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International Society of Sons and Daughters
of Slave Ancestry

Honoring Our Enslaved Ancestors

We honor our enslaved ancestors for:

their strength and survival; their suffering and sacrifice;

their faith and forgiveness; their endurance and indomitable spirit;

their courage and perseverance; and their contributions in the building of our nations.


Welcome to the ISDSA Web Site.  Anyone can submit information on slave ancestry.  Descendants of slaves and descendants of slaveholders can submit names and other information about former slaves.  Anyone who has documents with slave names can submit that information to ISDSA.

ISDSA is a 501(c)3 non profit organization and welcomes donations. Make your tax deductible check or money order payable to: ISDSA, P.O. Box 436937, Chicago, IL 60643-6937


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Date of Last Revision: Feb 10, 2013

Information about ISDSA



P.O. BOX 436937
[email protected]

         ISDSA is a 501(c)3 non-profit lineage society


The Sons and Daughters of Slave Ancestry are proud of their enslaved ancestors, not ashamed; want to remember the past, not erase it; want to celebrate their heritage, not mourn it; and want to promote dialogue about this chapter in world history for the purpose of documenting and preserving slave genealogy for future generations.


The purpose of the ISDSA is to perpetuate the memory of our slave ancestors in America and around the world.


To honor and celebrate our enslaved ancestors

To promote an interest in slave genealogy and family history

To encourage the documentation, publication, and preservation of slave genealogy and historical information

To recognize people who research, document, publish and preserve their slave ancestry


To publish slave genealogy and historical information

To house the ISDSA archival collection of print and nonprint media relating to slavery in the Vivian G. Harsh Research Collection at the Carter G. Woodson Library in Chicago, Illinois


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Campaign - what we are seeking


ISDSA is a 501(c)3 non-profit lineage society

1.       dedicated to preserving slave research and genealogy

2.       dedicated to promoting family history research in the schools 


We are seeking:

1. Photographs of formerly enslaved ancestors from people across the nation for the purpose of an annual traveling exhibit.

2. Stories that have been passed down from generation to generation about ancestors who were born in slavery.

3. Pedigree charts that show lineage back to a slave ancestor.

4. Names of our enslaved ancestors to erect a monument in their honor.

All documents will be housed in the Vivian G. Harsh Research Collection at the Carter G. Woodson Library in Chicago, Illinois.


If you would like to contribute photos, stories, pedigree charts or join us in this project, please contact us for more information

P.O. Box 436937
Chicago, IL 60643-6937
(773) 238-2686


e-mail: [email protected]

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Genealogy Links

  1. RootsWeb Home Page
  2. US Colored Troops Civil War Database
  3. Afrigeneas
  4. Christine's Genealogy Website
  5. Cyndi's List
  6. US GenWeb Project


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[email protected]

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773 238-2686

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