Willson Cemetery

Willson Cemetery

Menard County, Illinois

January 2002


Willson Cemetery - August 2002

Directions: Take Rte. 123 west to Tallula. Once you enter Tallula, turn right at the first road past the "Tabor Grain Elevator", on to what is Yates Street. Follow Yates Street 0.3 miles to Green Street. Turn left (west) on Green Street and follow it out of town 0.9 mmiles to a "T" road. Turn right on the "T" road and go 0.4 miles to the first road to the left and then turn left. Follow this road past Greenwood Cemetery (which will be on your right) and keep going for an additional 1.9 miles. You will see Wilson Cemetery on the right. It is about a tenth of a mile from where the County Line Road and Million Dollar Road cross. When I went there, there was no sign identifying the name of this road at the end where you begin your drive. At the end of the road, however, where it crosses, there is a green marker identifying the roads. The cemetery is fenced and bordered by a cow pasture on two sides and fields on the other two sides.

This cemetery was visited by Stan Lowe, Duane & Betty Albert in late August 2002. Jeanie had this to say after their return - "The crew was so disappointed. There were only a few remaining stones and it appears the cemetery has been vandalized since I took overview pictures in the winter. Then, I could see stones standing but now they were all down and it appears many were missing from the cemetery. The only thing left were heavy bases buried in the ground where stones once sat on top of them - the bases and a few broken stones were all that remained. The cemetery is fenced, but the fence is down in a few places. There was cattle in the pasture that adjoins the cemetery so perhaps they were responsible for some of the damage - but not for the missing stones. We suspect vandalism since White, which is close by, was just vandalized a few weeks ago."

If a name appears in red click on the name to bring up a photo of the stone.

Pictures & directions provided by: Jeanie Lowe.

NAME BORN DIED AGE Additional Inscription/Info.
DANIELS, Alice 17 Jul 1880 21y (From death records)
DANIELS, Sarah Jane 30 Aug 1881 29y7m30d (From death records)
DEPUE, Infant Dau. 1861 ? Dau of M.V. & M.J Depue
GREENWOOD, John 1861 1 yr Son of D. & E.A. Greenwood
LINN, Joseph 1 Apr 1836 31 Aug 1862 Son of Jas. & Nancy Linn
MCQUILKEN, Archibald 17 Sep 1877 60 yr
MILSTEAD, Elizabeth 19 Mar 1868 Wife of G.W. Milstead
PARMER, Theodore D. J. 3 Nov 1878 3y6m3d (Front Death Records)
SMEDLEY, Infant 1863 11 mo Dau of C.& S.A. Smedley
WILHITE, Infant 1870 1 mo Son of E.W. & M.J. Wilhite
WILLSON, Elizabeth 1855 4 yr Dau of J.R. & M.A. Willson
WILLSON, George 29 Apr 1850 1y4m
WILLSON, George M. 7 Sep 1866 10m10d Son of H.C. & S.A. Willson
WILLSON, Infant 1887 3 days Child of R.F. & M. S. Willson
WILLSON, James F. 17 Jul 1887 10m26d Son of R.F. & M.S. Willson
WILLSON, John M. 29 Aug 1855 1 mo Son of J.R. & M.A. Willson
WILLSON, John M. 29 Apr 1850 13 mo Son of M.H. & C. Willson
WILLSON, Milley 26 Nov 1881 79y3m22d (From Menard death records)
WILLSON, Robert I. 23 Oct 1860
Footstone: NJN
Footstone: NMW

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