Christ Episcopal Church, Waukegan

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Lake County, Illinois

Christ Episcopal Church, Waukegan

Christ Episcopal Church or Christ Church was founded in 1846 by 16 parishioners. An ad was placed in the Little Fort Porcupine and Democratic Banner inviting those interested in forming an Episcopal Church to meet at Cary's Exchange Hotel on State Street. Episcopal services had been held at that hotel several years earlier.

A church building was built in 1851. The first building cost under $2,000 to build and was made of bricks carried from New Buffalo, Michigan by ship. The first rector was Reverend John J. McNamara. The church got a bell in 1871. The bell weighed 1,800 pounds and was shipped from Troy, New York.

Dean Howard E. Ganster served as rector of the church for many years. There were about 200 communicants around 1913, and that number grew to over 1,100 by 1938.

The church celebrated its 92nd anniversary in 1938. Among members arranging the anniversary celebration were: Mrs. Burt Tompkins, Mrs. Bradford West, Mrs. George Ryan, Mrs. Daniel J. Dalziel, Mrs. Ella Ingalls, John D. Connell, North Deleplaine, C. R. Duncan, F. M. Thayer, G. K. Manz, W. H. Larsen, C. C. Crawford, G. H. Hucker, H. C. Litchfield, H. H. Schimmel, Frank J. Kramer, T. E. Grace, and B. C. Swanson.

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