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Kane County Links



Aurora Township

Aurora Cemeteries

Aurora Historical Society

Aurora Public Library

Aurora Township Office

Messenger Public Library  


Geneva Township

Geneva History Museum

Geneva Public Library

Geneva Township Office  


Batavia Township

Batavia Historical Museum

Batavia Public Library

Batavia Township Office  


Hampshire Township

Ella Johnson Public Library

Hampshire Historical Society

Hampshire Township Office  


Big Rock Township

Big Rock Historical Museum

Big Rock Township Office  


Kaneville Township

Kaneville Historical Society

Kaneville Public Library

Kaneville Township Office  


Blackberry Township

Blackberry Township Office

Elburn and Countryside Historical Society

Town and Country Library  


Plato Township

Plato Township Office  


Burlington Township

Burlington Township Office  



Rutland Township

Huntley Library

Rutland Township Office  


Campton Township

Campton Township Office

Garfield Farm  


St. Charles Township

St. Charles Heritage Museum

St. Charles Public Library

St. Charles Township Office  


Dundee Township

Dundee Township Historical Society

Dundee Township Library

Dundee Township Office  


Sugar Grove Township

Sugar Grove Historical Society

Sugar Grove Library

Sugar Grove Township Office  


Elgin Township

Elgin Area Historical Society

Gail Borden Public Library

Elgin Township Office

Elgin Genealogical Society  


Virgil Township

Maple Park Library

Virgil Township Office  


Kane County Government Resources

Kane County Recorder

Kane County Circuit Court

Kane County Coroner