Cogdal Cemetery

Menard County, Illinois

Before the cleanup

After the initial cleanup work was completed.

Taken, with the permission of Eileen Gouchanour, from the book "Menard County Cemeteries, printed in 1982. The original transcription was done by James Toale in 1982.

Directions: Turn west off Rte. 97 on to Hurie Road. Hurie Road is directly across from Deer Park which is north of Salisbury and south of Petersburg. Once on Hurie Road continue for 0.9 miles and you will see a small grassy weeded area in a field on the left side of the road. There is no road to this cemetery.

This cemetery was re-read, pictures taken and both the reading & photos submitted by: Stan Lowe & Duane Albert in January 2002.

Brandy Boosinger, an 11 year old from Petersburg, was saddened when she saw the final resting place of Isaac Cogdal, a friend of Abe Lincoln, whom she had been studying in school. Every stone in the cemetery was down, many buried, and the cemetery was overgrown in weeds which were over 6 foot tall. Brandy asked her godparents, Stan and Jeanie Lowe, if she could clean up the cemetery and put the stones back up. Stan had read the cemetery in 2002 with Duane Albert and always wanted to go back and set the stones up, so he quickly agreed to help.

On 11 October 2004, Brandy Boosinger, Betty Albert, Nick Boggs, Stan & Jeanie Lowe spent the day at Cogdal Cemetery. Weeds were cut down and piled up. Three stones which had not previously been found, were located and pictures taken. Two of those stones had been read during the 1980's by the late James Toal. However, the stone for Harriet Houghton - 3 months old -- was found and it had never been recorded. Nick Boggs found two of the three missing stones - Thomas Cogdal and Mary Cogdal's stones were both uncovered.

The group plans to return to the cemetery and finish the cleaning work before putting the stones in their proper positions. The farmer and his wife, who own the farmland surrounding this old cemetery, gave permission for the group to do the cleanup and were very gracious and helpful.

In the cemetery before work began.





NAME BORN DIED AGE Additional Inscription/Info.
CARMAN, Harvey A. 1877 3 mo Son of J.H. & F. Carman
COGDAL, Elijah M. 1 Apr 1866
COGDAL, Isaac - (Obit) (7 Feb 1814) 29 Jul 1887 74y10m16d
COGDAL, Lucinda 4 Aug 1880 66y6m16d Wife of E. Cogdal
COGDAL, Lucy 1856 93 yrs
COGDAL, Mary (Houghton) 16 Jan 1848 31 yrs Wife of Isaac Cogdal
COGDAL, Nancy I. 15 Jun 1840 13yrs4m15d Dau of Elijah & Lucinda (Loyd) Cogdal
COGDAL, Thomas 29 Sep 1865 72 yrs
HITCHCOCK, Mary E. 1867 19 yrs Dau of A. & E. Hitchcock
HOUGHTON, Harriet 8 Nov 1838 2m6d Dau of S.M. & C.D. Houghton
ROTHROCK, Elizabeth 13 May 1852 28 yrs Wife of A.B. Rothrock
WHITLOW, Jesse No dates Co. F. 80th IL. Inf. - Corporal
WHITLOW, Solomon 1872 54 yrs

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