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Ford-Iroquois-Kankakee County Genealogy Mail List

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Welcome to the Ford-Iroquois-Kankakee County Genealogy Mail List.

This list is for the discussion of any matter related to genealogy in Ford, Iroquois, or Kankakee counties here in Illinois. There are many lists for genealogy tied to a single county, but it seemed natural here to have a list which included all three of these counties.


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See the Historical and Genealogical Event Calendar! This calendar is for events in Ford, Iroquois, and Kankakee counties of a historical or genealogical nature. Family reunions welcome! Post your event here. BIG events in surrounding area may be posted. Inappropriate events will be deleted. You may include links in an event description if you use the
<a href="http://URL">Link Description</a> format.

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