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Policy as of: January 15, 2015

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The Lake County Illinois Genealogical Society (LCIGS) will perform limited look-ups concerning Lake County, Illinois in a number of resources.

Each request must be specific in nature. A fee will be charged on the basis of looking up information.  Check the lookups request form for specific amounts & instructions.  Payment must be received in advance of copies being sent.  Must include SASE.

No genealogical look-up can guarantee positive search results.  We only agree that the resources requested will be searched.  You will be notified of the results of your look-up whether they are positive or negative in nature.  If you have a difficult or complex problem, or wish to have your research include a written analysis of sources checked, you will need to hire a researcher.  The Society does not perform these tasks.  The Society can provide you with a list of researchers who do this type of work. See researchers.

The society will not provide copies of whole publications or violate copyright law.  
If you wish to have a complete copy of a LCIGS publication, please purchase it from our publication list. See publications.

The society respects the privacy of living individuals.  Please do not ask us to research living people.

If you wish look-ups to be done on more than one person please complete a request form for each person and include additional fees. 

Send requests by snail mail (e-mail requests are not accepted) to: 

     Lake County (IL) Genealogical Society
     Look-up Committee
     P.O. Box 998
     Mundelein, IL  60060-0998

Home > Lookups Contact Us

LCIGS, P.O. Box 998, Mundelein, IL  60060-0998
Updated: February 03, 2015