Hubly Graveyard

Menard County, Illinois

No trace remains of what was apparently a family graveyard. Proof of it's existence is given in the obituary of Mrs. Catherine Hubly (below) who died on April 21, 1887. No doubt other members of this same family were also buried in this long forgotten, no longer marked spot.

Update: Betty Albert and Jeanie Lowe visited with Mr. John Lozier, who is a Hubly descendent and owner of the Hubly property in Menard county, IL, on September 9, 2002. Mr. Lozier showed us where the old Hubly Graveyard was located - off to the right of the site where the old Hubly mansion once sat. All that remains of the mansion today is a large brick two story smoke and pump house which was, at one time, either next to or attached to the mansion itself. He said that the property has been in the family for more than a hundred years. He also explained that his ancestors who had once been buried in the Hubly Graveyard were moved to the cemetery in Mason City, Mason County, IL. The graveyard sat next to a beautiful orchard and was only a matter of yards from the mansion.

The Hubly Graveyard was located in the northeast quarter of Menard County. The roads in that area are not identified by signs or markers. It is approximately 5 or 6 miles North of Greenview, IL on a country road.

Picture: Graveyard would have been on the right side of the fence which borders the yard of where the old pump/smoke house stands now.

Submitted by: Jeanie Lowe.

Mrs. Catharine Hubly

Died, April 21st, 1887. Mrs. Catharine Hubly, wife of Malkom Hubly, one of the leading and most wealthy farmers in Menard county.

Deceased was born in Iberg, Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland, February 7th, 1831, and was 56 years, 2months and 14 days of age at the time of death. She and Mr. Hubly were joined in marriage in the state of Ohio, after which they came to this state very poor people so far as the world's goods were concerned, but each possessed a mine of brain, energy and honesty which enabled them to accumulate a large fortune.

She was highly honored and respected by all who knew her for her high character and noble womanly virtues. She was charitable and kind to the poor and unfortunate, and was a true wife, affectionate mother and a devoted Christian.

Her noble deeds of charity, kind and unassuming disposition will be long treasured in the memory of those who knew her and were the recipients of her bounty and kindness.

Funeral services at the residence May 2, 1887, at 1:30 p.m. Rev. C. Father Hut officiating after which the remains were interred in the yard at the residence.

The sermon preached by Father Hut was in the German language and was a grand effort.

Prominent people from Mason City, Lincoln, this county, Mason and Logan were present to pay the last sad rite of respect and love to the deceased.

Mr. Hubly and family have the sympathy of a host of friends in this sad bereavement.

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
HUBLY, Catharine 21 Apr 1887 56y (From Menard death records)

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