinct Parsis
167 MCDOUGALL, Charles Henry M 13y11m10d 19 Jul 1879 Indian Creek Precinct 13y Greenview Pulmonary Phthisis Lebanon
14185 MCDOUGALL, Hannah Maria F 72y4m18d Housewife 18 May 1903 M NY 31y Petersburg Cardialgia Oakland Cem.
829 MCDOUGALL, Henry Hobart M 14y9m25d Student 22 Aug 1888 S Petersburg Petersburg Typhoid Fever Rose Hill Cem.
4787 MCDOUGALL, Isaac M 80y8m Farmer 21 Jul 1906 W Oneida Co., NY 34y Petersburg heart failure, suppression of urine Oakland Cem.
908 MCDOUGALL, James M Teamster 15 Sep 1889 M Near Petersburg Greenview Acute Brights Disease Lebanon Cem.
1335 MCDUGLE, Harry M 28y8m4d Farmer 17Jul 1902 M life Indian Point Organic disease ofheart Indian Point Cem.
382 MCDUGLE, Mary F 74y3m6d 6 Aug 1881 W Green Co., KY over 50y Athens Precinct Paralysis Lebanon Cem.
1337 MCDUGLE, Ralph M 11m24d Infant 19 Jul 1902 S life Menard Co. Cholera Infantum Lebanon Cem.
605 MCDUGLE, Robert Taylor M 13y7m7d 3 Apr 1884 S Menard Co. Since birth Athens Precinct Typhoid Fever Lebanon Cem.
4971 MCEVOY, Daniel Boon M 54y5m Laborer 6 Jul 1903 M IL 54y Tallula, IL Organic heart trouble Greenwood Cem.
1210 MCGARY, Jacob M 78y11m Farmer 7 Mar 1899 M 53y Greenview LaGrippe Lebanon Cem.
270 MCGARY, Jacob Jr. M 26y6m27d Agriculturist 3 Jul 1880 M IL 26y 4 mi E of Petersburg Phthisis Pulmonalis Lebanon Church
394 MCGARY, Sarah Ann F 7y9m3d Child 27 Aug 1881 S Menard Co. Since birth Indian Creek Precinct Diphtheria Lebanon Cem.
14416 MCGEACHIN, Margaret F 90y3m25d Housekeeper 18 Sep 1904 W Scotland 35y Petersburg Senile Gangrene Oak Ridge, Springfield, IL
778 MCGEE, John M 26y5m Farmer 4 Jan 1888 S Cass Co., IL 26y Near Oakford Pneumonia Oakford
1001 MCGLASSON, Ethel Alice F 1y10m Child 31 Dec 1890 S Petersburg Petersburg Tubercular Pherrergeal Oakland Cem.
373 MCGOVERN, Elizabeth F 51y2m18d Housewife 18 Jul 1881 M Ireland 25y Tallula Overdose of Laudanum - suicide Oak Ridge Cem., Springfield
217 MCGRADY, Samuel M 2y11m4d 7 Dec 1879 Menard Co. Rock Creek Precinct Diphtheria Farmer's Point Cem.
128 MCHENRY, Bertha Ines F 13d 14 Feb 1879 S Greenview Greenview Inanition - premature birth Blane's Burying Ground
73 MCHENRY, Carrie Gertrude F 1y10m26d 11 Sep 1878 S Petersburg Diphtheria Petersburg
782 MCHENRY, Edward A. M 20y3m26d 21 Jan 1888 S Petersburg 20y Petersburg Emphysema Rose Hill Cem.
14374 MCHENRY, Henry Curtis M 15y Farmer 4 Jul 1904 Menard Co. Oakford Gun shot wound by unknown person Oakford
1060 MCHENRY, James M 9m4d 10 Feb 1893 S IL County Pneumonia Mt. Olive, Cass Co., IL
48 MCKEE, Calvin D. M 53y3m26d Farmer 19 Jun 1878 M OH 20y Oakford Typhoid Fever Oakford
4502 MCKEE, James A. M 5m9d Infant 12 Feb 1905 life Menard Co. life Menard Co. Bronchial Pneumonia Sugar Grove Cem.
4705 MCKEE, Mary Elizabeth F 5y11m20d 4 Oct 1905 Oakford life Oakford Acute heart failure Oakford Cem.
5246 MCKEY, Mabel Lucile F 1y5m 2 Oct 1909 Menard Co. Menard Co. Pernicious anemia Sugar Grove Cem.
1361 MCKINEY, Doratha Adaline F 2m 30 Aug 1902 S Greenview life Greenview Gongenital Inanition - never fully developed Baker Prairie Cem.
14481 MCKINNEY, Martha F 40y10m2d Housewife 14 Jan 1905 Greenview 41y Greenview Abortion 4th month Sugar Grove Cem.
14331 MCKINNEY, Nola G. F 8m14d 12 Mar 1904 S Greenview life Greenview General debility Sugar Grove Cem.
841 MCMANAWAY, Sarah F 84y7m12d 16 Sep 1888 W Bath Co., KY 30y Menard Co. Paralysis Lebanon Cem.
5295 MCMICHAEL, Myrtle Virginia F 49y6m3d Housekeeper 10 Mar 1910 M IL 44y Petersburg Disintegration of lung tissue Rose Hill Cem.
5087 MCMULLEN, Clarice Pearl F 7y2m1d 9 Jul 1908 S Menard Co. Menard Co. Congestion of brain, high fever, heart failure Hickory Grove Cem.
921 MCNABB, Eliza F 68y2m5d Housekeeper 26 Oct 1889 W Green Co., Ky Petersburg Precinct Carcinoma Abdominal Rose Hill Cem.
388 MCNABB, Melinda Ellen F 4y11m29d Child 11 Aug 1881 S Petersburg Precinct Since birth Petersburg Precinct Typhoid Fever Lebanon Church
1042 MCNAMAR, Elizbeth F 67y9m16d 23 Dec 1892 W Ross Co., OH 57y Sandridge Precinct Organic heart disease Concord Cem.
1041 MCNAMAR, Isaac M 66y8m13d Farmer 11 May 1892 NY 53y Sandridge Precinct Cystitis enlarged prostate detention of urine Concord Cem.
136 MCNAMAR, John M 77y4m Farmer 22 Feb 1879 M NY 51y Sandridge Congestion of the lungs Concord
4520 MCNANAME, J. J. M 55y Laborer 20 Mar 1905 S KY 40y Curtis Precinct Appoplexy Lebanon Cem.
4803 MCNEAL, Cecil M 11m 15 Sep 1906 S Oakford Oakford Diarrhea (teething) Oakford Cem.
4503 MCQUINN, Florence Amelia F 32y5m6d Housewife 12 Feb 1905 M VA 25y Nr. Athens Pneumonia following LaGrippe South Cem., Athens
780 MEADOWS, Alexander M 76y Retired Farmer 17 Jan 1888 M VA 40y Greenview Old Age Sugar Grove Cem.
101 MEADOWS, Frank M 1y10m18d 3 Dec 1878 S Menard Co. Greenview Membranous Croup Elkhart, Logan Co., IL
1116 MEADOWS, Hal M 24y1m5d Laborer 2 May 1895 S Menard Co. Greenview Peritonitis Elkhart Cem.
1213 MEADOWS, Polly F 84y6m11d Housewife 10 Apr 1899 W VA 50y Greenview Senility Sugar Grove Cem.
5081 MEADS, Ira Franklin M 9m3d 24 Jun 1908 Petersburg Petersburg Inflamation of brain Rose Hill Cem.
14469 MEADS, Jessie John M 71y5m28d Huckster 13 Dec 1904 W Belmont Co., OH 71y Petersburg Lung Fever Rose Hill Cem.
5202 MEECE, Anna F 18y10m18d 3 May 1909 S IL Nr. Petersburg Acute inflamatory rheumatism & chorea Rose Hill Cem.
14408 MEEHAN, William M 68y Farmer 12 Aug 1904 M Limerick Co., Ireland 38y Menard Co. Mitral Vegerggetational Heart Calvary Cem.
4914 MEEKES, Lidia F 73y8m5d Housewife 1 Jun 1907 W Menard Co. 73y Greenview Heart Disease Sugar Grove Cem.
506 MEESE, Jemima F 71y7m25d 11 Feb 1883 W VA 30y Petersburg Precinct Valvular diseast of heart & bronchitis Rose Hill Cem.
403 MEGREDY, Mary Elizabeth F 26y8m26d 26 Sep 1881 M Menard Co. 25y Rock Creek Precinct Heart Disease - died during labor Farmer's Point Cem.
1322 MEHAN, Annie F 18y9m 10 Jun 1902 S IL life Petersburg Lung trouble Calvary Cem.
190 MEHAN, Katy F 4y 7 Oct 1879 5 mi NE Petersburg Unknown Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
1418 MEHAN, Mary F 22y8m 4 Jan 1903 S Menard Co. 22y Menard Co. Pulmonary Tuberculosis Calvary Cem.
115 MEIERS, George M 45y Shoemaker 23 Dec 1878 M Oakford Taking dose of laudanum Oakford
399 MEISMANN, Henry H. M 55y4m9d Merchant & Tailor 5 Sep 1881 M Hanover, Germany 31y Petesburg Epithelial Cancer of the pylic end of stomach Rose Hill Cem.
4896 MELL, E. T. M 65y1m23d Farmer 31 Mar 1907 M OH Petersburg heart disease Mason City Cem.
176 MELTON, Elmer M 1y2m29d Farmer's Son 16 Aug 1879 S Menard Co. Athens Precinct Cholera Infantum Sweetwater Cemetery
4891 MELTON, Elmina F 85y10m20d Housewife 1 Mar 1907 W Acworth, NH 26y Oakford Acute Hepatic congestion Rose Hill Cem.
4713 MELTON, William Wesley M 80y3m22d Farmer 7 Nov 1905 W Jefferson Co., IN Menard Co. Diabetis & old age Hornback Cem.
1240 MENGERSHOUSEN, Fay F 3y3m20d 25 Oct 1900 S Petersburg life Petersburg Drowned in cistern Rose Hill Cem.
1238 MERKLE, Lewis M 40y Bartender 12 Jul 1900 M Germany Don't Know Sangamon River nr Petersbrg Drowning Springfield, IL
1026 MERRILL, Elizabeth M. F 77y10m23d Housekeeper 25 Nov 1891 W KY Petersburg Heart disease Rose Hill Cem.
97 MERRILL, George W. M 35y Farmer 8 Dec 1878 M Menard Co. 35y Petersburg Precinct Softening of the Brain Little Grove
801 MERRILL, Harry M 10y3m19d Student 4 Mar 1888 S Menard Co. 10y Petersburg Valvular Disease of heart Rose Hill Cem.
616 MERRILL, Jacob M 78y3m15d Farmer 24 Jun 1884 M KY 52y Petersburg Precinct Vesical Calculus Rose Hill Cem.
5183 MERRYMAN, James O. M 39y5m10d School Teacher 19 Mar 1909 M OH 20y Tallula Exhaustion from disease Greenwood Cem.
46 MESSERSMITH, Ameda F 26y2m1d 13 Jun 1878 M Logan Co., IL 26y Menard Co. Jaundice caused by pregnancy Logan Co.
5091 MESSERSMITH, Lee M 2y 25 Jul 1908 S Fancy Prairie Fancy Prairie Cholera Infantum West Cem., Athens
1310 MESSERSMITH, Mary Jane F 70y4m13d 10 May 1902 W VA 22y Athens Pernicious Anemia Hall Cem.
4944 MEY, Casper Aug. George M 58y10m20d Invalid 30 Jul 1907 S Germany 35y Petersburg Chronic parnsbynatous nephritis Rose Hill Cem.
1307 MEYER, Harmon M 76y2m11d Farmer 27 Apr 1902 M Germany 47y Greenview Precinct Valvular Disease of heart Rose Hill Cem.
301 MEYERS, John Henry M 1m7d 9 Aug 1880 S Petersburg Life Petersburg Cholera Infantum Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
4843 MIKELAS, Mary F 11m8d 30 Nov 1906 S Spring Valley life Athens Inanition Calvary Cem.
4819 MILES, Anna F 82y2m6d Farmer's wife 9 Sep 1906 M NY 73y Twp. 18 Chronic bronchitis Oakland Cem.
14176 MILLER, Alfred M 76y1m28d Farmer 29 Mar 1903 M IL 76y Petersburg Paralysis Hickory Grove Cem.
14183 MILLER, Arrena F 77y7m13d Housewife 1 May 1903 W Sangamon Co., IL 77y Menard Co. Oedema Lungs Rose Hill Cem.
4929 MILLER, Caroline Elizabeth F 72y4m8d Housewife 14 Jul 1907 M Alleghany, PA 61y E. Petersburg Precinct Paralysis due to cerebral hemorrhage Rose Hill Cem.
788 MILLER, Charles M 7d 28 Jan 1888 S Greenview Life Greenview Precinct Sweetwater
1071 MILLER, Cyamus M 6d 3 Jun 1893 S Petersburg Cyanosis - probably from defective heart Rose Hill Cem.
1123 MILLER, D. Harmes M 56y10m5d Farmer 17 Feb 1895 M Germany Little Grove Precinct Pluro pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
1125 MILLER, Elizabeth F 73y6m29d Housekeeper 10 Jul 1895 W OH Athens Abdominal cancer West Cem., Athens
14359 MILLER, Elizabeth F 60y4m10d Housewife 26 May 1904 M VA 48y Petersburg Cancer of stomach Rose Hill Cem.
5085 MILLER, Elizabeth F 82y9m22d Keeping house 6 Jul 1908 S Sangamon Co., IL Menard Co. Hemorrhage from bowels Hickory Grove Cem.
157 MILLER, Ellen F 1m27d 15 Jun 1879 S Petersburg Petersburg Cholera Infantum Rock Creek Cem.
5271 MILLER, Emma F 2y6m Infant 3 Jan 1910 S Germany Athens Broncho pneumonia Indian Point Cem.
5151 MILLER, Fred M 71y Shoemaker 7 Apr 1909 M Germany 50y Petersburg Apoplexy Rose Hill Cem.
252 MILLER, George Mitchell M 10y2m10d 26 Mar 1880 S Menard Co. 7y Petersburg R.R. accident - legs being cut off Oakland Cem.
1063 MILLER, Hans P. M 57y10m11d Coal Miner 25 Oct 1893 M Sweden 12y Greenview Accidental - premature explosion in mine Sugar Grove Cem.
4678 MILLER, Infant of George H. M 8hrs 13 Jul 1905 IL Tallula Premature Union Cem.
14307 MILLER, Infant of Jesse M 5d 19 Feb 1904 Petersburg Petersburg Premature birth Rose Hill Cem.
5108 MILLER, Lemuel M 79y8m4d Farmer 5 Oct 1908 W Menard Co. 79y Menard Co. Senility indigestion Hickory Grove Cem.
14198 MILLER, Lloyd M 1y5m2d 19 Jun 1903 S Sangamon Co., IL 1y Tallula Acute Ileo Colitis White Cem.
4689 MILLER, Melton M still birth 12 Aug 1905 Petersburg Petersburg Still birth, cause unknown Hickory Grove Cem.
14175 MILLER, Milton M 62y10m9d Laborer 27 Mar 1903 D IL 62y Petersburg Brights disease Rose Hill Cem.
4959 MILLER, Myrtle F 20y6m4d School Teacher 30 Sep 1907 S Menard Co. 20y Greenview Typhoid fever with hemorrhage Hickory Grove Cem.
5269 MILLER, Rachael F 64y9m27d None 31 Dec 1909 W Menard Co. Menard County Poor House Pulmoonary tuberculosis Rose Hill Cem.
832 MILLINGTON, Sarah J. F 26y9m12d 25 Aug 1888 M Menard Co. 27y Athens paralysis of heart Brittin Cem.
5043 MILLION, Nancy F 85y10m2d None 14 Mar 1908 W Green Co., KY 75y Nr. Tice Station Acute Bronchitis Rose Hill Cem.
745 MILLS, Samuel C. M 75y6m27d Carpenter 29 Jul 1887 M ME 50y Greenview Sporadic Cholera Sweetwater Cemetery
5109 MILLS, Sarah C. F 87y4m15d Housewife 10 Oct 1908 W KY Greenview Pneumonia Sugar Grove Cem.
1214 MITCHEL, Unknown F 72y4m Housewife 2 May 1899 W Ireland 19y Greenview Old age Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
14365 MITCHELL, Anthony M Unknown Laborer 11 Jun 1904 M KY 18y Petersburg Cardiac lesion Oakland Cem.
4923 MITCHELL, Jennie Rothert F 4y1m18d 21 Jun 1907 M Cincinnati, OH 11y Petersburg Pericarditis with effusion Oakland Cem.
4708 MITCHELSON, Daniel M 50y Miner 11 Oct 1905 M New Castle, England 24y Athens Returning on supposed squis? shot Athens
5225 MOMEYER, Rebecca C. Vernon F 76y6m24d Housekeeper 30 Jul 1909 M Fayette Co., PA 37y Petersburg Chronic parenchymatous nephritis Oakland Cem.
1285 MONTGOMERY, B. F. M 79y9m9d Retired Farmer 23 Mar 1902 M IL 75y Petersburg Acute Softening of the brain Oakland Cem.
137 MONTGOMERY, Charles L. M 76y1m1d Farmer 6 Mar 1879 M Monroe Co., VA 61y Greenview Apoplexia Sugar Grove Cem.
4784 MONTGOMERY, David M 49y1m16d 19 Jul 1906 M 49y Greenview Cerebral hemorrhage with softening of brain Elmwood
1183 MONTGOMERY, Eliza F 84y5m8d Housewife 17 May 1898 W KY 56y Greenview Old age Sugar Grove Cem.
14309 MONTGOMERY, Hellen F 2m20d 22 Feb 1904 Greenview Greenview Accdntlly smothered while in bed w/ mother Sweetwater
4791 MONTGOMERY, James M 9y 9 Aug 1906 S Sandridge Sandridge Precinct Cerebro spinal meningitis Concord, mvd to Rose HIll in May 1932
14417 MONTGOMERY, Jessie M 74y7m10d Brick Layer 16 Sep 1904 M IN 49y Petersburg Hemorrhage of stomach Mason City, IL
989 MONTGOMERY, Lewis M 53y9m19d Carpenter 24 Dec 1890 W IN Greenview Croupous pneumonia Smoots Grave Yard
5100 MONTGOMERY, Martha Ann F 75y6m1d Housewife 7 Sep 1908 W IL 72y Petersburg Uterine Carcinoma Oakland Cem.
310 MONTGOMERY, Nancy D. F 33y6m20d 11 Sep 1880 M Menard Co. Life Petersburg Typhoid Fever Rose Hill Cem.
4746 MONTGOMERY, Thomas Park M 21y7m26d Farmer 12 Feb 1906 S IL life Sandridge Precinct Diabetic coma Concord Cem., mvd to Rose Hill May 1932
803 MOOD, William M 56y Coal Miner 23 Mar 1888 M Liverpool, England 26y Petersburg Gangrenous Erysipilus - poisonous whiskey Rose Hill Cem.
86 MOODY, Elizabeth F 9y9m23d 27 Sep 1878 S Petersburg 9y Petersburg Diphtheria Petersburg Burying Ground
59 MOOERS, Georgia M. F 10m2d 23 Aug 1878 Sandridge Sandridge Cholera Infantum Concord
733 MOORE, Elizabeth F 86y5m11d 12 Apr 1887 W Bath Co., KY 63y Greenview Old age Rose Hill Cem.
4726 MOORE, Elizabeth F 76y23d 18 Jan 1906 W VA 24y Greenview Precinct Pneumonia with LaGrippe Sugar Grove Cem.
14192 MOORE, Laura Ellen F 20y10m19d School girl 19 Jun 1903 S Nebraska 18y Indian Point Cerebral meningitis Indian Point Cem.
481 MOORE, Mary Ellen F 43y 12 Oct 1882 M 23y 1 mi SW of Athens Paralysis of the heart Athens Cem.
178 MOORE, Milton M 45y5m20d Merchant 28 Aug 1879 M Sangamon Co., IL 45y Oakford Congestion of the Brain Rose Hill Cem.
4526 MOORE, Mollie F 30y 7 Feb 1905 S Menard Co. 30y Little Grove Precinct Acute bronchitis following LaGrippe Oakland Cem.
4739 MOORE, Samuel M 26y13d Farmer 13 Jan 1906 S Menard Co. Petersburg Bronchial consumption Rose Hill Cem.
199 MORGAN, Grace F 4y 4 Nov 1879 S Petersburg Petersburg Malignant Scarlet Fever Rose Hill Cem.
5223 MORGAN, Julia May F 9y11m24d 26 Jul 1909 S MO 4y Petersburg Tuberculosis Oakland Cem.
661 MORGAN, Mary E. F 25y3m4d Housekeeper 16 Jun 1885 M IL Petersburg Consumption Rose Hill Cem.
650 MORPHEW, Charles Edwin M 1y1m4d 9 Jan 1885 S Petersburg always Petersburg Tuberculor meningitis Rose Hill Cem.
658 MORPHEW, Herbert C. M 13y2m17d 2 Jun 1885 S Petersburg always Petersburg Tuberculus Meningitis Rose Hill Cem.
4940 MORRIS, Charlotte A. F 42y1m12d Dressmaker 24 Aug 1907 S IL 42y Petersburg Carcinoma of liver Rose Hill Cem.
14184 MORRIS, David T. M 57y7m27d Harness Maker 15 May 1903 M OH 48y Petersburg Chronic Myelitis Rose Hill Cem.
14181 MORRIS, Edward M. M 50y5m19d Hardware Merchant 25 Apr 1903 M OH 48y Petersburg Pulmonary Tuberculosis Rose Hill Cem.
135 MORRIS, Lewis L. M 9m21d 6 Feb 1879 S Petersburg Petersburg Catarrhal Fever Rose Hill Cem.
5260 MORRIS, Malinda A. F 55y5d Housewife 23 Nov 1909 W IL 55y Petersburg Valvular heart disease Rose Hill Cem.
5103 MORRIS, Phoebe F 64y5m3d Housewife 19 Sep 1908 W Germany 50y Petersburg Consumption Streator, IL
4844 MOTLEY, Alonzo M 14y11m23d Student 2 Dec 1906 S Petersburg life Petersburg Obstruction of bowels Oakland Cem.
14349 MOTLEY, Nora F 9y 17 Apr 1904 S Petersburg 9y Petersburg Tuberculosis of lungs Oakland Cem.
4758 MOTLEY, Rosa Bell F 17y6m House girl 18 Mar 1906 S Green Co., KY 14 1/2y Petersburg Consumption Oakland Cem.
913 MOTTLEY, Isaac M 7d 25 Sep 1889 S Petersburg Petersburg Infantile Convulsions Oakland Cem.
725 MOUSSON, Charles M 11y25d 13 Feb 1887 S Bauff, Sweden 1y Long Lake, Petersburg Pct. Accidental drowning caused by broken ice Rose Hill Cem.
726 MOUSSON, Martin M 8y 13 Feb 1887 S Bauff, Sweden 1y Long Lake, Petersburg Pct. Accidental drowning caused by broken ice Rose Hill Cem.
624 MUDD, Mary J. Merrill F 32y5m24d 13 Aug 1884 M Lexington, KY 12y Athens Gastroentritis Louisville, KY
816 MULCHERS, Anna F 22y Jun 1888 M IL Rock Creek Puerperal Eclampsia Rose Hill Cem.
1021 MULLAGAN, Julius A. M 18y11m10d Laborer 10 Mar 1892 S Sweden Greenview Peritonitis Rose Hill Cem.
1274 MULLEN, Richard M 63y5m14d Tailor 24 Jan 1902 W PA 33y Petersburg Cerebral appoplexy Rose Hill Cem.
1022 MUNSON, Helen M. F 1y9m 4 Mar 1892 S Greenview Greenview Catarrahal Pneumonia Sweetwater Cemetery
608 MUNSON, Infant M 5d 15 Apr 1884 Petersburg Petersburg Broncho Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
786 MUNSON, John M 5y2m3d 26 Jan 1888 S PA 3y Petersburg Membranous Croup Rose Hill Cem.
1113 MURPHY, Jane Cordelia F 44y9m Housewife 4 Feb 1895 M Keokuk 43y Petersburg Burn Septic Rose Hill Cem.
1013 MUSEMAN, Tim M 16y Laborer 23 Dec 1891 S Sweetwater Irish Grove Pneumonia Murrys Cem.
1151 MUTTA, Margaret A. F 36y5m15d Housewife 20 Sep 1896 M OH Greenview Phthisis Pulmonalis Petersburg
356 MYER, John Harmon M 69y11m19d Baker 11 May 1881 S Badbergen, Hanover, Germany 29y Greenview Precinct Phthisis Pulmonalis Sugar Grove Cem.
1460 MYERS, David M 55y7m6d Coal Miner 23 Mar 1903 M White Side, TN 19y Athens Injuries from explosion in coal mine Hall Cem.
5137 MYERS, Ellen Keyes F 74y11m3d 29 Nov 1909 TN 60y Oakford Pneumonia Oakford
5186 MYERS, Infant of Fred F 6hrs 22 Mar 1909 S IL Athens Inanition West Cem., Athens
377 MYERS, Jacob M about 65y 24 Jun 1881 S VA Athens Hypertrophy & dilatation of heart Athens
639 MYERS, Lafayette M 2y2m 11 Nov 1884 S IL Life Athens Precinct Membraneous Croup Athens Cem.
4873 MYERS, Mary F. F 69y3m7d Housewife 7 Feb 1907 M Howard Co., MO 47y Petersburg Pleura Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
4510 MYERS, Nina Violet F 9y7m4d 4 Mar 1905 S Croft, IL 9y Croft, IL Gastro enteritis with autoinfection Walnut Ridge Cem.
4691 MYERS, Sarah T. F 88y9m17d Housewife 18 Aug 1905 W Janesville, OH 60y Athens Senility West Cem., Athens

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