Smoot Cemetery - Clean Up

Menard County, Illinois
19N 6W, Section 30


Above two pictures taken and submitted by Harold Meeker. The picture on the left is the gate into the cemetery and picture on the right was taken in the back of this large cemetery.


Smoot cemetery was burned off early this year (2003) and the "Menard Cemetery Survey Crew" consisting of Duane & Betty Albert; Mr. & Mrs. Stott (Betty's parents), Marc Nissen, Tommy Abbott, Nick Boggs and Stan Lowe, visited the cemetery on March 30, 2003 and diligently dug up many additional stones in this cemetery. Their efforts resulted in the addition of 33 additional burials to the Cemetery listing below. Most of the new burials occurred in the middle 1800's so the stones may be the only surviving record of the lives and deaths of past pioneers living in the area of Smoot Cemetery. Much thanks to this outstanding crew for their efforts and identifying additional individuals buried in this cemetery.

One interesting find: Mr. Stott noticed a small corner of a stone sticking up above the ground so Tommy and Nick immediately started to dig - they found first one, then two, then three - and finally, altogether 7 separate stones which had been buried in a common hole in the ground.

Above "Suvery Crew" pictures taken on 30 March 2003 and submitted by: Jeanie Lowe.

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