Rose Hill Z

Rose Hill Cemetery

Menard County, Illinois



NOTE: This is a work in progress. As this cemetery is re-read, we will be making additions and corrections to the listing you find here. Check back often for new photos and new additions and/or corrections.

Directions: This cemetery is located on Route 123 just about 1 mile outside of Petersburg. From Petersburg, turn east at the Route 97 and 123 junction - the stoplight, and go about one mile. The cemetery is located on the South side of the highway and easily seen. This cemetery sits across the road from Calvary Cemetery.

Pictures provided by: Jeanie Lowe and Betty Albert.

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Name Born Died Age Additional Information/Inscription
ZANE, Lizzie 29 Sep 1915
ZARSTADT, Heinrich 29 Aug 1878 2y8m18d Son of John & W.J. Zarstadt
ZEIGER, Stacey Marie 8 Sep 1978 18 Oct 2006 (Dau of Terry & Karen Zeiger)
ZEIGLER, David, Mrs. 29 Mar 1911
ZIEGEMEIER, Adam H. 18 Oct 1840 12 May 1893
ZILLIE, Emily H. 13 Mar 1872
ZIMMERMAN, Franka 19 Apr 1889 55y
ZIMMERMAN, Henry 18 Jun 1878
ZIMMERMAN, Henry 17 Jul 1878 2y4m11d Son of John & Mary Zimmerman
ZIMMERMAN, Oje Joest Hinrich 4 May 1889
ZINK, Adam 29 Jun 1885 35y
ZUHLKE, Augusta C. Behnke 1 Sep 1838 4 Aug 1923 Death Cert.
ZUHLKE, August 28 Jun 1884 45y
ZUHLKE, Carl 22 Aug 1895 Son of W.A. Zuhlke
ZUHLKE, Dorothy 31 Jan 1985 68y
ZUHLKE, Edna Diers 6 Dec 1917 17 Dec 2003 Wife of Irving A. Zuhlke
ZUHLKE, Harmann 9 Feb 1893
ZUHLKE, William Frederick 12 Sep 1841 12 Mar 1928 Death Cert.
ZURSTADT, Gerhard 28 Dec 1906
ZURSTADT, Henry 19 Aug 1878
ZURSTADT, Katherine E. 4 Jan 1970 86y

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