Sugar Point/Claypool Cemetery

Menard County, Illinois
17N 6W, Section 13


Looking from the road toward Sugar Point Cem.          In front of the cemetery looking back down lane

My helpers, Duane & John - 2002

More Photos from June 26, 2007


Taken and submitted by Stan Lowe.

Directions: Follow Main Street in Athens south to the end of the street. Turn right on to Little Street and go one block to Mill Street (this puts you in front of the Hall Cemetery.) Turn left on Mill Street which takes you out of Athens on a blacktop road and becomes South Athens Blacktop. Follow this road to the second cross road which is about 2.1 miles. At the second crossroad which is 1430E on the green sign marker, turn left and go about one quarter of a mile. On your left there will be a field and a stand of timber. The cemetery is in the timber, about a half mile from the road. The actual cemetery can not be seen from here or from the blacktop. It is fenced with an old fence and overgrown with sticker bushes. There were no stones standing, but Duane and John were able to uncover a few that were laying on the ground and covered with leaves. My heartfelt appreciation to Duane Albert who went with me on this trip and to Jennifer and John Robinson who graciously came to our assistance. Jennifer and John live near the cemetery and John knew exactly where it was located. He called a friend of his on the Menard County Cemetery board to confirm it was the cemetery which we were looking for. He then offered to drive us to the cemetery. He led us through the woods straight to the cemetery and helped us find the stones and pieces of stones which remain. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to both Jennifer & John who were so friendly and helpful. Without their assistance, we might never have found this old abandoned and forgotten cemetery.

Stan Lowe revisited this cemetery on 26 Jun 2007 to see what progress had been made with an ongoing "clean up" being done by a farmer who lives nearby. They have uncovered additional stones (some badly broken) since Jeanie's visit in 2002. Thanks to both Stan and Jeanie who continue to dig around and find additional cemeteries and stones within cemeteries in the Menard County area.

For more information on the re-vist and discovery of stones fragments from this cemetery visit the following site.

Photos provided by:
Jeanie Lowe.

The following tombstone inscriptions were read by Mr. James Toal in 1981 or 1982.

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
CENTER, Child 1850 1851 1y Child of J.L. & S.A. Center
CENTER, Jane 13 Oct 1862 61y 2m 11d Wife of J.W. Center
CENTER, Joseph W. (1795) 2 Oct 1868 73y 7m 17d
CURTIS, Phebe Anna 28 Apr 1879 41y 5m 17d (Fm Death Records)
HORNBACK, Louisa Belle 2 Jul 1880 6m 21d (Fm Death Records)
HORNBACK, Margaret 12 Mar 1880 84y 2m (Fm Death Records)
KEAGLE, Duglas 1 Apr 1856 3m 25d Son of S. & C. Keagle
KEAGLE, Mary 29 Aug 1793 15 Nov 1851 58y Wife of John Keagle
KEAGLE, Samuel C. 1833 12 Sep 1847 11m 17d
KEAGLE, Susan (1830) 8 Oct 1853 24y Dau of J. & M. Keagle
MCENDREE, Asbury C. 25 Feb 1864 1y4m16d Son of G.C. & M. McEndree
MCENDREE, Levi 15 Feb 1844 17m4d Son of G.C. & P. McEndree
RANDALL, Elisabeth Estella 27 Jun 1880 9y 7m 22d (Fm Death Records)
SHEA, Mary 24 Aug 1878 62y (From death records)
SUMTER, George W. 1856 14 Mar 1856 2m Son of G.W. & A.L. Sumter
SUMTER, James H. 23 Jan 1856 Son of G.W. & A.L. Sumter
SUMTER, Infant 1857 1857 Son of G.W. & A.. Sumter
SUMTER, Margaret 25 Feb 1860 2y 17d Dau of G.W. & A.S. Sumter

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