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Menard County Death Records
December 1877 - April 1910

These records were extracted from microfilmed copies of the original county records. You will need to scroll right to read all of the information for each record. As with all records, be creative when looking for your ancestor names. I've spelled the entries as they were on the register, even when I felt sure the spelling was not correct.

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Lic # Name Sex Age Occupation Death Date MS Where Born Lived in Co Died Where Cause of Death Buried Where
5259 KAHN, Marcus M 61y8m21d Hardware Merchant 21 Nov 1909 M Gehrebrun, Germany 50y Petersburg Cerebral apoplexy, indigestion Oakridge Cem., Springfield, IL
5047 KALB, Infant of Ethel (illegitimate) M 1d 11 Mar 1908 S IL Athens Convulsions Athens
14480 KALB, Lavern F 13d 12 Jan 1905 S IL Athens Icktenis Neanaloma Athens
5212 KARALS, Laura Elsa F 8d 27 Jun 1909 S 3 miles east of Tallula 3 miles east of Tallula Infection - convulsions Greenwood Cem.
311 KEARNEY, Nellie F 2y 2 Oct 1880 S Petersburg 2y Petersburg Cerebro-spinal meningitis Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
4945 KEE, Morell F 4m3d 2 Sep 1907 S Oakford Oakford Inflamation of the bowels Oakford Cem.
372 KEEFE, Michael M 1m18d 9 Jul 1881 S Tallula Tallula Pertussis Petersburg
4985 KEEST, Edna Hermina F 1m1d 18 Oct 1907 Greenview Greenview Exhaustion - Ileo colitis Irish Grove Cem.
14410 KELLAR, James M 80y4m14d Farmer 17 Aug 1904 M NJ 40y 2 1/2 miles of Tallula Result of accident - fell from wagon Bethel Cem.
4711 KELLEY, John Augustine M 44y1m17d Coal Miner 30 Oct 1905 S Petersburg 41y Petersburg Pneumonia, delirium from drink, exposure Calvary Cem.
14178 KELLY, Emmett Tyler M 1y5m2d 18 Apr 1903 S Petersburg Petersburg Pyernia following burn Calvary Cem.
990 KELLY, Frank M 5ym9d Greenview Pneumonia Petersburg
14335 KELLY, James M 60y Farmer 7 Mar 1904 Ireland Rock Creek Precinct Pneumonia Calvary Cem.
14449 KELLY, James Frederick M 19y9m14d Laborer 19 Nov 1904 S IL 19y Petersburg Pulmonary Tuberculosis Calvary Cem.
1398 KELLY, John M 29y4m13d Farmer 15 Oct 1902 S Menard Co. 29y Menard Co. Pulmonary Tuberculosis Calvary Cem.
4754 KELLY, Joseph dominick M 22y7m10d Laborer 23 Jan 1906 S IL 22y Petersburg Pulmonary tuberculosis & lumbar abcess Calvary Cem.
14467 KELLY, Margarette F 92y3m Housewife 21 Dec 1904 W PA 41y Indian Creek Precinct Appoplexy Rose Hill Cem.
4712 KELLY, Mary F 73y6m19d Housekeeper 4 Nov 1905 M Ireland 58y Petersburg Pneumonia Calvary Cem.
1433 KELLY, Michael M 33y2m17d Laborer 19 Jan 1903 S Petersburg 33y Petersburg Apoplexy Cerebral Calvary Cem.
4820 KELLY, Thomas D. M 65y11m33d Laborer 11 Sep 1906 M Ireland 33y Petersburg General debility from mitral regurgitation Calvary Cem.
4942 KELLY, Winifred May F 19y5m12d School girl 18 Jul 1907 S Petersburg life Petersburg Progressive Pernicious anemia Calvary Cem.
366 KELTNER, Delila F 69y Housekeeper 10 Jul 1881 M Granville Co., NC Rock Creek Coup de Soliel Golsby Cem.
14195 KELTNER, Infant M 1d 14 Feb 1903 Rock Creek Precinct Rock Creek Precinct White Cem.
699 KENNEDY, Catherine F 60y 17 Apr 1886 W Tipperary, Ireland 25y Greenview Pneumonia Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
326 KENNEDY, Daniel M 22y11m26d Farmer 6 Jan 1881 S Springfield, IL Life Petersburg Phthisis Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
1206 KENNEDY, Samuel M 71y1m Farmer 14 Jan 1899 W 61y Rock Creek Precinct Heart failure Farmer's Point Cem.
216 KENNER, John M 77y1m28d 16 Nov 1879 M Rockingham Co., VA 50y Tallula Precinct Old Age Tallula
4553 KENNER, John Alfred M 66y9m12d Farmer 23 Feb 1905 M Menard Co. 66y Rock Creek Precinct Nephritis & heart failure White Cem.
4551 KENNEY, John M 40y5d Miner 31 May 1905 M England 10y Athens Mining Co. shaft Heart disease, alcoholism & debauchery Hall Cem.
492 KENNEY, Millard M 1y6m 28 Dec 1882 Petersburg Since birth Petersburg Inflamation of hair Oakland Cem.
5046 KENNEY, William M 73y4m1d Coal Miner 29 Mar 1908 M England Athens Dysentery Athens
777 KENYON, John M 7m9d 2 Jan 1888 S Athens Precinct 1y Near Athens Pneumonia Indian Point Cem.
4997 KERN, William M 68y3d Baker 31 Dec 1907 W Germany 46y Petersburg Paralysis Calvary Cem.
4673 KERNEY, John M 40y Miner 31 May 1905 M England Athens Heart failure Hall Cem.
1326 KEY, Carrie Dell F 19y10m29d Housewife 18 May 1902 M Effingham Co., IL 19y Petersburg Puerfal Septicaema Sugar Grove Cem.
267 KEY, Everett M 11m25d 27 Jun 1880 S Menard Co. Near Athens Whooping Cough Godbey's Cem.
1382 KEY, Guy Dell M 3m1d 10 Aug 1902 S Petersburg Petersburg Marasmus Sweetwater
545 KIESEL, Frank M 62y6m4d Laborer 13 Aug 1883 M Berlin, Prussia Petersburg Accidental drowning Rose Hill Cem.
14202 KIEST, Infant of Harmon F 26 Jan 1902 Sweetwater Sweetwater Don't Know Irish Grove Cem.
14212 KILER, Charles M 70y3m22d Farmer 1 Jul 1903 M Zeniz, OH 54y Sugar Grove Precinct Syncope Irish Grove Cem.
1446 KILLION, Anna Mariah F 30y7m19d 21 Feb 1903 S IL 30y Petersburg Exhaustion caused by deformity fm birth Hornback Cem.
14312 KILLION, Fleming Woldridge M 50y3m3d Farmer 4 Mar 1904 M Menard Co. 50y Petersburg Pulmonary Tuberculosis Lebanon Cem.
876 KILLION, Jacob M 77y5m3d Farmer 21 Jan 1889 W KY Indian Creek Precinct Acute Capillary Bronchitis Lebanon Cem.
71 KILLION, Joseph R. M 14y7m6d 27 Sep 1878 S Indian Creek Precinct 14y Indian Creek Precinct Congestive Chill - pernicious fever Hornback Cemetery
5307 KILLION, Lucinda Jane F 84y7m23d Housewife 27 Dec 1909 M KY Greenview Paralysis Lebanon Cem.
904 KILLION, S. D. M 61y Farmer 5 Aug 1889 W Menard Co. Indian Creek Precinct Phithisis Pulmonalis Hornback Cem.
4946 KINCAID, Andrew Eugene M 82y7m11d Farmer 3 Sep 1907 W Bath Co., KY 73y Homestead 6 mi N of Athens Diabetes for several years Indian Point Cem.
1072 KINCAID, Emily F 84y25d Housekeeper 9 Nov 1893 M KY Athens Precinct Exhaustion from old age Indian Point Cem.
828 KINCAID, Howard M 11m 21 Aug 1888 S Menard Co. Athens Intestinal Catarrh Indian Point Cem.
1020 KINCAID, Jane G. F 62y1m27d Housewife 15 Apr 1891 M Rockingham, VT Near Athens Chronic Intestinal obstruction Indian Point Cem.
4884 KINCAID, John M 88y Farmer 28 Feb 1907 W KY Athens Senile debility Athens
728 KINCAID, John Kennedy M 78y5m14d Farmer 16 Feb 1887 M KY 55y Menard Co. Cyatic diginustion of crosts of colon Indian Point Cem.
1108 KINCAID, Louisa F 73y 6 Nov 1894 W Bath Co., KY Sugar Grove Precinct Abcess of Kidney & liver Indian Point Cem.
4980 KINCAID, Minnie Minerva F 56y6m7d Housewife 29 Nov 1907 M Niantic, IL 38y Greenview Phthisis pulmonalis Elmwood
804 KINCAID, Vienna F 71y25d 29 Mar 1888 W KY 67y Indian Point Old age Indian Point Cem.
437 KINCAID, William Caldwell M 66y3m4d Farmer 7 Feb 1882 M Bath Co., KY about 48y Sweetwater Precinct Valvular disease of heart & Brights disease Indian Point Cem.
852 KINDON, Frank M 1y3m Infant 16 Oct 1888 S Petersburg Greenview Membraneous Croup Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
1067 KINDRED, Eva Gilpin F 43y11m Housewife 1 Nov 1893 M KY Tallula Precinct Heart disease Union Cem.
4938 KING, Clara Bell F 27y8m27d Housewife 15 Aug 1907 M Carroll Co., Ark. Greenview Tuberculosis Elmwood
27 KING, Dillard H M 27y7m10d Farmer 10 Apr 1878 M Menard Co. 27y Oakford Double Pneumonia Oakford
4738 KING, Edward Earle M 6y9m17d 31 Jan 1906 S Pekin, IL life Greenview Scarlet Fever Elmwood
5266 KING, J. Granville M 72y Farming 28 Dec 1909 S KY 60y 7 1/2 miles sw Natural causes Rock Creek Cem.
24 KING, James Alexander M 44y10m27d Gold Miner 15 Jan 1878 S KY Tallula Precinct Pneumo Hydrothorax Rock Creek Cem.
47 KING, Luella F 9m6d 17 Jun 1878 Oakford always Oakford Cholera Infantum Oakford
4761 KING, Mary E. F 76y1m25d Nursing 1 Apr 1906 W St. Louis Co., MO 50y Athens Natural causes - heart disease Hall Cem.
663 KING, Matilda F 86y4m8d Housewife 3 Jul 1885 W PA 34y Sweetwater Precinct Paralysis Walnut Ridge Cem.
305 KING, S. A. J., Miss F 39y11m Farmer's Daughter 7 Nov 1880 S OH 29y Sweetwater Precinct Valvular disease of heart Irish Grove Cem.
335 KING, Walter W. M 58y6m2d Retired Farmer 30 Mar 1881 W KY 45y Petersburg Paralysis of the respiratory muscles Shipley Burying Ground
623 KINHART, Sarah F 45y4m17d 2 Aug 1884 M Menard Co. Since birth Athens Cholera Morbus Hall Cem.
4496 KINNER, Georgia F 54y3m14d Housewife 26 Jan 1905 M Springfield, IL life LaGrippe Union Cem.
796 KINNER, Jane F 79y 19 Feb 1888 W Green Co., KY 68y Tallula Precinct Pneumonia
4535 KINNER, William B. M 60y1m5d Farmer 8 Apr 1905 W Tallula 60y 1 1/2 miles NE of Tallula Pneumonia Catarrhl Union Cem.
5080 KINNEY, Charles M 1m30d 20 Jun 1908 S Oakford Oakford Oakford Cem.
204 KINNEY, Frederick C. M 1y10m14d 17 Nov 1879 S Mason Co., IL Petersburg Deutetion resulting in convulsions Mason Co., IL
14447 KINNO, Julia F 21d 15 Nov 1904 S East Athens, IL E. Athens Congenital clift palate & hair lip Calvary Cem.
1059 KIRBY, Dorcas F 77y Housewife 23 Mar 1893 M IL Sandridge Pneumonia Family Cem.
4824 KIRBY, Elias Eben M 1m23d 29 Sep 1906 S Sandridge Precinct life Sandridge Precinct Summer complaint Concord
561 KIRBY, George M. M 21y Farmer 24 Sep 1883 S Sandridge Precinct Life Sandridge Typhoid Fever Sandridge Cem.
14330 KIRBY, George Sr. M 91y2m24d Farmer 15 Mar 1904 W Madison Co., IL 91y Sandridge Intra Cranial hemorrhage Family Cem.
5219 KIRBY, Hattie Edith Redding F 34y4m29d Housewife 21 Jul 1909 M Tallula 34y Tallula Exhaustion - tuberculosis Oakland Cem.
256 KIRBY, Jessie F 1y1d 4 Apr 1880 MO Sandridge Malignant Scarlet Fever Sandridge
1091 KIRBY, Samuel Jr. M 24y5m4d Farmer 29 Aug 1894 S Mason Co., IL Sandridge Precinct Typhoid Fever Kirby Cem.
14201 KIRKPATRICK, Martha A. F 62y3m14d Housekeeper 28 Dec 1902 S IN 52y Irish Grove Precinct Tuberculosis Irish Grove Cem.
1143 KIRSTE, Christe M 57y None 7 May 1896 S Prussia Not Known Menard County Poor House Heart failure induced by acute alcholism Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
14249 KLEIN, John Jacob M 72y8m28d Blacksmith 7 Oct 1903 M Germany 25y Tallula Heart Failure Greenwood Cem.
1295 KLEIN, Richard M 1y10m 17 Mar 1902 4945 5th Ave., Chicago Broncho Pneumonia Tallula
541 KLINE, John G. M 11m8d 27 Jul 1883 S Tallula 11m Tallula Whooping Cough Tallula
5292 KLINE, Oswin M 1y1m13d Child 25 Mar 1910 S IL NW of Tallula Bronchitis Oakland Cem.
88 KNOLES, Clara Bell F 4y8m11d 24 Nov 1878 S McLean Co., IL 4y Greenview Precinct Membranous Croup Lebanon Cem.
774 KNOLES, D. A. F 56y6m28d Farmer's Wife 16 Oct 1887 M Jefferson Co., IL 56y Rock Creek Paralysis Rock Creek Cem.
84 KNOLES, Jennie Alberta F 9y6m13d 28 Oct 1878 S Middletown, Logan Co., IL 9y Greenview Diphtheria Irish Grove
378 KNOLES, Laura May F 1m20d 12 Jul 1881 S Petersburg Life Petersburg Pertussis Rose Hill Cem.
329 KNOLES, Rachel F 67y11m14d 20 Feb 1881 W Fleming Co., KY 30y Greenview Precinct Pulmonary Phthisis Lebanon Cem.
83 KNOLES, Vietta F 6y9m2d 27 Oct 1878 S Middletown, Logan Co., IL 6y Greenview Diphtheria Irish Grove
283 KNOWLES, Arabella F 29y17d 6 Aug 1880 M Menard Co. 29y Indian Creek Precinct Consumption Rose Hill Cem.
757 KNOWLES, Ernest M 6y 16 Oct 1887 S Petersburg Precinct Life Wolf Precinct Congestion of the brain Rock Creek
431 KNOWLES, Kate F 21y6m15d Housekeeper 22 Jan 1882 S Menard Co. Life Rock Creek Fatty degeneration of heart Rock Creek C.P. Cem.
1184 KNOWLES, Sarah F 62y5m18d Housewife 13 Jun 1898 M KY 15y Indian Creek Precinct Hemhorrage Union Cem.
4947 KNOWLES, William D. M 85y10m13d Farmer 6 Sep 1907 W IN 75y Greenview Typhoid Fever Smoot Cem.
4514 KNOX, Barbara F 52y 9 Mar 1905 W England 20y Athens Brights disease Athens
5006 KNOX, Russell M 3m27d Infant 16 Jan 1908 S Athens life Athens Heart disease - blue since birth Hall Cem.
618 KOCH, John W. M 31y6m13d Farm Hand 29 Jun 1884 S Germany about 3m Indian Creek Precinct Drowned in Sangamon River Rose Hill Cem.
14260 KUE, Susan F 61y2d Farmer's wife 25 Nov 1903 M NJ Fancy Prairie Diabetic Malitis Fancy Creek Cem.

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