1870 Mortality Schedule


Abstracted by Shirley Aleguas & Gayle Swoik from the original transcriptionby Helen Bell DeValez published by Hohimer, Allers and Gochanour. Thanks to Margaret & Eileen for giving us permission to use this publication.

Name Age Sx M/S Nativity Death Occupation Cause
Allen, Polly 55 F Wi Illinois Mar Keeping House Lung Fever
Armstrong, H. B. 25 M Ma Illinois May Farmer Consumption
Baker, Theodore 53 M Ma N.J. Oct Farmer Consumption
Barker, Mary R. 1 F Illinois May Congestion of Lungs
Barrier, James 22 M Indiana Apr Farmer Disease of Mouth
Bast, Jacob 84 M Wi Prussia Jun Shoe Maker Killed by Railroad Engine
Bell, Martha J. 1mo F Illinois Jan Unknown
Bigler, Sibastian 40 M Ma Hesse Feb Shoe Maker Heart Disease
Boyd, Jennie 18 F Kentucky Oct School Teacher Consumption
Brady, Arthur 1mo M Illinois Oct Not Known
Brennan, Hannah 4 F Illinois Mar Scarlet Fever
Brooks, Sarah 23 F Ma Illinois May Not Known
Burgen, Emily 57 F Ma Kentucky Feb Consumption
Burges, John 8mo M Illinois Apr Brain Fever
Carter, Mary 1mo F Illinois Jan Unknown
Carter, Sarah 5 F Illinois Oct Consumption
Casteel, John 91 M Maryland Jun Farmer Old Age
Clark, C. J. F. 63 M Ma N.H. Apr Farmer Disease of Lung
Clark, Robert 39 M Ma Ireland Jan Miller Consumption
Clary, Malissa A. 12 F Illinois Aug Infl. Of Bladder
Close, Fannie 9mo F Iowa Oct Typhoid Fever
Close, Mc Grady 35 M Ma Illinois Aug Farmer Typhoid Fever
Close, Rowena 5 F Illinois Sep Typhoid Fever
Combs, Matilda 10mo F Illinois Jun Congestion of Brain
Conant, Charles C. 1 M Illinois Aug Whooping Cough
Craig, Fannie B. 2 F Illinois Aug Diarrhea
Crider, Martha E. 17 F Illinois Feb Cong. Of Brain
Cummons, James 27 M Ma Indiana Oct Farmer Consumption
Dappie, Rosey 9mo F Illinois Dec Scarlet Fever
Davis, John N. 84 M Ma Illinois Nov Bronchitis
Davis, Susan 64 F Ma Kentucky Nov Consumption
Deerwester, Solomon 34 M Ma Ohio Apr Brick Maker Lung Fever
Degan, Katie 4 F Illinois Apr Kicked by Horse
Degros, Hannah 3 F Illinois Feb Whooping Cough
Ebica, Rebbeca 9mo F Illinois Jun Intermittant Fever
Eldridge, Lucy 12 F Illinois Feb Abcess on Brain
Engle, William 69 M Ma Virginia Mar Farmer Dis. Of Kidneys
Estin, Elizabeth 80 F Ma Kentucky Feb Paralysis
Fauh, Elizabeth 1mo F Illinois May Not Known
Fermann, Temson 10mo M Illinois May Diarrhoea
Foley, John R. F. 1 M Illinois Aug Diarrehea
Friend, Louisiana 1 F Illinois Oct Intermittent Fever
Frohner, Gertrude 30 F Ma Baden May Keeping House Consumption
Glenn, Mary 9mo F Illinois Mar Diptheria
Godby, John 8mo M Illinois Nov Not Known
Gorden, Claninda 48 M? Wi Kentucky Mar Keeping House Pneumonia
Graham, Sarah 65 F Ma Kentucky Mar Congestion of Lungs
Greene, Elizabeth 83 F Wi N.C. Aug Keeping House Intermittent Fever
Greene, Julia 8 F Illinois Nov Dropsy of Heart
Haden, Frank 23 m Hanover May Farm Labor Kicked by Horse
Haley, Fannie 3mo F Illinois Apr Infl. Of Brain
Hall, Elenor 70 F Ma Virginia Dec Dyspephia
Hall, Parthena 24 F Illinois Mar Measles
Hamie, Mary A. 45 F Ma Indiana Mar Keeping House Scrofula
Hammels, Annie 6mo F Illinois Aug Congestion of Brain
Hewitt, Summers 1mo M Illinois Apr Not Known
Hicks, James 1 M Illinois Sep Whooping Cough
Hicks, Peter W. 15 M Illinois Feb Not Known
Hopwood, Rushion 68 M Ma England Dec Farmer Old Age
Hopwood, William 17 M England Jan Dropsy
Hudspeth, Harden 1 M Illinois Feb Brain Fever
Huggins, John 1 M Illinois Jan Not Known
Hutchinson, John 3mo M Illinois May Infl. Of Bowels
Jimony, Gentes/Geiles 6 M Illinois Jul Infl. Of Bowels
Keen/Green, Michael 39 M Ma Ohio Apr Saloon Keeper Consumption
Keiths, John 28 M Ma Illinois Sep Farmer Congestion
Keiths, John 1 M Illinois Sep Diarrhea
King, Ida 6 F Indiana Mar Brain Fever
Klein, Lena 1mo F Illinois Oct Not Known
Knowls, Jane 1 F Illinois May Diarrhhea
Knowls, Polly 82 F Ma Georgia May Keeping House Old Age
Largan, Emmie 4mo F Illinois Jun Infl. Of Brain
Lawson/Hudson, Benjamin 3 M Illinois Feb Lung Fever
Lemar, Martha 76 F Ma Maine Sep Keeping House Infl. Of Bowels
Lounsberry, Ann 8 F Illinois Nov Typhoid Fever
Lounsberry, Mary 35 F Ma Kentucky Jan Keeping House Consumption
Lounsberry, Sam 1 M Illinois Jun Consumption
Maltby, Martha 40 F Ma Illinois May Not Known
Marks, Libe 9 F Prussia Dec Brain Fever
McGillin, Isobella 1mo F Illinois Nov Erysiphilas
McGlasson, Harris 11mo M Illinois Aug Consumption
McGlasson, Nancy 30 F Ma Kentucky Sep Consumption
McKinney, Wm. S. 49 M Ma Illinois Apr Farmer Lung Fever
Milton, Nancy E. 6 F Illinois Dec Measles
Morris, Henry 1 M Illinois Apr Consumption
Mullan, Dora N. ? 7mo F Illinois Aug Brain Fever
Murphy, Hettie 1 F Kentucky Aug Diarrhea
Myers, Louis 42 M Ma Maryland Jul Shoe Maker Hemorage of Lung
Ogden, Arch D. 5 M Illinois Jan Lung Fever
Oharry, Ellenor 3 F Illinois Oct Lung Fever
Ott, Eliza 1mo F Missouri Sep Not Known
Oxger, William B. 10mo M Illinois May Brain Fever
Pantier, Susan 88 F Ma Maryland Jan Keeping House Old Age
Parker, Elizabeth 90 F Ma N.C. Dec Keeping House Consumption
Parmer, Nicholas 70 M N.J. Aug Farmer Not Known
Pearson, Elmer 6mo M Illinois Feb Lung Fever
Pettit, Josephine 24 F Ma Kentucky Oct Keeping House Consumption
Potter, George 2 M Illinois Aug Fracture of Skull
Power, Dorothy 45 F Ma Kentucky Apr Keeping House Entery of Heart
Power, Jas. H. 7 M Illinois Jan Infl. Of Brain
Propst, John 61 M Ma Virginia Feb Farmer Disease of Liver
Randals, John 60 M Ma N.C. Feb Farmer Consumption
Raymon, Katie 2mo F Illinois Mar Unknown
Rhodes, Jane 1mo F Illinois Jan Not Known
Rodman, Mattie 40 F Ma Hanover Aug Fever
Roy, Oliver L. 3mo M Illinois Feb Lung Fever
Senter, Mary 1mo F Illinois Jan Not Known
Sevin, Robert 1 M Illinois Dec Not Known
Sheroot, Anna 32 F Ma England Sep Child Birth
Smith, James 8 M Illinois Feb Diarrhea
Smith, John 1 M Illinois May Not Known
Stinekruger, Mary 34 F Prussia Apr Lung Fever
Stith, John 1mo M Illinois Apr Infl. Of Bowels
Stone, George 66 M Wi Virginia Sep Farmer Infl. Of Bowels
Thropp, Imogine 5mo F Illinois Aug Cong. Of Stomach
Tomilson, Nancy 2 F Illinois Sep Whooping Cough
Tozier, Sarah M. 32 F Ma Illinois Apr Keeping House Billious Fever
Turner, Mary 2mo F Illinois Aug Not Known
Vanhofer, Rachel 26 F Ma Hanover Jul Keeping House Not Known
Wagoner, John 59 M Ma Ohio Mar Farmer Typhoid Fever
Wallace, Luisa 17 F N. York Mar Brain Fever
Watkins, Warren 24 M Ma Illinois Apr Farmer Diarrhea
Willcox, Willis 30 M Ma Illinois Jan Farmer Consumption
Williams, Jacob 60 M Kentucky Feb Farmer Dropsy of Heart
Williamson, Lydia 9 F Illinois Sep Rhumatism
Willson, Charles 33 M Ma Illinois Feb Farmer Jaundice
Wilmoth, John 3mo M Illinois Feb Not Known
Winters, Sarah M. 43 F Ma N. York Nov Keeping House Congestion of Lungs
Wood, Mary E. 5 F Illinois Sep Disease of Liver

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