Blane Cemetery

Menard County, Illinois
19N 6W, Section 25

The woman in the photo is Marge Marsh Dockery, daughter of James Remer. Jim & Marge rebuilt and indexed Blane cemetery and compiled the diagram which is included below.

Diagram of burials in this cemetery.

The names included in this listing are taken from the research completed and compiled by Mr. Remer and his daughter Marge. Ten of the names included here come from their research - stones for them were not located during their work on the cemetery. The diagram is based solely on headstones and burial sites. Presently there are 33 known burials in Blane Cemetery.

Our thanks and appreciation to Samuel Blane and to Mr. Remer and Ms. Dockery for giving us permission to use the attached pictures, their research and the diagram of Blane Cemetery.

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
ALKIRE, Rev. John 1 Oct 183? 77y
ALKIRE, Susan Nation 12 Jul 1832 64y Wife of John Alkire
BAKER, Zipgrah ? 1810 1850 40y Wife of John Baker
BLANE, Abner P. 12 Jul 1885 6y1m24d (From death records)
BLANE, Amanda Ann 7 Jun 1834 28 Aug 1834 Twin to Mary Blane; Dau of Geo. Blane
BLANE, Emma F. 21 Mar 1869 Dau of J. & M. Blane
BLANE, George 1799 19 Jan 1864 65y
BLANE, Inez Mabel 13 Apr 1900 Moved to Rose Hill Cem.
BLANE, John T.
BLANE, Mary Madeline 1803 18 Apr 1874 71y Wife of George Blane
BLANE, Mary Moore 7 Jun 1834 28 Aug 1834 Twin to Amanda; Dau of Geo. Blane
BLANE, Son 13 Jan 1851 21y2m24d
BLANE, Unknown 13 Dec 1873 20 Feb 1877 3y2m2d
BLANE, Unknown 6 Mar 1869 1y8d Son of A.P. & L. Blane
BLANE, William
BRACKEN, Arminda 7 Nov 1827 26 Sep 1853 25y9m19d Wife of James Bracken; Dau Geo. Blane
BRACKEN, Lucretia C (Wills) 2 Nov 1860 Wife of James Bracken
CALLAWAY, Unknown 16 Aug 1863 1y2m17d Son of E. & M. Callaway
DARR, Lillian 20 Jun 1883 4m 21d
HALBURG, Allen B. 5 Jan 1887 4y 3m 20d
HINNEMAN, Infant Child of Roseanne Hinneman
HINNEMAN, Roseanne Sister of George Blane
JENSON, Olof Peter 6 Jul 1881 35y
MCHENRY, Bertha Ines 14 Feb 1879 13d
WYLUN, Latin 16 Jun 1888 17y

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