Transfiguration Church, Wauconda

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Transfiguration Church, Wauconda

Transfiguration Church is Wauconda's Catholic Church. The old building still remains in town on Church Street north of Rte. 176. A newer building is near the old one on Mill Street, and is where the services are now held. There is also a Catholic School associated with the church. A small cemetery named Transfiguration is found east of Wauconda on Rte. 176 about 1/4 mile west of Fairfield Road.

Transfiguration Church is one of the oldest in the diocese. When it was formed in 1841 the area was part of the Diocese of Vincennes, Indiana. The Chicago Diocese formed in 1843 and in 1880 became an Archdiocese.

Some of the early Catholic settlers in the parish were Irish. For a number of years a priest from Everett (St. Patrick Church) traveled to the area once a month to perform baptisms, marriages, and celebrate mass in homes. In 1844 a log church was built on John Murray's property. This is the present site of the Transfiguration Cemetery. In 1852 the parishioners were visited by a priest from the Rockford area. In the 1860s priests from the St. Patrick Church in Hartland cared for members. In 1876, they became a regular mission of St. Patrick Church. A new church was built in Wauconda in 1877, on land that had beloned to Justus Bangs. The church was dedicated in 1877. The parish was formally established in 1903 when they got a resident pastor.

A school was opened in 1948. In 1950 construction began on a brick school building. A new combination church and school bulding was completed in 1955. An addition to the school was dedicated in 1960.

Transfiguration Church is in the Chicago Archdiocese. The Chicago Archdiocese has allowed the Family History Library to film sacramental records to a certain date. Microfilms of these records can be rented for a small fee at any local Family History Center. Information on the film which covers Transfiguration Church can be found here. *Note that you will need to check items 15-18 on that film in order to be looking at those for Transfiguration Church. The filming covers about 1903 to ca 1920.

Transfiguration Church has a website that supplies information on services and the parish.

Transfiguration Church, old building

Transfiguration Church, newer building

Transfiguration Church sign

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