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Genealogy Do It Over / Start It Right

Special Interest Group


Friends come and go, but relatives tend to accumulate. – Unknown


Sometimes relatives accumulate in quantities too large to manage and then we are overwhelmed.  What do we do next?  To address this problem the Kane County Genealogical Society is starting a new Special Interest Group to help both experienced and novice genealogists organize, strategize and energize their research.

Using the approach the Genealogy Do-Over methodology developed by Thomas MacEntee, of High Definition Genealogy and Geneabloggers, the KCGS is developing a special interest group focused specifically on encouraging personal research for their members.  

Presently, the approach is to work-through the 13 topics Mr. MacEntee recommends in a monthly format.   Topics will be briefly discussed with time to for attendees to practice the skill or use the recommended resources.  Each meeting will allow for a question and answer period as well as interactive discussion groups.  

No “one size fits all” – so participants may find themselves spending far more time on one topic than another, according to individual needs and experience.  To some extent, this process will be created by the participants who will be encouraged to share with the attendees or on the Facebook site for the Special Interest Group.  

An introductory meeting to provide more detail and discuss the ongoing operation of the group, will be held Thursday, June 1 at the Town and Country Public Library, 320 E North Street, Elburn at 7:00 p.m.   During this meeting, attendees interested in joining the Special Interest Group will be asked to complete a no-cost registration.   Note:  registration will open no earlier than 28 May 2015.  If registration exceeds 25 persons, a second Special Interest Group may be organized.

Following the initial meeting, all remaining meetings will be held the first Thursday of the month.  (Click here to see schedule)

Participants in the Special Interest Group must be members of the Kane County Genealogical Society.  

Interested in participating?  Please send an email to [email protected] for more information.