Smoot Cemetery

Menard County, Illinois
19N 6W, Section 30

Above two pictures taken and submitted by Harold Meeker. The picture on the left is the gate into the cemetery and picture on the right was taken in the back of this large cemetery.

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Directions: From the junction, in Petersburg, of Rte. 97 & Rte. 123, turn east on to Rte. 123 and drive for approximately 1.5 miles to the Curtis Blacktop. Turn left on to the Curtis Blacktop and go 3.7 miles to the Country Hills Golf Course Road. The Curtis Blacktop makes a sharp curve to the right but you should go straight on to the Country Hills Golf Course Road. Follow the Country Hills golf Course road for 0.5 miles, where the road starts a sharp curve to the right, you should notice a grassy lane. This grassy lane leads back to the cemetery. Do not go around the curve to the right or you have gone too far. Richard Holliday is in charge of this land and should be contacted before entering this private property. From the road you can see the cemetery about half a mile and a half away. It is fenced and there are four large old trees there.
Directions provided by: Jeanie Lowe.

The original information was taken from transcriptions made by Mr. James Toal 1981-82 funeral home records in possession of Eileen Gochanour, family histories in possession of Eileen Gochanour.
Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
BALLARD, Fieldon 11 Oct 1843 55y3m10d (Note)
BALLARD, James 1831 18y?m2?d
BALLARD, Margaret (Brown) 11 Mar 1871 79y10m26d Wife of F. Ballard
BALLARD, Margaret A. 20 Mar 1846 4m5d Dau of S.B. & C. Ballard
BALLARD, Oliver P. 21 Dec 1852 2m5d Son of S.B. & C. Ballard
BRACKEN, Mary 17 Sep 1884 86y6m3d Wife of Robert Bracken
BRACKEN, Robert 29 Oct 1867 70y9m20d
BROWN, Joseph 1 Jan 1759 27 Mar 1833 (Note)
BUCKNAM, Thankfult 4 Apr 1848 24y7m Wife of C. W. Bucknam
CHAPMAN, Ellen 22 Jul 1854 23y Wife of J. H. Chapman
CHAPMAN, Infant 25 May 1856 Dau of J. & M.J. Chapman
CHAPMAN, Infant 1 May 1854 Dau of J.H. & E. Chapman
CHAPMAN, Mary J. 18 Mar 1830 26 Mar 1856 Wife of James H. Chapman
CLARK, Henry A. 14 May 1854 23d Son of W. & M. Clark
CRAWFORD, Alexander 30 Nov 1851 62y8m7d
CRAWFORD, Alexander C. 17 Oct 1851 25y 1m 21d Son of A. & E. Crawford
CRAWFORD, Green P. 10 Oct 1822 23 Jul 1895
CRAWFORD, Isaac A. 7 Sep 1855 6m17d Son of T. & F. Crawford
CRAWFORD, Jacob Coleman 8 Apr 1853 23 Apr 1905 52y15d (From Menard death records)
CRAWFORD, Jonah Oct 1880? 23y4d Son of C. & V. Crawford
CRAWFORD, Rebecca 14 Mar 1865 72y2m3d Wife of A. Crawford
CRAWFORD, Violet 7 Mar 1826 23 Aug 1878 Wife of G. P. Crawford
DEMMON, Isaac F. 6 Apr 1859 7y1m3d Son of A. & E. Demmon
DEMMON, Jermain L. 29 Jul 1870 10m9d Son of R.A. & S.E. Demmon
DEMMON, Marilla A. 30 Sep 1865 7y5m Dau of A. & E.E. Demmon
DEMMON, Phillip William 14 Apr 1842 4m Son of A. & E.E. Demmon
DEMMON, Solomon 23 Sep 1846 7y7m22d Son of A. & E.E. Demmon
DENTON, Mollie 27 Aug 1881 8m8d (From Menard death records)
DODSON, Iva Bell 14 Mar 1909 11y1m4d (From Menard death records)
DODSON, Matthew E. 1 Jan 1910 68y (From Menard death records)
DUFUR, Charles 3 Nov 1862 1m10d Son of W.H. & J. Dufur
DUFUR, John S. 1865 2m
EMERY, Earl 12 Aug 1907 7m26d (From Menard death records)
FAITH, Infant 17 Oct 1912 2wks Dau of W.C. Faith
FAITH, Narcissus 30 Oct 1906 74y9m23d (From Menard death records)
FAITH, Silas 29 Dec 1912 78y
FERGUSON, Lewis 1760 23 Nov 1842 Revolutionary War Soldier
GINN, John 17 Jun 1861 31y8m Son of J. & A. Ginn
HEFLIN, Infant Feb 1894 28 Feb 1894 7d Son of Wallis Heflin (fm Menard death records)
HUGHES, Devenport 13 Nov 1852 47y Son of B. & C. Hughes
HUGHES, Edith Velda 9 Jul 1904 9m27d (From Menard death records)
HUGHES, Ernest 2 Nov 1904 18y6m25d (Moved to Oakland Cem before 1928)
HUGHES, Jesse James 30 May 1902 12y1m3d (From Menard death records) - struck by train
HUGHES, Martha 5 Jan 1905 86y8m21d (From Menard death records)
HUGHES, William S. 30 May 1902 9y1m7d (From Menard death records) - struck by train
JOHNSON, Hannah May 11 Feb 1888 6y 10m 4d (From Menard death records)
KILLION, Christopher G. 27 Jul 1853 7y3m24d Son of E. & S. Killion
KILLION, Harriett J. 26 Dec 1863 Dau of E. & S. Killion
KILLION, Sarah 24 Apr 1854 32y9m4d Wife of E.Killion
KILLION, Thomas H. 26 Aug 1861 7y5m Son of E. & S. Killion
KNOLES, Crawford 16 Dec 1824 13 Jun 1878
KNOLES, Eliza A. 28 Apr 1848 6y10m20d Dau of ?.R. & P.A. Knoles
KNOLES, Martha J. 22 Sep 1849 23y1d Wife of C. Knoles
KNOLES, Sarah J. 12 Sep 1874 41y10m28d Wife of Crawford Knoles
KNOWLES, Charles E. 24 Aug 1863 5y6m23d
KNOWLES, Edmond, Rev. 9 Dec 1855 31y3m2d
KNOWLES, Eliza J. 22 May 1851 3m22d Dau of W.D. & M.J. Knowles
KNOWLES, Mary 22 Sep 1849 25y1m25d Wife of Wm. D.Knowles
"Here at my right lies my Mary Frances"
KNOWLES, Mary Frances
KNOWLES, Mary Taylor 18 Jul 1834 12 Sep 1859 2nd Wife of W.D. Knowles
KNOWLES, William D. 6 Sep 1907 85y10m13d (From Menard death records)
KNOWLES, William H. J. 3 Apr 1864 3y6m3d Son of E.S. & M.J. Knowles
MAHOR, Sarah 6 Jan 1892 75y
MARKWELL, Alex G. 12 Dec 1857 44y
MCATEE, Ann 17 Apr 1883 56y Wife of R.S. McAtee
MCATEE, Charles E. 5 Sep 1872? 11m23d Son of L. & J?. McAtee
MCATEE, Edward 31 Jan 1905 44y12d (From Menard death records)
MCATEE, Elizabeth 12 Oct 1860 20y8m9d Wife of Wm. E. McAtee
MCATEE, Emily A. 9 Aug 1841 18 Dec 1883 Wife of J.D. McAtee
MCATEE, Frankie 28 Jul 187? 5m26d Son of L. & J McAtee
MCATEE, Sarah J. 3 May 1874 22y 3m 2d Wife of Lafayette McAtee
MCATEE, Thomas W. 3 Dec 1853/9 2y2d Son of R.S. & A. McAtee
MCKINNEY, John 7 Aug 1878 11y Son of P. McKinney
MEEKER, George H. 24 Apr 1852 3y24d Son of Wm. V. & C. Meeker
MEEKER, Tirzah 25 Oct 1851 7m3d Dau of D.V. & L.J. Meeker
MONTGOMERY, Infants Several children of M. & W.R. Montgomery
MONTGOMERY, Lewis L. 5 May 1832 24 Dec 1890
NEAL, Elizabeth 13 Aug 1868 72y2m17d
NEAL, John P. 25 Dec 1852 75y
PARRY, Alexander Jun 1844 1y6m Son of J. & S. Parry
PARRY, Infant Inf of A.R. Montgomery Parry
PARRY, John 27 Jan 1874 75y4m8d
PARRY, Sarah 31 Jan 1884 68y3d
PATTERSON, Abigail 26 Oct 1852 60y7m9d Wife of J. Patterson
PATTERSON, Eliza 8 Oct 18?? 19y23d Dau of J. & S. Patterson
PATTERSON, Nancy E. 14 Oct 1861 20y2m27d Dau of J. & A. Patterson
PATTERSON, T. R. 19 Dec 1834 19 Jul 1904
PENTECOST, George Jr. Apr 1852 15y
PERVIANCE, Charles 23 Jan 1863 26y8d?
PERVIANCE, Ella Dora 6 Sep 1868 9m6d Dau of C.E. & E. Perviance
POND, Emily 2 Nov 1853 32y7m15d Wife of S.S. Pond
POND, F. B. 6 Sep 1853 3m11d Son of D.B. & S. Pond
POND, Francis A. 23 Jun 1852 16d Son of S.S. & E. Pond
POND, Francis A. 28 Mar 1849 2y6m5d Dau of D.B. & S. Pond
POND, Franklin A. 17 Jul 1852 10d Son of S.S. & E. Pond
POND, Hester K. 18 Sep 1888 67y Wife of Samuel S. Pond
POND, Margaret 25 Mar 1896 24y
POND, Robert M. 10 Feb 1898 30y 8m 21d (From Menard Death records)
POND, Samuel S. 8 Aug 1816 9 Jun 1904 Born in Camden, N.Y.; Died in Salt Lake City
POND, Susannah S. 10 Mar 1855 30y1m25d Wife of D. B. Pond
POWELL, Margaret A. 25 Mar 1896 (From Menard death records)
RAGAN?, Infant 8 Jun 1857 Son of M. & M.J. Ragan?
REED, Isaac 3 May 1854 64y9m
REED, Isaac N. 5 Dec 1862 29y 8m Son of I.&W. Reed; Co. E 10th Reg. Ill. Vol.
REED, Ratliff Boone 21 Feb 1860 22y
REED, Samuel 4 Jan 1853 32y13d Son of I.? & W. Reed
REED, Wallace B. 27 May 1860 1m Son of R.B. & E.J. Reed
REED, Winifred 27 May 1868 63y4m Wife of Isaac Reed
RIDDLE, Sarah E. 6 Jan 1881 29y9m27d Wife of A. H. Riddle
ROBINSON, Sarah E. Knowles 7 Dec 1857 3 Jul 1901 Wife of Felix Robinson
SAMPSON, Cornelius B. 20 Aug 1858 30y10m2d
SAMPSON, Ellen Ann 19 Jan 1858 1m23d Dau of Geo. T. & M.E. Sampson
SAMPSON, Hannah 18 Jul 1859 63y6m22d Wife of Wm. Sampson
SAMPSON, Joanna 1 Oct 1858 25y6m Dau of Wm. & H. Sampson
SAMPSON, William 7 Aug 1863 72y 11m 22d
SPEAR, Elisha (Broken marker)
STOTT, Gilbert 15 May 1911 17y
SULLIVAN, Infant 18 Apr 1869 Son of W.F. & M.J. Sullivan
SULLIVAN, Seeley Ann 12 Jun 1870 2y8m5d Dau of W.F. & M.J. Sullivan
SULLIVAN, William F. 4 Jul 1870 22y26d
TAYLOR, Dorathy 16 Jul 1863 34y9m Wife of G.W. Taylor
TAYLOR, Dorothy A. ?? Sep 1862 2y Dau of G.W. & D. Taylor
TAYLOR, Francis Solomon 1813 9 Nov 1890 87y 7m 13d (From Menard death records)
TAYLOR, G. W. 29 Jan 1889 64y5m7d
TAYLOR, Robert B. 4 Aug 1844 6y Son of ?. & S. Taylor
TAYLOR, Sarah 14 Dec 1871 67y6m18d Wife of Solomon Taylor
THOMAS, H. J. 1 Jul 1838 24 Mar 1901
TRIPLETT, Emma Viola 26 Oct 1883 3y2m6d (From death records)
TURNER, Francis M. 21 Apr 1907 61y5m18d (From Menard death records)
TURNER, Harry Miles 21 Mar 1905 29 Jul 1905 4m8d Inf Child of Alice & Henry Turner
UNKNOWN, Infant Children
WARREN, James Robert 14 Dec 1883 4y4m (From Menard death records)

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