WWII U.S. Army Deaths

NARA Records



I received the following note from Mitzi Calbreath - I was at the National Archives to research WWII Deaths and extracted these lists which I thought you might like to share with other researchers. The list includes only members of the U.S. Army. When asked about the other service organizations, Mitzi indicated that the lists for the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard contained the names of individuals from all over the state rather than being broken down by county as these were. To find additional Illinois WWII Casualties (Navy, Marine Corps, & Coast Guard, go to the following link:


The list includes the serviceman's name, serial number, his rank and a code. Translation of the codes is as follows: DNB - Died in Line of Duty, non-battle
DOI - Died of Injuries
DOW - Died of Wounds
FOD - Finding Of Death
KIA - Killed In Action during battle
M - Missing

Our thanks so much to Mitzi Calbreath for obtaining and sharing these lists with our researchers.
Name Serial Number Rank Code
BIRDSELL, Leroy F. 20620783 PVT DNB
BRIDGEMAN, Albert E. 16018753 SGT DNB
BURRUS, Charles H. 36050949 SSG DNB
BURTON, Elmer 36483598 PFC DNB
CAVE, Theodore R. 36230042 SSG KIA
CHAMBERS, Roy E. 36948184 PVT KIA
CONRAD, Charles L. 16019181 SSG KIA
DOTZERT, Paul H. 36050395 PVT KIA
DUNBAR, John H. 36073392 PFC KIA
FLANNING, Earl E. 36918965 PVT KIA
FLINN, Lester D. 36445550 PFC KIA
GARMON, Jack H. 36051489 PVT DNB
GRANT, Nathan T. 6570622 MSG KIA
GREEN, Edgar 0-678526 1LT DNB
HANKINS, William T. L. 36767378 PVT KIA
HERBERT, John W. 36073491 SGT KIA
HUPPERS, Harold R. 36763597 PFC KIA
JOKISCH, Keith H. 36428894 PFC KIA
KAYS, Robert L. 36051483 TEC4 KIA
KRIEG, Paul W. 36430939 SSG DOW
KROHE, Robert I. 36058038 SGT KIA
MALTBY, Thomas E. 3643332 PVT KIA
MAURER, John H. 16027307 AVC DNB
MCCAULLEY, James E. 36475331 PVT KIA
MERRIMAN, Everett L. 16051150 PVT KIA
MITCHELL, George H. 16019673 PFC KIA
REEVES, Harry E. 36694551 PFC KIA
SCHAEFER, Herschel M. 36436823 SSG KIA
SETTLES, Russell E. 36475403 TEC5 KIA
SNYDER, Scott 36052762 PFC KIA
VAN DINTER, Vernon J. 16056383 SSG KIA
WARDEN, Edwin 36050955 PFC KIA
WESSEL, Virgil L. 36068875 PVT KIA
WHITE, Gerald S. 16015405 CPL DOW
WHITFIELD, Jack L. 16019017 AVC DNB
WILKEY, Arthur 36059767 PFC KIA