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Master Every Name Index


Since the birth of the Master Every Name Index in 1977, this database has grown to include 800,000 entries from nearly 250 Kane County resources.


This mammoth index has been produced from the work of members and friends of the society indexing private and public records allowing the Kane County researcher to quickly access available references. The intent of the index has been to encompass all communities within the boundaries of Kane County, Illinois.


Resources indexed include:

· Kane County Naturalization, Marriage, Guardianship, and Probate records

· All 5 county histories dating from 1878 to 1908

· Census records, including the 1840, 1850, 1860 federal censuses and the 1865 Illinois state      census

· Cemetery inscriptions from over 50 county cemeteries

· Community and organization histories

· Kane County Gazeteers and church histories

· School, bible and funeral home records


The Kane County Genealogical Society is proud to offer, for the first time, a listing of all names included in the Master Every Name Index. The names identified in the accompanying links indicate those that are included in the database as well as the frequency of their appearance within the records associated with the database.

Surnames beginning with:


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Please note: Files may be large


Access to the accompanying records for the names in the database is by paid query only. For a non-refundable fee the research staff of the Kane County Genealogical Society will:


· Conduct a search of the husband, the wife with married name, and the wife with maiden    name.

· Identify the specific source(s) in which the names are found.

· Copy the resource, if available within the library of the Kane County Genealogical Society,    and/or identify the facility from which the resource is available.

· Supply a bibliography, complete with author and publisher information.


In addition, with the patron’s permission, queries are published within the KCGS quarterly, The Kane County Chronicles.


The fee for the query has been modified to a price per hour basis. The service is priced at $15.00 per hour for each couple plus $1.50 postage and handling fee for the order. Generally, query searches are an hour in duration. Please supply payment for one hour plus postage and handling. The patron will be billed for searches requiring more than an hour.


Please send your request to


P.O. Box 504

Geneva, IL 60134

Attention: Computer Search

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