St. Patrick Church, Wadsworth

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St. Patrick Church, Wadsworth

St. Patrick Church is Wadsworth's Catholic Church. A number of the early settlers in that area were Irish Catholic. Starting in the 1840s, priests from Little Fort (Waukegan) celebrated masses in private homes. Around 1850 a log church was built on land donated by Andrew Tougher. The church was called St. Andrew. A cemetery was formed in association with the church (St. Patrick Cemetery). In the 1950s and 1860s, St. Andrew was a mission of Immaculate Conception in Waukegan. In 1864 a frame church was built in Mill Creek and it was named St. Patrick. John Traynor donated a parcel of land for a rectory, and it was built in 1867.

A decision was made to build a church a bit further south, in Wadsworth. Farmers there did not want to sell land for a Catholic Church. Claire Edwards purchased the land and then sold four acres to the parish. In 1911 construction began in Wadsworth for the new St. Patrick Church. That year the older building in Mill Creek burned down. The new building was dedicated in 1912. In 1954, some of the St. Patrick Church territory was taken by Our Lady of Humility in Zion. In 1956, a school began in the basement of the church and the nearby home of George Cashmore. A school was built and dedicated in 1958.

A new rectory was built in 1962 and the old one sold to Roy Stahl. When St. Dismas parish in Waukegan was formed in 1963, they took some of the St. Patrick Church territory. A history of the parish was published in 1974.

The Chicago Archdiocese has allowed the Family History Library to film some sacramental records for St. Patrick Church. Microfilms of these records can be rented for a small fee at any local Family History Center. For information on the film which covers St. Patrick Church click here for notes on film 1577857. The film covers the years 1869-1915 and contains funerals, deaths, baptisms, and marriages. *Note that you will need to check items 1-2 on that film in order to be looking at those for St. Patrick Church.

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