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The following is a list of all the cemeteries which have been published by the Madison County Genealogical Society in sixteen (16) volumes. In addition to its published inventories, the Society has obtained through special permission the inventories of large active cemeteries. Under the terms of which these inventories have been obtained, only one copy has been made and that copy has been placed in the Society's holdings shelved in the Genealogy Room of the Edwardsville Public Library. The symbol (a/c) listed after some cemeteries indicate that corrections and/or additions to a previously printed inventory appear in that volume. Please remember that these are not all the cemeteries. In the very near future an attempt will be made to include those cemeteries which have not been inventoried and/or published.

The cemeteries are listed in alphabetical order with the township where the cemetery is located also noted. If a cemetery does not appear in this list, it will appear in a future volume when the inventory is available. If you need assistance with any cemetery not in the list below, please feel free to contact the Society, as there are other cemeteries which are in the process of being inventoried or hope to be inventoried in the near future.

Special Permission Inventories
Cemetery Township Cemetery Township
Alton City Cemetery Alton St Joseph's Cemetery Alton

Volume I
Cemetery Township Cemetery Township
Anderson Cemetery St Jacob Mundis Cemetery Marine
Augusta Cemetery St Jacob New St John's Evangelical Church Cem Jarvis
Ballard Cemetery Edwardsville Odd Fellow Cemetery, Granite City Nameoki
Balster Monument Ft Russell Old St John's Evangelical Church Cem Jarvis
Bohnenstiehl Cemetery Jarvis Old Voyles Cemetery Olive
Calvary Cemetery, Pierron Saline Omphgent Burying Ground Omphgent
Canteen Creek Baptist Church Cem Jarvis Paddock Cemetery Ft Russell
Coalson Family Cemetery Olive Parkinson Cemetery St Jacob
Cook Cemetery Collinsville Peter Cemetery Collinsville
Deck-Weder Cemetery Marine Reaves Cemetery Olive
Ebenezer Ridge Baptist Church Cem Nameoki Sanders Cemetery Edwardsville
Eberhart Family Cemetery Ft Russell Schmidt Family Cemetery Jarvis
Emmert Cemetery Nameoki Smith Family Cemetery Ft Russell
Gerke Cemetery St Jacob Springer Cemetery Ft Russell
Grover-Gifford Cemetery Edwardsville Squire Cemetery Nameoki
Harkleroad Cemetery Nameoki St Gertrude Catholic Cemetery Saline
Harmeire Cemetery Nameoki St Jerome Catholic Cemetery Jarvis
Harris Cemetery Jarvis St John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery Jarvis
Hayes Cemetery Nameoki The Old Lutheran Cemetery Collinsville
Holtzgang-Giger Cemetery Marine United Church of Christ Cemetery Leef
Honig-Hoenig Cemetery Jarvis Williams Cemetery Moro
Krome Cemetery Collinsville Wolf Cemetery Edwardsville
Lanterman Cemetery Ft Russell Worden City Cemetery Omphgent
Liberty Prairie Cemetery Ft Russell Zimmerman Cemetery Moro
Metz Family Cemetery Jarvis

Volume II
Cemetery Township Cemetery Township
Barton Cemetery Foster Moro Presbyterian Church Cem Moro
Bethalto Cemetery Wood River Rietmann Cemetery Helvetia
Brooks Cemetery Foster Salem Baptist Church Cemetery Foster
Deck Cemetery Foster Short Cemetery, Cottage Hills Foster
Dorsey Emmaus Lutheran Cemetery Moro St John's United Ch of Christ Cem Nameoki
Edwards Cemetery Jarvis Terrapin Ridge Cemetery St. Jacob
Gullick Cemetery Helvetia Vaughn Cemetery Wood River
Hall Cemetery Jarvis Watt Cemetery Jarvis
Ingersoll Cemetery Foster

Volume III
Cemetery Township Cemetery Township
Bartlett Cemetery Pin Oak Phelps Cemetery Omphghent
Marine City Cemetery Marine Smart - Hagler Cemetery Pin Oak
Moller-Moeller Cemetery Pin Oak Spangle Cemetery Olive
Nix Cemetery Edwardsville St Paul's Cemetery Edwardsville
Oaklawn Cemetery Edwardsville

Volume IV
Cemetery Township Cemetery Township
Atkins Family Cemetery Choteau Old Smart Family Cemetery Jarvis
Bitts Family Cemetery Ft Russell Randle Cemetery Omphghent
Fosterburg Cemetery Foster Reid - Riggin Family Cemetery Jarvis
Fruit Cemetery Pin Oak Sandbach Cemetery Omphghent
Langenwalter Family Cemetery Jarvis St James Cemetery Ft Russell
Locust Grove Cemetery Moro St John's Lutheran Cemetery - New Collinsville
Loyet Cemetery Jarvis St John's Lutheran Cemetery - Old Collinsville
Memorial Markers Wood River Whiteside Cemetery Edwardsville
Mudge Cemetery Saline Wieseman Cemetery Omphghent

Volume V
Cemetery Township Cemetery Township
Bethalto City Cemetery (a/c) Wood River Moro Presbyterian Church Cem (a/c) Moro
Confederate Cemetery Alton New Bethel Rocky Fork AME Church Godfrey
Dorsey Emmaus Lutheran Cemetery (a/c) Moro  Old Voyles Cemetery (a/c) Olive
Fosterburg Cemetery (a/c) Foster Phelps Cemetery (a/c) Omphghent
Grover-Gifford Cemetery (a/c) Edwardsville Spangle Cemetery (a/c) Olive
Gullick Cemetery (a/c) Helvetia St Boniface Catholic Cemetery Edwardsville
Levi Cemetery Godfrey St Jerome Catholic Cemetery (a/c) Jarvis
Marine City Cemetery (a/c) Marine  Vaughn Cemetery (a/c) Wood River
Melville Congregational Church Cem Godfrey Vincent Cemetery Olive
Meyer Cemetery Omphghent Worden City Cemetery (a/c) Omphghent

Volume VI
Cemetery Township Cemetery Township
Bethalto Zion Lutheran Church Cem Ft Russell Moro Presbyterian Church Cem (a/c) Moro
Bethany Cemetery Godfrey New Methodist Cemetery Nameoki
Cooper-Sanner Cemetery Moro Omphgent Burying Ground (a/c) Omphghent
Deck Cemetery (a/c) Foster Peter Cemetery (a/c) Collinsville
Ebenezer Ridge Baptist Church Cem (a/c) Nameoki Prairietown (St Peter's) Cemetery Moro
Glen Carbon Cemetery Edwardsville Pruitt Family Cemetery Ft Russell
Handschy Family Cemetery Hamel Short Cemetery, Cottage Hills (a/c) Foster
Hoxsey Cemetery Alhambra St Gertrude Catholic Cemetery (a/c) Saline
Ingersoll Cemetery (a/c) Foster St Mark's Catholic, Granite City Nameoki
Langenwalter Family Cemetery (a/c) Jarvis St Mary's Russian Orthodox Cemetery Edwardsville
Liberty Prairie Cemetery (a/c) Ft Russell Zimmerman Cemetery (a/c) Moro
Lusk Cemetery Edwardsville

Volume VII
Cemetery Township Cemetery Township
New Methodist Cemetery Nameoki St Mark's Catholic Cem, Granite City Nameoki
Odd Fellow Cemetery, Granite City Nameoki

Volume VIII
Cemetery Township Cemetery Township
Calvary Cemetery Edwardsville Hunter Cemetery Edwardsville
Godfrey Cemetery Godfrey St Paul Lutheran Cemetery Hamel
Harris Cemetery Alhambra

Volume IX
Cemetery Township Cemetery Township
Lutheran Cemetery, Carpenter Hamel Wanda Cemetery Choteau
St John's United Ch of Christ Cem Moro West Cemetery Alhambra
St Mary's Catholic Cemetery Edwardsville

Volume X
Cemetery Township Cemetery Township
Lusk Cemetery Burials in Woodlawn Edwardsville Woodlawn Cemetery Edwardsville

Volume XI
Cemetery Township Cemetery Township
Brown Memorial Marker, Granite City Nameoki Lusk Cemetery, History of Edwardsville
Crosby Family Cemetery Edwardsville Lutheran Cemetery, Carpenter (a/c) Hamel
Dugger Cemetery St Jacob Montgomery Cemetery Wood River
Fairland Cemetery, Maryville Collinsville Poor Farm Cemetery Edwardsville
Frickenstein Family Cemetery Edwardsville Salem Cemetery Alhambra
Harris Cemetery (letter concerning) Alhambra Smallpox Island (Civil War Prison) Alton
Immanuel Cemetery Hamel St Mark's Catholic Cemetery, Venice Nameoki
Lake View Cemetery Collinsville Virgin Family Cemetery St Jacob

  Volume XII
Cemetery Township
Highland City Cemetery Saline

   Volume XIII
Cemetery Township Cemetery Township
Bethalto City Cemetery Wood River Olive/Pearce Cemetery Olive
Bethel Graveyard Edwardsville Plegge/Forman/Lee Cemetery Ft Russell
Catholic Burials, Edwardsville News Edwardsville Quercus Grove Cemetery Hamel
Dammeyer Family Cemetery Collinsville Short Cemetery, Cottage Hills Foster
Gilead/Hagler Cemetery Jarvis St Elizabeth's Cemetery, Mitchell Choteau
Glen Carbon Res Bur Elsewhere Collinsville St James Cemetery Ft Russell
Liberty Prairie Cemetery Ft Russell St Mark's Catholic Cem, Granite City Nameoki
McPherson Cemetery Ft Russell Stillwell Family Cemetery Ft Russell
Meyer Cemetery Omphghent Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Worden Hamel
Milton Cemetery Alton Venice Methodist Episcopal Cem Nameoki
Moore/Witte Cemetery Collinsville Voyles Cemetery Olive
Moro Presbyterian Church Cem (a/c) Moro Woodlawn Cemetery - burials fr papers Edwardsville
Old Spanish Cemetery Choteau

    Volume XIV
Cemetery Township Cemetery Township
Keystone Cemetery St Jacob New Douglas Cemetery New Douglas

Volume XV
Cemetery Township Cemetery Township
Coalson Cemetery Olive Short Cemetery, Cottage Hills (a/c) Foster
Crandall/Ellison Cemetery Marine St Elizabeth Catholic Cem, Marine Marine
CW Vets, St John Cemetery Collinsville Sugar Creek Cemetery, Highland Helvetia
Sappington Cemetery, Edwardsville Edwardsville Wood Cemetery Alhambra

Volume XVI
Cemetery Township
Valley View Cemetery Edwardsville

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