Bee Grove Burying Cemetery

Sec. 2, Twp. 19N, Range 5W

Menard County, Illinois

Bee Grove School


This cemetery no longer exists, but was located on Montgomery property in 1874, 1894 and as late as 1940. There was a school at Bee Grove at one time. The following known burials are from an old obituary, May 1876 in possession of Eileen Gochanour, and from one of the Menard County Histories.

Update: On September 9, 2002, Betty Albert and Jeanie Lowe visited with Mr. K.R. Sampson who lives on the old Montgomery property in the Northeast section of Menard County, IL, which is known as Bee Grove. As a boy, Mr. Sampson attended the one room Bee Grove school house - which is just down the road from where he now lives -- and has lived in the area all of his life. He said that the majority of the area was once owned by the Montgomery family.

He explained that in 1977 a grave stone was found on his property when they were building a new home. He did not recall the name on the stone nor did he know of its whereabouts now. He showed us the exact location where it was found which is behind a line of evergreen trees by the machine shed in the above picture. He knew of no other burying grounds that could have been called Bee Grove Burying Ground. This location matches the coordinates given by the County Clerk's office. As a result of our conversation with Mr. Sampson and his extended knowledge of the area, we believe, this spot may have been the location of the Bee Grove Burying Ground.

There are no green markers or road signs in this area of the county so specific driving directions would be difficult to formulate. The Bee Grove area is located Northeast of Greenview, IL.

  • LEACH, E. L. was moved from Bee Grove Burying Ground to Rose Hill Cemetery in 1876.

  • KNOLES, Asa     b. 19 Nov 1818 in Indiana; d. 12 Nov 1863

  • KNOLES, Dorcas (Stone)     b. 1823 in Ky.; d. 27 Aug 1857 are both buried in Bee Grove Burying Ground in the NE part of Menard County. Asa & Dorcas were married in 1837 in Indiana. Asa & Dorcas (Stone) Knoles were moved from Bee Grove Burying Ground to Irish Grove Cemetery.

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