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Menard County Death Records
December 1877 - April 1910

These records were extracted from microfilmed copies of the original county records. You will need to scroll right to read all of the information for each record. As with all records, be creative when looking for your ancestor names. I've spelled the entries as they were on the register, even when I felt sure the spelling was not correct.

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Lic # Name Sex Age Occupation Death Date MS Where Born Lived in Co Died Where Cause of Death Buried Where
1086 EADS, Henry Carlin M 9m4d Child 24 Jun 1894 S Tallula Precinct Tallula Precinct Enteritis Rock Creek Precinct
1452 EASTIN, Elizabeth F 66y3m17d Housewife 2 Mar 1903 W IN 45y Athens Senility Athens
14206 EASTIN, George M 49y Pauper 11 Apr 1903 Sangamon Co. Poor House Softening of the brain Sweetwater
1304 EASTIN, John M about 61y Farmer 19 Apr 1902 W IN 50y Athens Valvular Lesions on heart West Cem., Athens
1275 EASTMAN, Samuel F. M 71y3m23d Machinist 5 Feb 1902 M Palermo, ME 49y Petersburg Heart failure Oakland Cem.
1010 EASTON, Infant F 7m Infant 10 Oct 1891 S Tallula Greenview Cholera Infantum Sugar Grove Cem.
4562 EATON, Grover Clifton M 12y3m6d School boy 15 Jun 1905 S Petersburg 12y Petersburg Typhoid Fever Rose Hill Cem.
56 EATON, Opha Viola F 1y4d 17 Jul 1878 Tallula Petersburg Diphtheria Rose Hill Cem.
251 EBERSOLT, Sarah Ann F 11m12d 22 Mar 1880 Menard Co. Rock Creek Precinct Diphtheria Rock Creek Cem.
33 ECKBERG, Sarah Matilda F 28y10m10d 10 Apr 1878 M Wisby, Sweden 9y Athens Meningitis Briton's Graveyard
4910 ECKHOFF, John Harmon M 26y16d Laborer 15 May 1907 S Petersburg 26y Petersburg Oedema of larnyx Rose Hill Cem.
5192 ECKLER, Grace F 3y6m2d 30 Mar 1909 S Athens Athens Diptheritic laryngitis Hall Cem.
1428 ECKLER, Willis M 1d 26 Jan 1903 Athens Athens Larngx Pharpeptis Hall Cem.
4844 EDDY, James Moody M 68y10m1d Coal Operator 2 Dec 1906 M KY Athens Paralysis agitaus of 10 yrs duration Hall Cem.
325 EDWARDS, Laura Alas F 12y6m28d 10 Jan 1881 S Menard Co. Life Menard Co. Pulmonary Tuberculosis Newmansville
290 EDWARDS, Nora May F 1y1m28d 3 Sep 1880 S Menard Co. Life Menard Co. Cerebro-spinal meningitis Newmansville, Cass Co., IL
26 EHRET, Elizabeth F 23y Farmer's Wife 14 Mar 1878 M Baden, Germany 3mo Athens Precinct Acute Articular Rheumatism Athens
1077 EILERS, Albert M 10y7m5d 14 Jun 1894 S Menard Co. always Sandridge Precinct Accidental drowning Rose Hill Cem.
330 EILERTS, Hermina F. Christina F 24y7m27d 25 Feb 1881 M Worden, Osfriesland, Germany 8y Petersburg Phthisis Pulmonalis Rose Hill Cem.
14272 EILLSON, Elizabeth F 14y9m27d Child 28 Dec 1903 S Greenview 14y Greenview Diabetic Coma Indian Point Cem.
1357 EILSON, Alice M. F 41y10m2d Housewife 6 Jul 1902 M Indian Creek Precinct life Greenview Acute Gastritis Indian Creek Cem.
435 EKIS, Infant F 1hr 4 Feb 1882 S Petersburg Precinct Petersburg Precinct Premauture Birth Rose Hill Cem.
62 EKIS, Mary Elleanor F 1y10m24d 22 Aug 1878 S Petersburg Precinct 1y Petersburg Precinct Diphtheria Rose Hill Cem.
1237 ELDRIDGE, Lucia F 17y11m7d 28 May 1900 S life Greenview Disease of heart caused by rheumatism Indian Point Cem.
1352 ELDRIDGE, William M 76y6m7d Farmer 6 May 1902 M Surrey Co., England 60y Greenview Valvular disease of heart Indian Point Cem.
5101 ELLIOT, Orval Keern M 2m12d 9 Sep 1908 S Oakford Oakford Acute Gastro Enteritis Oakford Cem.
299 ELLIOTT, Eliza F 41y Housewife 10 Oct 1880 M IL Oakford Child bed fever Oakford
870 ELLIOTT, George W. M 32y10m Billiard Hall Proprietor 31 Dec 1888 M Petersburg 33y Petersburg Phthisis Pulmonalis Rose Hill Cem.
1288 ELMORE, Josephine D. F 43y8m16d Housewife 25 Jan 1902 M IL life Tice Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
14448 EMBREE, Anna F 48y9m1d Housewife 15 Nov 1904 M Cass Co., IL 48y Petersburg Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
4937 EMERY, Earl M 7m26d Infant 12 Aug 1907 Tallula Petersburg Cholera Infantum Smoot Cem.
5077 EMERY, William M 14y3m6d 15 Jun 1908 S Greenview Jacksonville, IL Tetanus Greenwood Cem.
1301 EMETT, James M 1y6m 5 Apr 1902 Menard Co. Pneumonia
1313 EMMETT, James Earl M 1y8m20d 4 Apr 1902 Menard Co. 1y Fancy Prairie Pneumonia Indian Point Cem.
1458 EMPKEY, Frederic M 33y8m12d Coal Miner 23 Mar 1903 M IL Athens Injuries from explosion in coal mine West Cem., Athens
1267 ENGLAND, Jesse M 86y11m2d Farmer 12 Jan 1902 W OH 85y Fancy Prairie Pneumonia Walnut Ridge Cem.
449 ENGLAND, Margaret Ann F 30y6m6d Housewife 10 May 1882 M Green Co., KY 25y Athens Measles Indian Point Cem.
165 ENGLAND, Mary F Farmer's Daughter 14 Jul 1879 S Sangamon Co., IL Athens Precinct Anaemia of the Brain Cantrall Cemetery
5152 ENGLAND, Mary Ann F 64y5m3d Housewife 3 Apr 1909 W Athens Athens Pneumonia Hall Cem.
1312 ENGLAND, Paren M 60y City Hosp., Kansas City, MO Endocarditis Fancy Prairie
14399 ENGLAND, Perry J. M 55y5m9d Farmer 14 Jul 1904 M Fancy Prairie life Fancy Prairie Typhoid Fever Walnut Ridge Cem.
1165 ENGLE, Fred M 44y3m9d Coal Miner 16 Feb 1897 M Switzerland 12y Tallula Falling of roof stone in coal mine Union Cem.
1114 ENGLE, John M 55y2m15d Laborer 15 Jan 1895 W Petersburg lifetime Menard County Poor House Pulmonary Tuberculosis Rose Hill Cem.
1387 ENNIS, Virgil Eugene M 1y7m 30 Aug 1902 S Indian Creek Precinct 1y Indian Creek Precinct Eutero colitis Rose Hill Cem.
4686 ENSLEY, William M 77y1m25d Farmer 7 Aug 1905 M Pickaway, OH 63y Sandridge Precinct Heart failure, had chronic Bright's disease Concord Cem.
4903 EPPERLY, Demaris F 69y4m25d Housewife 21 May 1907 M Floyd Co., VA 23y Tallula Cardiac failure due to dilation Greenwood Cem.
14199 EPPERLY, Rhoda F 95y3m10d 25 Jun 1903 S Lloyd Co., VA 20y Tallula Senile debility Greenwood Cem.
5222 ERWIN, Martha J. F 80y7m7d Housewife 25 Jul 1909 W Menard Co. 80y Petersburg Urinary disease, bladder irritation, old age Rose Hill Cem.
192 ESSLING, John M perhaps 45y Laborer 14 Oct 1879 M Germany 14y Tallula Typha-Malarial Fever Petersburg
4859 ESTILL, Rose F 54y Housewife 1 Jan 1907 W Menard Co. 54y Greenview Valvular disease of heart Indian Point Cem.
1235 ESTILL, Samuel M 75y6m7d Carpenter 1 May 1900 M IL Greenview Disease of heart & dropsy Indian Point Cem.
14411 ETTER, Infant of J. A. M 2m 30 Aug 1904 S IL Petersburg patulous Foramen Ovale Petersburg
654 EVERET, Infant M 1y1m 11 Feb 1885 S Athens Athens Pertusses complicated with pneumonia Athens Cem.
638 EYERS, George M 40y 9 Nov 1884 M Petersburg Cancer of stomach - schirrus Rose Hill Cem.

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