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Menard County Death Records
December 1877 - April 1910

These records were extracted from microfilmed copies of the original county records. You will need to scroll right to read all of the information for each record. As with all records, be creative when looking for your ancestor names. I've spelled the entries as they were on the register, even when I felt sure the spelling was not correct.

- F -

Lic # Name Sex Age Occupation Death Date MS Where Born Lived in Co Died Where Cause of Death Buried Where
5032 FAHAY, E. J. M 41y13d Deputy Sheriff 29 Feb 1908 M Menard Co. 41y Petersburg Diptheria Calvary Cem.
5060 FAHAY, James M 70y14d Farmer 17 May 1908 M Ireland 50y Greenview Heart failure Rose Hill Cem.
1257 FAHAY, John M. M 20y1m16d Farmer 25 Dec 1901 S Greenview Precinct life Greenview Precinct Diabeitis Melities Calvary Cem.
955 FAHAY, Mary F 53y Housewife 9 Apr 1890 W Ireland Greenview Septycemia Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
14358 FAHAY, Mary Elizabeth F 32y1m29d Housewife 24 May 1904 M Menard Co. 32y Petersburg Septicemia Puerperal Calvary Cem.
36 FAHAY, Philip M 40y Saloon Kpr & Grocer 4 May 1878 M Clougher. Tipperary Co., Ire. 20y Greenview Abscess of lung & cirrhosis of liver Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
1154 FAITH, Agnes F 21y Housewife 22 Oct 1896 M Menard Co. Greenview Malarial Fever Barclay Cem.
14419 FAITH, Mary Ellen F 90y Inmate of Alms House 13 Sep 1904 W KY Petersburg Artero Scleusis Rose Hill Cem.
4714 FAITH, Myrtle F 17y10m School girl 8 Nov 1905 S Petersburg 17y Petersburg Peritonitis, appendicitis Rose Hill Cem.
4834 FAITH, Narcissus F 74y9m23d Housewife 30 Oct 1906 W IL life Petersburg Cancer of bowels Smoot Cem.
5232 FALTUS, Felix M 42y1m Miner 22 Aug 1909 M Germany 7y Tallula Carcinoma of stomach Calvary
966 FANNYON, Infant M 5d 6 Aug 1890 Greenview Greenview Convulsions Petersburg
383 FAULKNER, Lucy Ann F 68y1m14d 7 Aug 1881 W KY over 40y Sandridge Acute Nephritis Concord Burying Ground
981 FAWCETT, Bernice F 2y 19 Apr 1890 S Mason Co., IL Petersburg Scarfulo
14191 FEAGANS, Infant of Joe F 2wks 14 Jun 1903 Petersburg Petersburg Inanition Rose Hill Cem.
1378 FEAGANS, Lenice F 24 Jul 1902 S Petersburg life Petersburg Ilia colitis Rose Hill Cem.
597 FELTON, George Watson M 21d Child 17 Mar 1884 S Petersburg Since birth Petersburg Convulsions Rose Hill Cem.
14269 FELTON, Harry M 62y5m25d Coal Miner 12 Dec 1903 M England 26y Petersburg Heart failure
546 FELTON, Minnie F 8y7m17d 17 Aug 1883 S England 6y7m17d Athens Diptheria Athens Cem.
825 FENLOW, Mary Ann F 1y6m18d 13 Aug 1888 S Menard Co. Menard Co. Flux Petersburg
1043 FENTNER, Wolfgang M 68y Grocer 8 Mar 1892 M Germany Petersburg Malignant Tumor Rose Hill Cem.
1023 FENTON, Emanuel M 1y6m 26 Feb 1892 S Greenview Greenview Catarrahal Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
965 FENTON, Myrtle F 11m11d 11 Jul 1890 Menard Co. Greenview Diphtheria Rose Hill Cem.
4975 FERGUSON, Arthur M 20y14d Farming 7 Nov 1907 S Menard Co. life Menard Co. Consumption West Cem., Athens
537 FERGUSON, Casey Paschal M 58y11m19d Farmer 2 Jul 1883 M KY about 40y Rock Creek Precinct Acute obstruction of the bowels Hickory Grove Cem.
5028 FERGUSON, E. Wesley M 52y6m25d Farmer 28 Jan 1908 M Menard Co. 52y Menard Co. Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
4534 FERGUSON, Thomas M 70y3m 5 Apr 1905 M KY 50y 5 miles west of Petersburg Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
4720 FERGUSON, William Thomas M 69y4m12d Minister 8 Dec 1905 M Frankfort, KY 20y Petersburg Cerebral hemorrhage Hilldale Cem., Martinville, IN
633 FEULNER, George M 21y2m? Clerk 25 Oct 1884 S Springfield, IL 21y Petersburg Phthisis Pulmonalis Rose Hill Cem.
313 FILBRICHT, Albert M 6m10d 30 Nov 1880 S Petersburg Life Petersburg Congestion of the lungs Rose Hill Cem.
983 FILBRICHT, August Albert M 10m22d 11 Aug 1890 Petersburg Petersburg Cholera Infantum Rose Hill Cem.
371 FILBRICHT, August Ludwig M 41y2m5d Bartender 24 Jul 1881 M Germany 18y Petersburg Congestive Intermittent Rose Hill Cem.
421 FILBRIGHT, Francis M 46y Coal Miner 9 Dec 1881 M Germany 10m N. Coal Shaft, Petersburg Falling Slate Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
637 FILLBRECHT, August M 84y Shoemaker 9 Nov 1884 W Germany Petersburg Bronchitis Chronic Rose Hill Cem.
5112 FINNEY, William M 31y11m18d Farm Hand 30 Oct 1908 S Three Springs, KY 15y Petersburg Run over by switch engine Center, Metcalf Co., Ky.
4801 FISHBURN, William C. M 19y7m2d Farmer 2 Sep 1906 S Pike Co., OH 5y Nr. Athens General peritonitis Walnut Grove Cem.
5277 FISHER, Infant of Edward F 3d 14 Jan 1910 IL Athens Premature birth Athens
754 FISHER, William M 28y5m15d Farmer 29 Sep 1887 S VA 15y Athens Gastro Enteritis Athens Cem.
14470 FISK, Sarah Ann F 80y23d Housewife 13 Aug 1904 M Columbia Co., PA 64y Petersburg Ileo Colitis Cantrall, Sangamon Co., IL
23 FLYNN, Katie F 1y3m 9 Feb 1878 S Tallula 15m Tallula Diphtheria Jacksonville, IL
1204 FOERDER, Charles M 38y Brick Layer 12 Sep 1898 M Menard Co. Killed by engine No. 113, C.P. & St. L. RR
4936 FOESTER, Gerhardt M 51y6m18d Coal Miner 6 Aug 1907 M Bockhol Esson, Germany 2y Petersburg Suicide by hanging Rose Hill Cem.
102 FOLEY, Amanda F 32y6m18d 18 Aug 1878 Nr. Athens 32y Menard County House Epilepsy - in county home for 25 or 30 yrs Rose Hill Cem.
485 FOLEY, Mabel J. F 2y6m 25 Nov 1882 S Pleasant Plains, IL Tallula Pneumonia Tallula
213 FORCE, Emma Bell F 16y7m9d 21 Oct 1879 S Athens 16y Athens Menstrual Derangement - Typhoid Fever West Cem., Athens
652 FORD, Elizabeth Maria F 2y10m 20 Feb 1885 S Pottstown, Peoria Co., IL from birth Athens Scald Petersburg
14489 FORDYCE, Stella Myrtle F 1y3m1d 25 Jan 1905 S Schuyler Co., IL life Menard Co. Abscess of liver Baker's Prairie Cem.
4734 FORMAN, Elizabeth Corrington F 64y3m25d Housewife 10 Jul 1906 M Maysville, KY 39y Tallula Fibroid Phthisis Greenwood Cem.
4969 FORTMYER, Clara F 2y5m9d 13 Jun 1907 Menard Co. Menard Co. Scald or burn from hot water Petersburg
1228 FOSTER, Addie F 24y17d 21 Dec 1899 S Menard Co. life Greenview Phthisis Pulmonalis Sugar Grove Cem.
1372 FOUCHE, Clara May F 25y2m3d Housewife 7 Jul 1902 M Athens 25y Petersburg Heart failure Rose Hill Cem.
5153 FOUCHE, Daniel T. M 89y4m24d Retired Farmer 9 Apr 1909 M VA Petersburg Paralysis Rose Hill Cem.
5010 FOX, Harry M 30y1m Farmer 26 Dec 1907 S Athens Athens Typhoid Fever Athens
5193 FOX, James M 66y7m16d Coal Miner 21 Apr 1909 M England Petersburg General paralysis Rose Hill Cem.
4943 FOZIER, Norma Fay F 1y17d Babe 23 Jul 1907 S Rock Creek Precinct Rock Creek Precinct Whooping cough Farmer's Point Cem.
30 FRACKELTON, Mary S F 59y9d 28 Apr 1878 M County Down, Ireland 30y Petersburg Tuberculosis Rose Hill Cem.
4677 FRANZ, Harmen M 55y5m11d Coal Miner 11 Jul 1905 W Germany 68y Petersburg Consumption Rose Hill Cem.
1036 FRANZ, Infant F 11m10d 6 Mar 1892 S Petersburg Petersburg Acute Bronchitis Rose Hill Cem.
1033 FREESE, Louis M 8m14d 19 Feb 1892 S Petersburg Petersburg Measles Bronchitis Rose Hill Cem.
14282 FREID, John C. M 26y6m2d Coal Miner 7 Jan 1904 S Atchison, Henry Co., IL 26y Greenview Electrical shock from faulty wire in mine Atchison, Henry Co., IL
1279 FREMONT, H. W. M 55y3m11d Shoemaker 12 Jan 1902 M Germany 45y Petersburg Hyperpyrexia Rose Hill Cem.
5250 FRICKE, Joachim Carl Theodor M 82y8d Barber 7 Oct 1909 M Prussia 61y Petersburg Chronic bronchitis Rose Hill Cem.
1118 FROGLEY, Israel M 75y8m23d Farmer 20 Mar 1895 M England Tallula Precinct Acute Bronchitis Greenwood Cem.
14422 FROGLEY, Susan F 75y9m Farmer's wife 1 Sep 1904 W Brooklyn, NY 48y Tallula Chronic Bronchitis Tallula
5240 FROST, Effie May F 19y2m26d 26 Sep 1909 Athens 19y Athens Tuberculosis West Cem., Athens
539 FRYLING, Rollin H. M 8y1m9d 18 Jul 1883 S IL 8y1m Athens Cerebro-spinal Meningitis Athens Cem.
285 FULLER, Not Named M 6d 24 Aug 1880 S Greenview Precinct Life Greenview Precinct Gastro-Enteritis
14241 FULTON, Anna F 68y Farming 9 Sep 1903 W Germany 53y E. Petersburg Chronic Nephritis Rose Hill Cem.
4926 FULTON, Cecil Herbert M 7y9m13d 28 Apr 1907 S Petersburg life Petersburg Membranous croup Rose Hill Cem.
4837 FULTON, Irving M 3y7m14d 6 Nov 1906 S Menard Co. 3y Indian Creek Precinct Whooping cough Rose Hill Cem.
595 FULTON, Jane F 81y2m18d Retired 15 Mar 1884 W KY 59y Athens Precinct Uterine Proplapsus Indian Point Cem.
992 FULTON, John M 2y8m27d 12 Aug 1891 S IL Life Indian Creek Precinct Dysentery Ashland, IL
5093 FULTON, Mary E. F 67y Housekeeper 1 Aug 1908 W KY 42y Athens Acute Dysentery Indian Point Cem.
14223 FULTON, Raymond Power M 11m 23 Jul 1903 S Menard Co. Petersburg Precinct Diptheria Rose Hill Cem.
515 FURGESON, Elijah M 3y27d 27 Feb 1883 Menard Co. 3y Petersburg Measles Petersburg Cem.
902 FURLONG, John M 92y (he said) Pauper 19 Jul 1889 W Ireland Menard County Poor House Old Age (Drinking bad whiskey) Rose Hill Cem.

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