1880 Mortality Schedule


Abstracted by Shirley Aleguas & Gayle Swoik from the original abstraction by Helen Bell DeGalvez published by Hohimer, Allers & Gochanour. Thanks to Margaret & Eileen for giving us permission to use this publication.

Name MS Age Sex Born Fath Moth Died In Co Occupation Cause Attending Physician
Aden, Carry S 4 F IL HAN HAN Feb 4Y Diptheria Newcomer
Adkins, Solomon S 11mo M IL Oct Scarlet Fever D. M. Logan
Alkire, Ellender W 71 F KY KY KY Feb Retired Congestion Brain Hurst Merritt
Allen, Charles S 9mo M IL IL IL Jan Erysipelas J. A. Bolinger
Armstrong, Anna M 78 F IL Dec Internal Hemorrhage J. A. Bolinger
Arnold, Levi D 67 M NJ NJ NJ Feb 50Y Common Laborer Dis. Heart Antle & Elliott
Atterberry, Daniel M 51 M IL Nov Deliruim Tremens J. A. Bolinger
Avery, Joseph B. M 72 M NJ NJ NJ Jan 50Y Farmer Heart Disease Dr. W. F. Roberts
Ayers, Mary M 42 F NJ NJ NJ June 12Y Keeping House Consumption T. J. Primm
Babb ?, Carrie S 16 F IL NY NY Apr 16Y At Home Consumption J. A. Higgins
Bale, Hardin M 63 M KY KY KY Nov 49Y Dropsy J. D. Whitley
Balls, Martin S 22 M SWIT SWIT SWIT Sep 2Y Farm Laborer Diarrhea Roberts & Primm
Bell, Robert M 61 M KY KY KY Mar 50Y Farmer Heart Diseasae Whitley
Bergen, George D. S 70 M NJ NJ NJ Apr 30Y Retired Dropsy J. W. Newcomer
Blane, James M 60 M IR IR IR Sep 25Y Farmer Cerrhos Liver S. T. Hurst
Bless, Infant S 1da F IL GER GER Nov 1da Premature Birth S. T. Hurst
Boles, Cynthia M 48 F CA NY NY Sep 1Y Keeping House Inflammation Bowels E. T. Metcalf
Boles, Infant S SB M IL KY KY Sep Stillborn J. W. Cook & Palmer
Bonnett, Margaret M 32 F OH Feb Keeping House Consumption Dr. Logan
Boywing ?, Minnie S 2 F IL CN IL Nov 2Y Typhoid Fever J. W. Newcomer
Bracken, John W. S 16da M IL IL KY Sep Lung Fever J. W. Spears
Bracken, Laura A. M 24 F IL KY IL Feb 24Y House Keeper Measles W. A. Mudd
Bradly, Matilda A. S 11 F IL KY KY Jan Double Pneumonia J. W. Pencomer
Brooks, Parmelia W 73 F KY VA VA May 40Y Appendix J. F. Meyers
Buckhannan, Druzilla S 1 F IL IN OH Sep Flux C. V. Mascy
Bushawn, Benjamin F. S 9 M IL OH OH Sep 9Y Typhoid Fever D. Palmer
Callaway, Claudie S 2 M IL KY IL Aug 2Y Whooping Cough E. T. Metcalf
Carman, Chas. S 2 M IL Oct Scrofula J. W. Cook
Chesser, S 2/24 F IL IL IL Jan Premature Birth Dr. J. A. Bolinger
Clary, John A. W 64 M TN TN TN Jan 60Y Farmer Pneumonia Dr. Autle
Clary, Molly M 74 F TN VA VA Feb 54Y Keeping House Bronchitis F. P. Autle
Colborn, William S. M 49 M IL Jan 3Y Depot Agent RR Pneumonia Dr. Whitley
Collier, C. K. S 1mo M IL IL IL July 1mo Spinabifida J. W. Newcomer
Conway, Robert S 3 M IL OH NY Dec Croup C. V. Mascy
Cooby, Charles S 8mo M IL IL May Cholera Infantum J. W. Newcomer
Copper, Howard T. S 11 M IL OH KY June Lived at home Obstruction Bowel Hurst & Hill
Craig, John H. M 40 M OH KY KY Sep Farmer Consumption Dr. Metcalf
Cranmer, William S 6 M IL PA PA Dec 6Y Men. Croup E. T. Metcalf
Cronester, Hannah S 23 F VA PA PA July Lived at home Consumption William Roberts
Denton, James M 62 M KY VA VA Feb 40Y Farmer Typhoid Pneumonia Hurst & Autle
Deppe, Louisa C. M 20 F IL Mar Farmer's Wife Disease of Uterus Jas. R. Whitley
Dinkel, William W. S 1 M IL GER NY Sep 1Y Scarlet Fever C. M. Robertson
Donnelson, Sarah W 83 F KY VA VA Nov 1Y Old Age S. T. Hurst
Drake, Jonathan B. M 70 M NJ NJ NJ Apr 2Y Laborer Consumption Dr. T. J. Primm
Duncan, Clarres A. S 1mo M IL IL IL Feb Lived at home Diptheria Dr. Alford
Duncan, John M. M 49 M IL KY KY May 3Y Laborer Paralysis Conoway
Easten, Mary M 33 F OH PA OH June Keeping House Child Birth Hurst
Ebersalt, Sarah A. S 6mo F IL GER IL Mar Diptheria J. W. Newcomer
Eckhoff, Infant S SB M IL HAN HAN May Stillborn No Physician
England, Mary P. S 24 F IL IL IL July Lived at home Hemmorrhage Bowels G. V. Mascy
Essling, John 0 M IL Oct Typho-Malaria E. T. Metcalf
Farrar, Jackson M 26 M MS MS VA Mar Farmer Scrofula Roberts & Primm
Force, Emma Belle S 16 F IL Oct Typhoid Fever G. C. C. Seifert
Fulner, Louis S 23 M IL BAV BAV July 16Y Clerk in Sheriff's Office Consumption F. P. Autle
Galliher, James M 32 M IRE IRE IRE Mar 14Y Coal Miner Killed in mine F. P. Autle
Garber, Lucinda M 43 F OH OH OH July 32Y Consumption F. P. Autle
Garret, Thomas A. S 1 M IL PA MO Mar 1Y Diptheria Dr. Walker
Gaston, Mary M 85 F NC VA VA Sep 32Y Old Age None
Gibbs, Anna Marie M 75 F IL Feb Wife of Shoe Maker Asthma T. J. Primm
Gibbs, Wm. W 85 M EN EN EN Nov Retired Farmer Cong. Liver Hurst Merritt
Gleason, Mary S 4mo F IL IL IL Feb 4mo Meningitis None
Goff, Sina M 58 F KY KY VA July Keeping House Tumor Dr. Alford
Goldsby, Eliza M 60 F IL Aug 60Y Keeping House Cong. Of Lungs Antle & Cook
Goldsby, Wm. M. M 60 M KY July 48Y Minister of Gospel Yellow Jaundice J.W. Cook & Whitley
Gorden, Ruth S 3 F IL May Acute Diarrhea S. Conway
Gorden, William S 1 M IL Apr Fell in Fire S. Conway
Graff, Katrina M 59 F SWIT SWIT SWIT May 1Y Housekeeper Cong. Of Brain F. P. Autle
Gum, B. Preston S 3 M IL IL IL July 3Y Hemerage Dr. Whitley
Gum, Charles S 1mo M IL IL IL Apr 1mo Meningitis J. T. Meyers
Gum, Lyman S 19 M IL IL IL Apr 19Y Farmer Typhoid Fever J. D. Whitley
Guthrie, Infant S 1da M IL KY KY Mar 1da Inauition W. A. Mudd
Haines, Wilber S 4 M IL Oct 4Y Scarlet Fever F. P. Autle
Hall, Lula S 6mo F IN IN IN Aug Cholera Infantum J. A. Bolinger
Hanna, Charles S 3 M IL OH IL July 3Y Scarlet Fever J. T. Myers
Harms, Jacob S 2 M IL GER WURT Jan 2Y Lung Fever N. W. Newcomer
Hartley, Cecil S 9mo M IL IL IL July 9mo Cholera Infantum Cook
Hetherwic, Jenne S 1 F IL ST OH Mar Lung Fever G. L. Hill
Hickman, Louis M 44 M PRU PRU PRU July 22Y Coal Miner Killed by fling slate J. W. Newcomer
Hobbie, Malissa M 32 F IL Feb 13Y Keeping House Inflamm. Of Bowels Newcomer & Metcalf
Hobbie, William M 38 M HAN OLD OLD Feb 12Y Farmer Typhoid-Pheumonia Newcomer & Metcalf
Hubbard, S 5da M IL IL IL June Heart Dis. J. D. Whitley
Hudspeth, George M 64 M IL TN TN Feb 40Y Farmer Gravel Dr. Whitley
Hunt, Nettie S 13 F IL NJ OH Nov Going to school Diptheria G. L. Hill
Infant S 1da M IL IL IL Dec 1da Premature Birth
Jacobs, Mary W 79 F VA VA VA Jan None Cancer England
Jones, Infant S 1da M IL VA OH Feb W. A. Mudd
Jones, Mary 20 F IL Dec Farmer's Wife Puerferal Fever J. W. Cook
Kerr, Charles S 15 M IL BOH WURT Nov 15Y Baker Cong. Of Brain Sanford
Killion, George S 3mo M IL IN IL Sep 3mo Brain Fever Amos Norris
Killion, Jacob S 3mo M IL IN IL Aug 3mo Brain Fever Amos Norris
Kincaid, Infant S 1da F IL KY MO July 1da Inauition W. A. Mudd
Kinner, John M 77 M VA SC SC Nov 48Y Farmer Congestion Lungs C. M. Robertson
Kirby, Jesse S 1 F MO Apr Scarlet Fever
Knowles, Crawford W 55 M IN IN IN June 8mo Farmer Consumption None
Knowles, Hannah M. M 47 F IL OH TN Nov 47Y Keeping House Pulmon. Consumption Drs. Autle & Whitley
Leer, Infant S 8da M IL IL IL Sep 8da Umbilical Hemmorage None
Linewebber, Jane M 29 F IL GER GER June Farmer's Wife & Musician Dis. Of Stomach T. J. Primm
Logan, Robert S 1mo M IL IN IN Oct 1mo Consumption Ed Northcut
Long, Ida May S 3mo F IL Feb Cholera Infantum T. J. Primm
Martin, Polly S 6 F IL KY IL Jan 6Y Infection Brain Dr. Newcomer
Mathews, Mary B. S 2 F IL FL IL Jan 2Y Congest. Of Spine J. F. Meyers
Mauer, William M 47 M PA PA PA Apr 14Y Farmer Lung Fever John Root
McCarty, Ella M 20 F IL PRU PRU Oct 2mo Keeping House Typhoid Fever Dr. J. A. Bolinger
McCormick, Patrick M 30 M IRE IRE IRE Dec 3mo Coal Miner Fall None
McDonald, William M 56 M KY KY KY July Farmer Colery Morbis J. L. Masse
McDougall, Chas. S 14 M IL IL IL July 14Y Typhoid Fever S. T. Hurst
McGrady, Samuel S 7 M IL Dec Diptheria J. W. Pencomer
McNeal, Claudius S 1 M IL IL IL Sep 1Y Whooping Cough C. E. Elliott
Mehan, Kate S 0 F IL Oct Convulsions F. P. Autle
Meiler, S 6hr F IL Apr Premature S. C. Maul
Meyers, Frank S 1 M IL PRU BAD Nov 1Y Cholera Infantum C. E. Elliott
Miles, Levi E. S 6mo M IL EN IA Nov 6mo Scarlet Fever J. F. Meyers
Miller, Carrie S 11 F IL IL IL Dec 11Y Consumption J. D. Whitley
Miller, Ella S 1mo F IL IL IL June 1mo Cholera Infantum C. E. Ellott
Miller, Nettie S 9mo F IL IL IL Feb 9mo Rising in head None
Moon, M. T. M 45 M IL IL IL Aug 45Y Merchant Fever Malarial J. A. Bolinger
Morgan, Grace S 3 F IL OH OH Nov 3Y Scarlatina F. P. Autle
Mott, Wellington M 45 M NY EN EN June Cabinet Worker Diabetes Cox & Elliot
Neely, George S 18 M IL IL IL July 18Y Laborer Consumption J. W. Cook
Nicholai, Ernest S 2 M IL HAN IL Sept 2Y Scarlatina J. D. Whitley
Nicholai, Forrest S 10mo M IL HAN IL July Scarlatina C. E. Elliott
Not Named S SB F IL IL GER Dec Stillborn C. M. Robertson
Patchen, Josie May S 3 F IL IL IL Sep Mem. Croup C. C. Elliott
Pholfs, Frederic S 21 M IL GER GER July Farm Laborer Phthisis E. T. Metcalf
Potter, Robert W 33 M IL IL KY Dec 33Y Farmer Bronchitis C. E. Elliott
Pratt, Geo. L. S 0 M VT May Inf. Of Brain J. G. Stricklett
Randall, John S 1 M IL OH MD July 1Y Cholera Infantum E. T. Metcalf
Rayburn, Joseph M 78 M KY VA TN Mar Farmer Dropsy, Heart Maul & Walker
Rayburn, Joseph M 78 M KY Apr Farmer Old Age W. C. Maul
Rice, William S 3 M IL NY IL Nov 3Y Whooping Cough J. F. Meyers
Ritterboos (Ritterbusch), Albert S 2 M IL GER GER Dec Lung Fever Hurst Merit
Roberson, Francis S 1 M IL KY IL Mar Ententis S. T. Hurst
Roberts, Ann E. M 39 F IL NY OH May 39Y Keeping House Heart Clot Dr. Thomas
Roberts, Laura S 2 F IL July Enteritis J. H. Newcomb
Roberts, Virginia S 21 F IL VA IL Nov 21Y Teacher Typhoid Fever Dr. Million
Rooney, Ann S 2 F IL IRE IRE Nov 2Y Whooping Cough J. D. Whitley
Rooney, Mary S 25 F IRE IRE IRE Nov 14Y Typhoid, Pneumonia J. D. Whitley
Round, Mary S 11mo F IL EN EN Dec 1mo Croup None
Rush, John T. M 51 M OH OH OH Aug 28Y Dry Goods Merchant Illegible E. T. Metcalf
Sampson, Abra C. S 16 M IL KY KY Oct 16Y Typhoid Fever Dr. Autle
Sampson, Curtis S 18 M IL Oct Typhoid Fever F. P. Autle
Sawyer, Angeline S 3 F IL IL KY Oct 3Y Scarlatina C. E. Elliott
Schrader, Carrie S 18 F IL PRU PRU Dec 8mo Typhoid Fever Dr. J. A. Bolinger
Scott, John Henry S 15 M IL Dec Coal Miner Peritonitis E. T. Metcalf
Scott, Mary M 35 F IL Oct Housekeeper Typho-Malaria E. H. Sanford
Seay, Frederick S 1 M IL KY IL Nov 1Y Whooping Cough J. D. Whitley
Shannon, Rebecka A. M 24 F IN IN IN July Keeping House Consumption Hurst
Shepard, Willard B. M 44 M IL July Unknown Consumption Tomas V. Win
Shipley, Vilotta S 59 F KY VA VA Mar 35Y Typhoid Fever F. P. Autle
Shiply, Viloote S 59 F KY KY KY May 52Y Keeping House Stomach Di. Drs. Elliot & Autle
Simonds, Stella S 1 F IL NH IL Jan 1Y Conjestion Lungs F. P. Autle
Sinnatt, Thomas S 1 M IL IL VA July 1Y Cong. Of Brain J. W. Cook
Skaggs, James M 38 M IL KY KY Sep 35Y Farmer Congest Lungs John Stricklett
Skitterell, Mary C. S 11mo F IL EN IL Mar 11mo Lung Fever No Physician
Smith, Hezikiah W 77 M NY Sep 24Y Shoe Maker Dysentary S. T. Hurst
Smith, Louisa M 38 F IL KY KY Sep Keeping House Typhoid Fever G. L. Hill
Steinney, Frederick S 1 M IL Nov Whooping Cough James Q. Whitley
Stith, Harry S 1mo M IL IL IL Jan 1mo Dis of Bone Dr. Stretley
Stone, Lucy S 19 F IL VA KY Sep Teacher Typhoid Fever M. Hurst
Sutton, Hannah W 74 F OH NJ GER Apr 24Y Horticulturist Heart Disease None
Sutton, Infant S 0 M IL IL IL Dec Premature Birth Dr. Logan
Tapps, Elizabeth P. S 14 F IL Oct Scarlet Fever D. M. Logan
Teron, Vira S 5da F IL Feb Debility E. S. Mathews
Thomas, S 2mo M IL IL IL Sep Colic J. A. Bolinger
Thomas, Clarence S 1mo M IL IL IL Aug 1mo Starvation J. A. Bolinger
Thomas, Infant S 0 M IL IL IL Aug Premature Birth Dr. Logan
Thompson, Cora A. S 3 F IL Nov Diptheria E. T. Metcalf
Turner, Richard M 39 M IL Feb Mechanic Acute Bronchitis Jas. D. Whitley
Vanamara, Semey ? S 18 M KY KY KY Jan 11Y Laborer Pneumonia Dr. Whitley
Wagoner, Mary M 40 F IL IL IL May 40Y Peritonitis Purp J. D. Whitley
Walker, Sylvester S 3da M IL VT IL Feb Cyanosis John Stricklett
Waring, Elisabeth M 64 F IL Jan Farmer's Wife Phthisis F. P. Autle
Watkins, Hone S 9 F IL NJ OH June Spotted Fever J. L. Masse
Watkins, Louisa M 25 F IL EN EN May 10Y Keeping House Inflamm. Of Bowels Dr. Whitley
Weathersby, Ella S 2 F IL Oct Diarrhea J. W. Cook
Weathersby, Geo. M 84 M NJ NJ NJ May 40Y Heart Disease F. P. Autle
Wetherby, Emma S 1 F IL IL IL Aug 1Y Inflamm. Of Brain Cook
White, Ambrose S 16 M IL KY KY Dec 15Y Stone Mason Typhoid Fever F. P. Autle
White, Annie S 9 F IL IL NY Sep 9Y Typhoid Fever J. D. Whitley
White, James G. M 28 M IL IL VA May 20Y Laborer Consumption J. A. Glenn
Whitley, A. George S 3 M IL EN SAX July Inflammation of Bowel Dr. Whitley
Wilkie, Augusta E. M 21 F IL HAN ? Aug 8mo Child Bed Fever Dr. Walker
Wilkie, Louis W. S 1 M IL HAN IL Aug Deutition Dr. Walker
Wilkie, Louisa S 21da F IL HAN IL Sep Not Known Dr. Walker
Williams, Elizabeth M 30 F WI IN IL Dec Lung Fever William Roberts
Williams, Julia S 17 F IL Apr Phthisis T. J. Primm
Willson, Nettie S 2 F IL IL IL Sep 2Y Inflamm. Bowels C. M. Robertson
Wilson, John S 1mo M IL IL NC Sep 1mo Diptheria & Whooping Cough F. P. Autle
Winterbowen, Leo S 11mo M IL GER IL Oct Croup None
Winters, Homer S 36 M IL July Peritonitis G. P. Autle
Winters, Seneca M 62 M NY NY NY Mar 26Y Farmer Acute Bronchitis Dr. Autle
Zink, Elizabeth S 11mo F IL HES DES Feb 11mo ??? C. E. Elliott

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