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The Holy Bible; New York Bible Society 1871. The original is in the possession of Carolyne McCormack of Lansing ,MI.

Mr. Samuel Thomas and Miss Caroline Spain married Feb. 9th 1868
Civil War - Aug. 1 1962 discharged July 22-1865 at Galveston Texas

"Ages" - Mr. Samuel Thomas Born May 30 1843
Miss Caroline Spain Born Feb. 14th 1850 - Died Sept. 13 1892

Amanda Thomas Born April 28th 1869 - Died April 30-1932
William A. Thomas Born Sept. 25th 1871 - Died July 11-1949
Henry N. Thomas Born Sept. 13th 1874 - Died May 25, 1958
Aurthor J. Thomas Born Oct. 31 1880 - Died July 15 1888

James Arthur Thomas was born October 31 1880
Samuel Thomas & Caroline Spain was married February the 9 1868
Amanda Snyder & Ralph Parks married Sept. 28- 1911

Sr. Frank Snyder born Sept. 1 1861 - Died June 9-1912
Wilbar Adsit born Aug. 25, 1890 - died Oct. 18 1918

Glina Adsit born Feb. 9-1900
Madeline Adsit born Dec. 22-1900
John Adsit born Nov. 3-1913
Edgar Eugene Adsit born Dec. 17-1917

Virginia Snow married to John McCormack July 26-1941
Carolyne Edythe McCormack born May 14-1942
John killed in action in War II Feb. 15-1943

Arthur Snow & Hazel Wadell married Jun. 21-1940
Sandia Anna Snow borned Sept. 9th 1941
Peggy Ann Snow born Sept. 3-1949
Bobby - Jan. 3-1954

Frank Snyder & Amanda Thomas married Dec. 14-1892
Edith Snider born Aug. 23-1893 - died
Frank Snyder born Oct. 18-1895 - died
Edith Snider & Jack Dazell married Mar. 9-1910
Beulah Luella born Nov. 28-1912 - died May 12-1966
Wendel Franklin born July 3-1914 - died
Edith Dazell married to Robert Snow Sept. 16-1917
Arthur Eugene Snow born May 19- 1919 - died
Virginia Annbelle born Feb. 18-1921 - died
Edith Snow & Vinc Dryz married Oct. 11-1924
Vinc Dryz born July 18-1893 - died July 17-1974
Cliff Anderson, Sr. born Sept. 11-1904

Frank Dazell & Jean Lewis were married Jan. 12-1946
Naida Marie born Dec. 1-1946
Ralph Frank born Mar. 14-1948
Tommie born Nov. 8-1949
Richard Lewis born Sept. 22-1951
Claire Edyth born Nov. 6-1952

Beulah Dazell & Clifford Anderson married Dec. 28-1928
Clifford, Jr. born Sept. 21-1929
Eilene Edythe born Sept. 9-1931
Joanna Conway born Nov. 16-1938
Wayne Douglas born Jan. 30-1050
Beulah died May 11-1966
Virginia McCormack married Elem Andras May 27-1948


No title page
received from Barbara Johnson

This Certifies that the Rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between William S. Torbet of the State of Ohio and Eliza Ann Forra of the Same on Thursday July 17, 1841 at the ________ by A minister named Fagatin


Wm. S. Torbet born June 8 1914Silvia May Torbit born Apr. 17 1885
Eliza A. Torbet born Feb. 2 1826William Torbet born Oct. 28 1886
W.(William) N. Torbet born Oct. 30 1843 Eugene Torbet born Mar. 12 1889
Mary Jane Torbet born Nov. 7 1846Hasel E. Torbet born Apr. 8 1891
Emerelis Torbet born May 1 1849John Grover Torbet born Apr. 18 1893
Moria Torbet born Apr. 10 1852Jessie Clarence Torbet born Sept. 11 1895
Andvill Torbet born Jul. 6 1856Edna Mary Torbet born Oct. 5 1900
Blanch Torbet born Jan. 28 1860Jappine? Torbit born Sept. 25 1916
Samuel Torbet born Aug. 6 1863


Mary Torbet was married 27 Aug. 1862 to Ed Peachen
Emerelis Torbet married C. C. Grim 1866
W. N. Torbet married Feb. 5 1874 to Annabell Clemens
Andvill Torbet married Jul. 9 1884 to Elen Taylor at Watseka
Blanch Torbit married to James A. Pullen Jan. 19 1882
Rie Torbet was married to George McQueen Dec. 28 1888
William S. Torbet was married to Edna Zena May 5 1910
William S. Torbet was married to Bessie Hanx Jul. 10 1916
Eugene Torbet was married to Edith Humphrey Dec. 6 1915
William S. Torbet & Stella Wieringa were married Apr. 24 1919


George McQueen died Jul. 16 1888
Mrs. Maria McQueen died Tuesday Jan. 22 1889
William S. Torbet died Monday July 22 1889
Eliza Ann Torbet died Aug. 20 1890
John Grover Torbet died Feb. 7 1895
Mrs. Emma Torbit Grim died January ? 1960
Mrs. Blanchie Pullen died on July 23 1910 on Saturday 7:45 p.m.
Miss Jappine Luece Tarbit died Sept. 25 1916 on Monday 4 o'clock
Sam Warn Torbit died Mar. 1 1917
Anvil Torbit died Feb. 9 1834 at 4:15
Ellen Torbit born May 26 in the year 1866
Jess Tarbit died Nov. 6 1931 Friday 8:30
Sylva Mae Tarbit Tuttle died Dec. 19 1931 Sat. 7:30


The Holy Bible
Henry Altemus,
507, 509, 511 and 513 Cherry Street

This is to certify that Ozro R. Watson and Bertha M. Berlet were united by me in Holy Matrimony at Morris, Illinois on the 25th day of December in the year of our Lord 1888 in Presence of Mrs. Emma Berlet

O. R. Watson born May 19th 1857
Bertha M. Watson born Jan. 6th 1864

O. R. Watson and Bertha Berlet married Dec. 25th 1888
O. R. Watson and Laura V. Pogue married July 1st 1912 Danville, Ill.

Rufus Watson died July 1 1898 Age 68 years
Mrs. Amelia Watson died Aug. 26th 1906 Age 74 years
Mrs. Bertha Watson died Aug. 30th 1909 Age 45 years
O. A. Watson died Feb. 1917 Chicago, Ill Age 63 years
O. R. Watson died Nov. 24 1924 age 67 years Catlin, Ill.


(with pictures)

This certifies that the Marriage Contract between John J. Whyde of Wabash Co., Illinois and Mary E. Adamson of Wabash Co. Illinois was duly solemnized by me at Wabash Co. on this 23rd day of September One Thousand Eight hundred and Seventy by the pastor William Vlum(?). witnesses present: Margaret E. Adamson & Chlora Brown


Infant of J. J. Whyde & M. E. Whyde died August 25 1871
Elbert E. Whyde died September 29 1876 age one year six 11 days
John J. Whyde husband of Mary E. Whyde died May 25th 1881
Delburt Harton died August 5 1890
Alfred S. Adamson died July 31 1840 aged 15 months
Francis A. Adamson died April 15 1869 age 26 years
James S. Adamson died April 23 1874 age 38 years
George C. Adamson died May 10th 1874 age 63 years
John W. Adamson died September 23rd 1875 age 22 years
Walter W. Adamson died Dec. 30th 1877
Charles Carter Adamson died Jan. 16th 1884
Margaret Ellen Adamson died July 24th 1900


Infant of J. J. Whyde & M. E. Whyde born August 25 1871
Elbert E. Whyde born April 18 1875
Alba E. Whyde born October 13 1877
John J. Whyde born April 15th 1847
Mary E. Whyde born June 25th 1850
Delburt Horton born August 15 1889
Maggie Purline Horton born Oct. 29th 1891


Holy Bible
Dayton, Ohio
United Brethren Publishing House

This is to Certify that Jacob J. Wise of Hardy Co. Virginia and Elizabeth Moore of Randolph Co. Virginia were by me untied together in Holy Matrimony on the nineteenth day of June in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty-Five. married in Randolph Co. In the Presence of John Judy and James Skidmore by the Rev. Collett.


Jacob J. Wise born Sep. 15 1826
Elizabeth Moore born April 20th 1839
Rebecca M. Wise born Oct. 20th 1856
Emma E. Wise born Dec. 28th 1857
Mary Susan Wise born Dec. 10th 1859
Samuel A. Wise born April 23rd 1861
Arabel Wise born June 29th 1863
Amos G. Wise born Feb. 20th 1865
Amanda Jane Wise born March 10th 1869
Linnie May Wise born Sept. 25th 1871


Jacob J. Wise & Elizabeth Moore married June 19th 1855
Edmund J. Blake & Rebecca M. Wise married Sept. 27th 1877
Lewis Jones to Mary S. Wise married April 24th 1879
Elias Pruitt to Arabel Jane Wise married Sept. 8th 1887
Samuel A. Wise & Anna M. Hickman married June 24, 1891
Linnie M. Wise & Edward R. Beebe married Dec. 21, 1898 at home of bride
Jacob J. Wise & Mary M. Peddicord married Aug. 13th 1899


Emma E. Wise died Aug. 19th 1858
Elizabeth Wise died Dec. 4th 1877
Amos G. Wise died May 14th 1884
Mary M. Wise died October 19th 1908

Amos G. Wise's death was caused by a fall from a horse, producing concussion of the brain. He remained unconscious three days and died.

Jacob Wise and Margaret Mumbert was married November 25th A. D. 1819
Their first son Zebulon was born September 29th 1820
Pernina Matilda their first daughter was born August 14th 1822
Jacob Jethro, 2nd son was born Sept. 15th 1826
Anna Elizabeth 2nd daughter was born Oct. 24th 1830
Isaac Strickler of Page County Virginia was born July 28th 1816


The Holy Bible; New York: American Bible Society

Jacob Wise Holy Book Delphi Carroll County Indiana July 2, 1870


Jacob Wise and Elizabeth Kuhns were married September 26, 1869; Jacob Wise was born

Jacob Wise was born December 28th 1844
Elizabeth Kuhns was born April 17th 1850
Manuel Wise was born August the 23 AD 1877
John K. Wise was born April the 27 AD 1873
Lewis M. Wise was born December the 28 AD 1875
Mary Catharine Wise was born November the 14 AD 1878
Leonard E. Wise was born February the 3 AD 1883


Jacob Wise (father) Feb. 22 1923
Elizabeth (mother) Dec. 1st 1929
Maude (wife of Manuel) April 26, 1947
Eugene Neff (husband of Mary) Aug. 9 1947
Clara wife of John Feb. 15 1937
Maude wife of Manuel April 22 1947
Anna 2nd wife of John April 23 1948
Lewis Nov 2 nd 1950
John July 9 1956

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