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Menard County Death Records
December 1877 - April 1910

These records were extracted from microfilmed copies of the original county records. You will need to scroll right to read all of the information for each record. As with all records, be creative when looking for your ancestor names. I've spelled the entries as they were on the register, even when I felt sure the spelling was not correct.

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Lic # Name Sex Age Occupation Death Date MS Where Born Lived in Co Died Where Cause of Death Buried Where
5293 LAMB, Ida F 37y Housekeeper 21 Mar 1910 S KY 2 1/2 miles SW of Tallula Pneumonia Kentucky
575 LAMPBRECHT, Fred F. M 2y10m23d 27 Dec 1883 S Petersburg Petersburg Broncho Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
14484 LANCASTER, Eugene Jay M 9y5m21d 18 Jan 1905 Oakford 9 1/2y Oakford Appendicitis Oakford Cem.
14382 LANCASTER, Julia L. F 26y Housewife 16 Jul 1904 M Menard Co. 26y Petersburg Erysipliesis Walnut Cem.
1294 LANCASTER, Sarah F 86y4m29d 13 Mar 1902 W VA 2 1/2y Tallula Broncho Pneumonia Greenwood Cem.
821 LANGSTON, John Edward M 24y8m9d Farmer 20 Jul 1888 S Menard Co. 25y Fancy Prairie Ryernia Fancy Creek Cem.
397 LANGSTON, Joseph D. M 75y8m4d Farmer 29 Aug 1881 W KY or SC about 55y Menard Ascites Fancy Creek, Sangamon Co., IL
5276 LANGSTON, Nellie May F 1m22d 12 Jan 1910 S Fancy Prairie life Fancy Prairie Syphilis Fancy Creek Cem.
958 LANING, T. F. M 36y2m7d Coal Agent 17 Apr 1890 S Petersburg Petersburg Tuberculosis Oakland Cem.
1349 LAWSON, John Jr. M 92y Retired Farmer 4 Oct 1902 Nr. Athens Old age West Cem., Athens
14240 LAWSON, William Ralph M 1m12d 22 Sep 1903 IL Menard Co. Acute Gastritis Athens
4792 LAZICKY, Baby M 5y11d 9 Sep 1906 Petersburg Petersburg Ileo colitis Calvary Cem.
1015 LEAHY, Daniel H. M 8m21d Child 7 Dec 1891 S Petersburg Precinct Petersburg Precinct Casaubel Fever Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
959 LEE, Clara F 9m 5 Apr 1890 S Oakford Oakford Pneumonia Oakford Cem.
4955 LEE, Dorothy Mae F 1y5m29d Infant 25 Sep 1907 S IL 1y Oakford Acute gastro enteritis Oakford Cem.
794 LEE, John D. M 75y10m Physician 14 Feb 1888 M VA 50y Sweetwater Precinct Pneumonia Indian Point Cem.
4920 LEFFERS, Johann Gerhardt M 86y9m1d 16 Jun 1907 W Germany 38y nr. Petersburg Apoplexy Rose Hill Cem.
5036 LEGG, Alfred M Farmer 2 Feb 1908 M IN 69y Greenview LaGrippe Elmwood
14210 LEHENY, Thomas M 65y2m2d Hotel Keeper 15 Jun 1903 M Ireland 45y Greenview Gastritis Calvary Cem.
1093 LEICH, John D. M 27y Brakeman 1 Oct 1894 S Unknown Unknown Petersburg Caught between the bumpers of 2 R.R. cars Bloomington, IL
1130 LEINBERG, John M 50y Miner 30 Sep 1895 M Germany Springfield Accident in mine Petersburg
779 LENTZ, Mary F 83y11m27d Housewife 8 Jan 1888 M Germany 38y Sweetwater Dropsey Springfield, IL
976 LENZ, Henrietta F 63y6m12d Housekeeper 8 Jul 1890 W Germany Petersburg Jaundice - organic disease of liver Rose Hill Cem.
594 LEUCHT, Charlotte F 63y1m 9 Mar 1884 W Germany 10y Petersburg Lobular Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
409 LEVALLEY, Fannie F 26y1d Teacher 11 Oct 1881 S 1m Greenview Rheumatic Endocarditis Lincoln, Logan Co., IL
4695 LEVERING, Catherine E. M 80y11m Housewife 29 Aug 1905 W Germany 50y Petersburg Exhaustion due to old age Rose Hill Cem.
4710 LEVERING, Charles Edward M 41y11m15d Laborer 16 Oct 1905 S Petersburg 41y Petersburg Pulmonary tuberculosis Rose Hill Cem.
14214 LEVERING, Henry Coryden M 54y6m2d Merchant 3 Jul 1903 M Petersburg 54y Petersburg Marasmus exhaustion - cancer of liver Rose Hill Cem.
540 LEVERING, Roy M 4y11m21d 18 Jul 1883 S Petersburg always Petersburg Emphysema since March Rose Hill Cem.
944 LEWIS, Edward M 6y1m29d Child 30 Jan 1890 Logan Co., IL Greenview Cerebro spinal meningitis Sugar Grove Cem.
5019 LIBBY, George M 2m 22 Feb 1908 IL Athens Heart disease Athens
4925 LIBBY, Pearl F 5m16d 3 Apr 1907 S Athens Athens Erysipelis Athens
5287 LINKER, Peter M 41y Coal Miner 26 Feb 1910 M Lithuania, Russia 5y Athens Natural causes, probably heart disease Calvary
5065 LLOYD, Fred M 20y10m1d Farmer 17 Mar 1908 S Menard Co. 20y Menard Co. Appoplexia Irish Grove Cem.
5278 LLOYD, Narcissa P. F 85y 18 Jan 1910 W Petersburg Paralysis Rose Hill Cem.
14322 LOGAN, Dorthylene F 1y10m1d 26 Mar 1904 Athens life Athens Diptheria Hall Cem.
4976 LONG, Charles Alvin M 42y3m23d Barber 10 Nov 1907 M Magordous, OH 21y Petersburg Chronic alcoholism Oakwood, Mt. Vernon, IL
244 LONG, Ida F 2m 28Feb 1880 Menard Co. Athens Precinct Enteritis
444 LONG, Josiah M 67y Laborer 18 Feb 1882 W PA Not Known Res. of Sam Smith Phthisis Pulmonalis Hash Grave Yard
1297 LONG, Mary F 42y Housewife 19 Mar 1902 M IL life Progresive Pernicious Anemia Hall Cem.
1234 LOOBY, Elizabeth B. F 46y9m2d Wife 18 Feb 1900 M life Greenview Precinct LaGrippe Sugar Grove Cem.
239 LORCH, John M 64y4m13d Laborer 18 Feb 1880 S Germany 5 1/2 y Sandridge Hepatitis, Carcinoma Shipley Burying Ground
1350 LOUNSBERRY, Walter Caleb M 3y9m28d 8 Nov 1902 S life nr. Oakford Capillary bronchitis, whooping cough Oakford Cem.
4972 LOWANDA, Virginia F 58y3m25d Housekeeper 23 Aug 1903 W Kingston, Jamaica 58y Petersburg Bright's disease Rose Hill Cem.
4748 LOWE, Eliza F 64y8m15d Housewife 1 Mar 1906 M KY 20y Tallula Precinct Acute bronchitis White Cem.
1199 LOYD, Margaret J. F 53y3m Wife 7 Jan 1898 M PA 33y Greenview Precinct Pneumonia Irish Grove Cem.
5089 LOYD, William M 86y7m3d Wagon maker 19 Jul 1908 M Menard Co. life Petersburg Pernicious anaemia Rose Hill Cem.
5194 LUCHT, Alice Elizabeth F 8d 30 Apr 1909 S Menard Co. Menard Co. Patent foramen avale Petersburg
500 LUCHT, Eilert Thomas M 1y10d 22 Jan 1883 Menard Co. Since birth Petersburg Precinct Meningitis - measles Rose Hill Cem.
5106 LUCHT, Frieda F 1y8m12d 27 Sep 1908 Cass Co., IL Exhaustion with Ileo colitis Petersburg
4831 LUDLAM, Amanda Ellen F 52y8m3d Housewife 12 Oct 1906 M Mason Co., IL 52y Petersburg Heart disease Concord
5048 LUKE, Henry L. M 57y8m3d Laborer 12 Mar 1908 M Menard Co. life Petersburg Arsenical poisoning suicidal Sandridge Cem.
255 LUKENS, H. J. M 51y4m Farmer 31 Mar 1880 M Germany 25y Rock Creek Killed by hog Hickory Grove Grave Yard
142 LUKIN, Webke F 20y4m6d Farmer's Daughter 17 Mar 1879 S Strackholdt, Germany 5y Sandridge Precinct Typhoid Pneumonia Sandridge
132 LUKINS, Charles M 3y1m19d 14 Nov 1878 S Greenview Precinct 3y Greenview Precinct Diphtheria Sweetwater Cemetery
14371 LUKINS, James M 22y3m Miner 23 Jun 1904 M Menard Co. 22y Petersburg Accidental Sweetwater
850 LUMLEY, George H. M 17y6m7d Farmer 13 Oct 1888 S Mason Co., IL Petersburg Valvular disease of the heart Rose Hill Cem.
127 LUTES, Sophia F 2m 1 Feb 1879 S Oakford Oakford Convulsions Acute Meningitis Oakford
5159 LUTHRINGER, John William M 1y6m12d 14 Apr 1909 S Petersburg Petersburg Broncho pneumonia Calvary
32 LYNCH, Leroy M 5y 10 Apr 1878 S Menard Co. Sweetwater Precinct Anasarca Indian Point
5001 LYNN, Eva Edna F 30y1m22d Housewife 1 Feb 1908 M Cass Co., IL life Nr. Oakford Puerperal Septisemia Mt. Olive, Cass Co., IL

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